So you're new? Welcome to NoFap. We pass out free Zen here.

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So you're new? Welcome to NoFap. We pass out free Zen here. 

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Check to the right, on the sidebar, you will need to get a badge. I've been around the block, let me explain a typical nofap experience.

After a couple weeks you will wake up and start singing as you put on your shoes. Head out the door to the corner store for a gatorade and hope to find someone on the way for a little pointless chit chat. Then you will slap your forehead as you realize what just happened because your alarm for 9am is going off. You disable your emergency 10 and 11am alarms and smile as you look at how bright the trees look, how pretty that neighbor girl looks today, maybe even look her in the eyes as you two trade little smirks. Nofap will seem like the golden key.

That doesn't last forever, it might even get lethargic and depressing for several weeks. The flatline will strike. Don't fear, it will always end, just ride it out. If you fap you will only have to face another flatline. Your energy will return quite a bit :-)

Then... you will inevitably fap out of curiosity, feel like an idiot, then repeat the cycle until you've learned all the little lessons on self control, self acceptance, and the inner workings of your cogs and chemicals. Nofap's all engulfing significance will begin to shrink to a more realistic level, it will fit in with your other healthy routines or might even begin the chain of healthy routines you've been trying to start for the last few years. Something so close to you, so primal, and so powerful begins to break under your reigns. You will gain perspective on a drug addict. You will learn monk's disciplines. You will know one of the the most personal struggles you could have. You will feel raw weakness. And for this experience you will always have that one little extra advantage in the face of your future challenges.

You will get horny. Really. Really. Horny. You have to learn to control it, its excess energy that you have to direct or it will direct you, if you're going to make it you will have to get comfortable with being horny and you will learn to enjoy it.

To succeed at nofap you will need to make it a lifestyle, start winning at everything if you're going to win nofap. Its called a challenge for a reason. The spillover effect is nice, too.

Lets talk about "super powers". Some people here claim to gain them, other people dismiss them. I'm going to tell you they are very much real. Its a part of the rebound, when someone has been so in the dumps for a while the vibrant state can seem foreign, mundane things that were a challenge become a breeze and that can really blow someone's mind. they think simply not touching their dick has granted them something they didn't have before. well, it did.

The chemicals at play, you know them covered in YBOP, but I'm going to mention one that gets overlooked. Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is reduced from excessive masturbation, which will cause a brain fog/depression/lethargy. We try to keep these two chemicals in abundance to keep a positive outlook and full of energy.

If you don't get the superpowers, please, don't fret. You probably already have a well rounded lifestyle, such as sports or a solid girlfriend or whatever, your benefits from nofap will be less than say a cave-dweller. The super-powers are all very much(mostly) real. just because a testimony isn't like yours doesn't mean its not real. Lets all be nice to eachother :)

I covered what I could, whatever came to mind, sorry if it got messy I wrote it in fragments. What I'm saying is, you're going to learn a lot about yourselves. You're going to find a momentum in your life that you've been looking for.

Happy New Year, I'm going all the way, I'll see you in April. Enjoy the adventure, ride the wave, and welcome to the movement.

TLDR; Just read all it later. Control your dick, control your life.