Relapse rebound - I project confidence & warmth, relationships vastly improved

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cranesI have been a fapstronaut for a year now but deleted my old account. Several months ago I started fapping regularly again, but am now two months in to my new streak. I feel as though I have made large-scale changes to my state of mind. I regularly feel awesome.

Here are some things I learned.

Who I am when I fap regularly I sleep in. I suck at getting out of bed. I am awkward. I fear interactions. You can see fear in my eyes. My state of mind is defeat. I crave attention and validation. Looking at porn is more rewarding to me than real social interaction, because it is cheap and totally accessible with no risk. But there is a price to pay, and the price is that you act like a fucking lame person instead of the awesome person that you are.

Who I am after just two months of NoFap/no sex I am energized. I feel awesome. I endure pain. I throw myself at my hobbies and goals. I much more aware of my behavior and my thoughts. Music sounds better. When I go out I dance like I own the place. People love it, and they become energized themselves because of your confidence. I find girls flocking around me because I project confidence and warmth, and yet I seek no attention. Nature is awesome. My computer broke about two months ago and I haven't fixed it, because now I actually live my life instead of staring at a screen. When I look at a girl, I think "that girl is gorgeous" instead of "I want to fuck her". Funny shit just pops out of my mouth instead of just saying boring shit. Women notice you appreciating their beauty and personality instead of just seeing your thinly veiled fear and lust. And they LOVE that.

My relationships with men and women are vastly improved. I love "guy time" so much more. I love talking with women. I don't really care if they are a "10" or a "5", I will treat them all the same. I interact from a position of great personal wealth. I have so much more of my personality to offer people and I love to give it.

This sounds like a lot, and the discerning reader is probably skeptical. But here's the reason why this has worked for me. The reality is that You get "superpowers" by being awesome, and NoFap is just a part of being awesome.

Each person knows deep down how to be awesome, but they are too lazy to start doing that shit. Here's what I do to be awesome.

I run hard five days a week. Honestly this is just as effective or more than NoFap in bringing confidence. When I run I give it my all. I run five miles at a time now. Often when I am about to reach the end of my run I just say "fuck it," turn on something like "Till' I Collapse" or "Lose Yourself" by Eminem. Shit gets suddenly real and I run another three miles. The music syncs with me, everything makes sense, and all therAt the end of a hard ass run there is about an eight hour window where you just feel like a boss. You just did something that is hard as fuck, you had to give it your all, and now you get to bask in the glory. If you want this feeling, then get off your ass and run until you are swamped with sweat.

I meditate daily Just do it. 15-30 minutes a day. Just direct your mind to the sensation of your breath. Study what happens. Examine feelings. View thoughts and let them go. This is a critical practice if you want to learn more about yourself and increase your awareness.

  • Take risks Tell the girl at the sandwich shop that her hat is totally cool. No, not to get in her pants or get any attention from her, just because her hat looks cool.
  • Walk up to a group of people at a party, and just talk to them. Be friendly and smile. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy them.
  • Go out on the dance floor and go wild. Even by yourself. Who cares.
  • Go learn a song on guitar or piano and play it for people.
  • Get off your computer!
  • Love everything unconditionally. Even that obnoxious kid you can't stand.

This is what it takes to change your life, people.

Edit: And a final note. For those who are doing NoFap for better erections or better sex. It happens when you are confident. So do this stuff.

LINK - How to be victorious at NoFap, and why it works. Advice and encouragement for those who need it.

by hiperviper


Hardcore porn, gay porn, disgusting, filthy lusting, perverted and morbid thoughts and excessive masturbation going up to 5 times a day. Social anxiety, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, yeah that was me 50 days ago. So how I got this far? it all started when I was about 10 years old and was molested by and older man. For a long time I though I will get over it, but I didn't. In contrary, I started watch porn, going from erotica and amateur to hardcore and sick. Not so long after I started to masturbate and then things got even worse. It totally changed by personality in a bad way, I used to be outgoing and popular and ended up socially awkward, introverted and with low self-esteem. I tried to get rid of this bad habit but just relapsed after couple of days. It wasn't long when I realized it was not just a habit it was a pure addiction which messed up my personal and sexual life. So for the last 10 years I went this carousel of ups and downs, trying to quit but just relapsing as always. I was about to lose hope when I stumbled across this website. It suddenly all made sense, the ED, PE, the way I felt and what I was experiencing. So I tried it, but failed, about 5 times actually. However I realized why- I would just stop masturbating but I still watched porn, I usually got up to a week but by the time I was so horny that I just couldn't help my self and jerked off again. So I finally decided to take a final take, no PMO, actually not even photos of hot girls. First weeks were the toughest. Then I reached the flat line which only ended a couple of days ago. I was also expecting all those benefits of quitting PMO everyone was talking about( confidence, courage, no more PE or ED and etc.) However for 20 days I haven't felt a thing, in fact I felt even worse. I really thought that these quitting benefits are a lie just to attract people to quit. Yet on day 25 it finally happened. Firstly, everyone started to notice changes in me that even I didn't see at first. "you different", "wow, you look great", "You know what, your'e actually a great guy" were just some phrases that I started to hear from my classmates, friends and others. I finally joined a gym, took up photography, my grades together with the number of new friends went up. I started dating, and in general, be more relaxed around girls. I finally, saw a psychologist and talked about sexual abuse in my child hood. To sum up, the benefits that I got aren't super powers, but really something that made me smile and be happy with who I am again. This is one of the most life changing experiences I had so I would like to thank this website and the community and wish all of you fapsternauts out there patience and good luck!