Positive Transformation for **optimal** effects!

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Positive Transformation for **optimal** effects!

As beginning this NoFap adventure for about the 10th time, I thought it would be nice to maximize the results! To keep myself motivated I joined the 90 Day Accountability Challenge. I will do several activities during my 90 day period which will help me become a more happy, energetic, disciplined person. I recommend you doing these as well, since they will undoubtedly increase your quality of life.

  • 1. Positive thinking and reframing This will help you rewire your brain into a more positive thinking one. This is how you do it: - When a negative thought or feeling is enters your brain, reframe that thought into a positive one. Google reframing if you don't know what it is. - When you are facing a problem, accept it and the focus on the solutions instead of the problem itself. - When you have performed good or done a good action, reward yourself with a positive thought. "I'm fucking awesome who can do this!" Never ever talk negative to yourself once you failed something. That won't bring anything good. Focus on the positive things. - Don't think or say negative things to other people. It does not give you anything more than anger.
  • 2. Affirmations Affirmations are positive statements that you recite or think to yourself. The more you do it, the more the brain will adapt to those messages. An affirmation can look like this: "I am strong and confident." or "I will accomplish the 90 day challenge". I repeat my affirmations the first thing in the morning before jumping out of my bed, and the last thing in the evening before I fall asleep. I also write the down once a day. You can also once a day use self-hypnosis once a day to make the affirmations have a stronger impact on you. Here is a good article on self-hypnosis. Create an affirmation this way: - Use a short, present tense sentence. Always use "I am.." like this: "I am happy." - Never use negative words like not, never or no. "I will not fap" The unconscious mind won't understand the "not" and will instead focus on "I will fap". The result will be the exact opposite of what you want. - Use no more than 10 affirmations. - Don't use complicated words. The easier the affirmation is to understand, the better it will work.

Here are some of mine: 1. "I believe in myself" 2. "I can do whatever I want" 3. "I am happy and energetic" 4. "I love my life" 5. "I look good"

  • 3. Listing 3 positive things This exercise is a very powerful one. Every night, list 3 things that made you happy or that you enjoyed the last 24 hours. It's easy, fast and powerful. - Your list can include anything. The awesome party you were are, or the tasty cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe you listened to a great song. - It's important that you write new things everyday. Otherwise, the exercise will not give you any result. - Do not only write what you liked during the day, but why you liked it. Also ask yourself why the things you wrote down happened.
  • 4. Mindfulness meditation There are alot of different techniques for meditation out there. I chose to focus on Mindfulness. Why? Because it will give you more awareness of the environment and moment of now. You will be more aware of what is going on for the moment, instead of focusing of what will happen later, or what happened yesterday. I try to do a 10 or 20 minute Mindfulness session at least once a day. Preferably twice. I got a CD wit guided sessions, but with a fast search I found this guide on google. It's seems to cover the basics. But I recommend downloading some guided meditations too, because it's easier to follow and will cover more techniques.
  • 5. Doorway habit This is a good one. Also easy to remember and execute. Every time you walk through a doorway, give yourself a good posture and make a big smile on your face. Every time you smile, your brain will release serotonin which will make you happy. This is a great way to keep away from everyday sadness.
  • 6. Kegels I think it's important to keep your package healthy while not using it. Therefore, I have set up a good kegel routine which will help me build stronger muscles around the penis, allowing me to have dry or mutiple orgasms. If you suffer from PE, this will also help you. But then it's not about kegels, but reverse kegels. It's a sort of stretching exercise which will help you relax the pelvic floor and make it less tense. This will help since PE often is a result of a tense pelvic floor. You should set up a routine that fits you, and if you suffer from PE, don't use too much kegels. Instead focus on the reverse kegels. You can read about all this and how you do it here
  • 7. Reading books To keep my brain healthy I have decided to start reading books. It have not been one of my biggest interests before, and I think it's probably the same with you. My goal is to read at least 30 minutes a day. I've also set up goals for how many pages I have to read until X date. Another reason I'm doing this is to get stimulated from other things than the TV or computer. When you are reading, you are actively getting stimulation instead of passively infront of the TV.
  • 8. Set up goals A great way to get motivated is to set up proper goals. When you reach the goals you will be happy, because you prove to yourself that you are capable of doing things. It doesn't have to be extremely hard ones. Keep them small in the beginning and increase the difficulty by time. When you reach your goal or a milestone, reward yourself with something. Ehm, I have a hard time figuring out what I should reward myself with, so if you got any suggestions, please post them!

I think this was all for now. Thank you for reading. Keep fighting the PMO and reach to 90 days! You will feel happier, have more confidence and live better life if you do!