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Using Chemistry to make the Road Easy

Greetings Gentlemen!To put it shortly, like all the others I was enslaved by the grasping seductions of Internet pornography and some of the borderline terrifying displays they offer (Takes a very sober mind to realize just how sadistic some porn can be).No matter my aspiration, nor level of awareness on how much I needed to abstain from PMO, I would relapse in less than 7 days. A week was simply far too difficult.

I am however a little crazy when it comes to supplements, drugs, or other chemical constitutes that alter the brain. Using this, I have attempted castration in many ways only to find failure. Inhibiting Testosterone and that what makes you a Male is a major mistake.

I did however find success - and after not completing a single week of No PMO, I conquered 30 days with unrelenting ease.

First, I want to mention substances that significantly hurt my ability to stay away from PMO. Seeing as PMO plays a major roll in the addictive centers of your brain, anything particularly addicting appears to have a substantial effect in that area.

For me: The Bad

Alcohol: Quickly would escalate libido to such a height that I cared not for my long term goals and would satiate without a seconds hesitation. I am quiet sure this is the same for many. I even noticed the next day lethargy forced me into more PMO as a result of needing to reach a level of bliss to make up for the lack of Alcohol in me.

Nicotine: Although my experience with this is short (Patch only), I experimented with Nicotine for its ability to drive focus, and found upon removing the trans dermal patches I would quickly crave dopaminergic substances (Caffeine, Sugar) particularly PMO.

Caffeine: This one I consider to be MAJOR! Particularly because so many of us are addicted to it and will deny that it has a factor, but from my experience, caffeine greatly increased impulsive tendencies on the day consumed, and on a day after left me in a depressed lethargic state craving more dopamine, which would often time be satiated via PMO.  Abstinence from Caffeine greatly enhanced my ability to resist PMO temptations.

Sugars: Highly caloric foods particularly ones packed with refined sugar, and some oriental foods (Perhaps MSG) caused me to increase PMO tendencies. I would also not recommend tremendous caloric deficits or very clean eating habits because this too will drop Dopamine to a level that would cause cravings for satiety, which is where PMO almost always comes in.

The Substances I use for Total PMO Abstinence!


Racetams are my savior.

After months, and months and a few more months of failure in the area's of abstinence, I got heavily into the brain for memory purposes. After purchasing a wide array of nootropics I had found quickly that my focus was of such potency that I could easily deflect my attention away from PMO. I could even begin M, and stop suddenly before P, or O becomes a factor and not look back for a seconds hesitation (Where as previously this would leave an empty abyss in me until I finished off).

The ones that worked best for me,

Oxiracetam - Oxiracetam is a crystalin powdery substance that is water soluble. It plays along the lines of increasing connectivity between area's of the brain, but avoiding all the chemistry aspect of it, it accelerates attention, focus and creativity. I can not say for sure why it plays a major roll in abstaining for PMO, but in my situation it worked tremendously.  Oxiracetam does play a minor roll in modulating the dopaminergic response in various synaptic pathways, so my minimal amount of knowledge leans me towards believing that this is the area where it works in changing ones PMO habbits.

On Oxiracetam i found my libido to be strong, erections to be full, ability to socialize at new heights and I was utterly fearless in terms of approach towards any individual of interest. Most of all, Oxiracetam has an unusual ability to make one far more charming than they truly are, or perhaps - That One person finally can be who they are without fear blockading their witty comments.

I also found Sunifiram and Aniracetam to be very effective, I switched them on and off with Oxiracetam here and there and they maintained my ability to abstain, although oxiracetam appeared best.

When i came off the racetams and claimed that I was giving my brain a break (Which science has proven is not necessary but I do anyhow), I relapsed three days after, finding no reason as to why I abstained in the first place, and feeling a complete lack of focus as I had felt before the use of the racetams.

I really recommend looking into these nootropic substances as I have not heard of anyone using them for this reason, but found alarming success in their use.

Keep in mind I have used everything to try to abstain.   Dopaminergic precursors, Elevating Prolactin levels, prolactin inhibition, Gabaminergics, Glutamateric agonists, NMDA modulators, LH+FSH Inhibits (Which put me in the worst depression), estrogenics, anti-androgens, and a whole bunch more that just seemed to fail in the long run.

Hope this helps some people out there! I will stand by to answer any questions.

by MadScientist