Reality is not enough exciting (Swedish), Psychiatrist Goran Sedvallson. urologist Stefan Arver, psychotherapist Inger Björklund (2013)

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This article (Google translator) quotes three experts who say porn is causing sexual problems: Socionomen Inger Björklund, psychotherapist at RFSU Clinic; Stefan Arver's chief physician and head of the Centre for Andrology and Sexual Medicine at Karolinska University Hospital in Hudding;  Psychiatrist Goran Sedvallson.

More and more young men suffer from "porn impotence." On the web, they search for people with the same problem. "I was just about when I was looking at porn - not with my girl," said one of the victims.

The U.S. site Your Brain On Porn caters to men who tend to watch a lot of porn and can no longer get a position when they try to have sexual intercourse. The focus is on how extensive consumption of pornography affects the brain's reward system and leads to disturbed "lighting patterns", namely that one can not get excited by a "real" partner.

Now it seems these developments have reached Sweden. On the net there are several discussion threads where thousands of men, mostly young, discusses the problem of getting a position during intercourse. Common to many is that they very often masturbated while viewing porn.

Questionnaire studies by including Youth Board shows that nine out of ten young men looking at porn more or less regularly, the corresponding figure for young women are three of ten. Girls often respond that they use pornography to get excited, guys, however in order to simultaneously satisfy themselves.

A 19-year-old man writes on a nätsajt he sensed that something was not "quite right" and sought information as to why he could not get a position when he was with his girlfriend. He was just excited if he watched porn and masturbated while. When a nude woman lying in front of him in bed, nothing happened, she and the whole situation was not enough excited.

Socionomen Inger Björklund, psychotherapist at RFSU Clinic in Stockholm for five years, says that more and more young and older men seem to have erection problems after watching a lot of porn. She and colleagues have not considered the difficulties porn impotence without trying to see the problem in context.

- But it seems that reality is not sufficient to create a strong enough excitement. Man "teeth" is not a real partner. This is not a new phenomenon, but today's porn available around the clock. I-phones, I-pads, computers, televisions - anytime and anywhere you can see increasingly sophisticated films, says Inger Björklund.

She says that the phenomenon sometimes partly can be about it for various reasons may seem daunting to have an intimate contact with another human being. Then it's easier to live out their sexuality in a virtual fantasy world.

- In the "real" life, you're more vulnerable. Anyone who looks at porn does not establish any relationship to others. Therefore, a high consumption of porn make it difficult to find a common and normally functioning sex life.

Is there any solution to this kind of problem? Yes, answers Inger Björklund. The most important thing is to realize that you stuck in negative behavior. A first step is to self-define their behavior as a problem or something you want to change.

- If you want help to break the pattern and try to understand more of how it fits together to talk therapy as a means to regain a functioning sex life.

On an Internet site writes a young man he was a virgin and without sexual intercourse until the age of 18.

When he would have sex for the first time, he was "not up Willie" and the "blåvägrade" how much they tried. The young man began to search for information online. There he found many of the same problems. He continues:

"It turned out to be porn and masturbation as was culprit. If you for some time - for me it was a six-year period - masturbating and porn usually heavily so get used to the brain about the dopamine receptors to light on visual stimulation. In other words, the body can become horny and excited about it may look at porn and masturbate at the same time. Would a naked girl lying in front of my bed so nothing happens, the body does not think it's enough exciting. "

Stefan Arver's chief physician and head of the Centre for Andrology and Sexual Medicine at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. He has heard of the phenomenon of "porn impotence" that someone exposes so much about sex through porn that he eventually lose interest.

- I can imagine that especially younger men who are not as sexually experienced may have a disturbed sexuality if they watch too much porn. To live in a fantasy world without living people, as the porn offers, can create unrealistic expectations of how a functioning sex life should look like. It can also lead to difficulties to experience a closeness and security with their partner, which in turn can lead to problems such as getting a position.

At the hospital in Karlskrona, a specific sexological reception since 1984. The manager Goran Sedvallson, with extensive experience as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, says that those who watch too much porn often end up in the wrong ignition patterns.

- It may be that men may not be able or feel pleasure when they have sex for real. They are so imprinted on the porn film's fictional world that they can not handle a normal intercourse in real life. Obviously this can cause problems for the individual and in a relationship.

The problem with porn impotence will grow, given the increased availability, believe Goran Sedvallson. He and his colleagues in Karlskrona took last year against some fifty new visitors. Patients were between 17 and 80 years - and all felt that they had more severe problems with their sexuality.

- We have not yet received the young boys and men who experienced "porn impotence." My assessment is that in the first place looking at youth clinics and the like - they are now seeking help at all. For a teenager, it is not easy to admit that, for example, may not be able when you're with a girl.

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