Ridiculously hard boners – but relapsed and PIED returned

This is my second attempt at NoFap. The first time was a couple of years ago and I made it to 60 days. Then I got back together with my girlfriend (we were in a long term relationship and my PIED and non-existent libido was definitely a contributor to forcing us to take a break).

After only 60 days, I met her again, and I was able to have sex with her in all positions with ridiculously hard boners regardless of how tired I was from the day. I could seriously think about washing my car the next day while pounding away, and the sensitivity was so great that my erection would be maintained. It was an amazing feeling. It truly made me feel like a man.

Then I got cocky and decided that it would be ok if I PMOed once every 10 days. Initially everything was great but after about 2 months, the PIED started to creep in again and even with such controlled PMO habits, it was enough to undo some of my recovery.

Our relationship ended again but this time for other reasons…

I realized this time that I had to put “P” away for good. I didn’t want to jerk-off to an artificial display when I should’ve been pursuing real human connections.

So, the good news is that after I became single, I immediately started NoFap and I’m on day 98.

During this time, have I day dreamed a couple of times about sex? Sure. My friends even took me to a gentlemen’s club once or twice. I liked that. You may consider that breaking the streak, but I don’t. It was interacting with real people and not a fake screen projection. My first recovery attempt taught me to know yourself and that you shouldn’t brainwash yourself to hate wanting to be sexual so long as your experiences are in the real world and towards real people. You want to look at being sexual as a positive and healthy and normal drive. Wanting to have sex and wanting to have sex with a real woman that you meet in the real world is ok.

Anyway, I’m on day 98… I have no desire for porn. I am however very horny. Sorry for the descriptiveness, but my testicles feel uncomfortably too full.

LINK – 98 Days…

by PhapPrime