Rebooting tips by 17-year old

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If you've been watching Gary's videos and browsing YBOP everyday to change your life but at the same time you fail to keep being consistent with your reboot, then you're missing the problem.
You probably beat yourself up many times and end up laying down on your couch feeling all worthless asking yourself when will I ever beat this addiction (that's after you've binged for hours with multiple masturbating sessions). You may think that you're just one of the guys that can't beat this and you have a "relapse curse" especially when you read the rebooting accounts where all these guys reboot for 90 days, 120 day, or 6 months, etc...
You know what? Chances are that you are younger than 30 years old. Don't beat yourself up, this rebooting process for you is 50X harder than those people. Let me tell you why.
First thing is most of addicts have wife or girlfriend. They're forced to reboot because there is no other choice for them when they have a wife or girlfriend. I'm not trying to bring those people down but what i'm getting at is that you should take every hard and bad moment during your reboot as a challenge.
Second thing is that you're probably still in your adolescent age or you just out of it. Meaning that your hormones are raging and this makes your reboot harder than a lot of others' reboot. You should take this as a challenge and nothing but a challenge. But you see, the problem is right in front of your eyes.. It's right there laughing at you so hard while you sit there killing yourself. You watch these videos over and over again but you still doubt yourself and you doubt that you will ever recover from this demonic addiction. When you reboot you make sure that you do every little thing right so that you don't relapse while you're missing that one main problem that without it you will succesfully recover and win.
The only thing that will stop you from achieving this ultimate goal is that moment when you find yourself sweating, thinking about that picture/video you saw on that one site. This is where it all comes down to, THIS ONE MOMENT. And the thing is that you will never get rid of your addiction when you keep relapsing. You just keep flowing in the same cycle over and over and over..
Enough, you've had enough, and you need to stop failing over and over again like this. You know where the problem and you can end this addiction. I'm just a beginner, i'm 17 years old and i've been trying to reboot since January 2nd this year (posted on August 1st). I relapsed about 50 times and I felt hopeless countless times just like some of you probably felt.
Now currently I'm on day 12 and I know where the problem is, of course we all know the problem is, but we just ignore it when the moment of relapse comes. But the thing is that you have to keep telling yourself that relapse will never EVER solve your problems. So here is some advice that worked for me over these 7 months of trial and error.
In most of my rebooting attempts, I would always envision myself going with no PMO for 5 days, 7 days, or 10 days. If you're doing this then stop that right now because that is a big factor. Most people report that they've rebooted in 3 months or up to 5 months for the young guys.
First of all don't let these digits scare you at all. This the time in which you will come back to yourself and start enjoying life more. It's not like you're gonna go through hell during all these months. You're gonna start seeing results in as little as two weeks but you have to be patient.
So what I was getting at was you have to envision yourself going with no masturbation, porn, or orgasm for at least 9 months. Every succesful day that you finish you tell yourself that is 7 days out of 90 or that is 5 days out of 90. That way you know where you are and most of all you know where you're going. Even if it would take up to 5 months, first finish your 90 days (which you will probably have rebooted in) then you could set up 1-2 month goal.
Second, don't let the porn fantasies or false real life fantasies fool you in to believing that you need to masturbate to them. Matter of fact, these days were the urges are unbearable for you mean that you going on the right path, it means that you are on the edge of getting rid of your addiction, it's just a matter of time.
My third advice is to not read too much succesful stories on YBOP. I don't know if it will work for you but I find that when you read someone else's success story, you are not focusing on yourself. BAD. During this reboot time period you must focus on yourself and your progress. Make your own success story in your mind and build that story by not watching porn ever again. You know that when you reboot for 9 months your life will be better and your love for women will start to get back stronger again. You don't need to keep reading stories for you to believe that this thing works.
Fourth and finally is when the scariest moment of the whole process comes. This is the most important moment where you need to tell yourself that relapse is not the answer. The only thing you gain out of a relapse if feeling good for about 5 to 20 minutes then masturbating. After that you realize that you did a wrong thing that won't help you. Tell yourself that relapsing is the worst thing you can do and that you have been abstaining for 15 days and that you won't let all that hard work go away for nothing.
Don't let your brain tell you what to do, you tell your brain what to do. The choice is in your hands, you decide when you want to fix your life.