Some DOs & DON'Ts for NoFap

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After relapsing this morning after a decent streak, I decided to use these few hours of sulking and regret to post some tips for fellow Fapstronauts.


  • Shortly after waking up, don't go on your phone (I have found this is the time I am most vulnerable)
  • Even for 'one quick look', definitely DO NOT look at somewhat explicit images, even a bikini pic - 9.9/10 you will relapse; 'nuff said.
  • Don't edge (in my opinion). Edging is, in my eyes, a form of relapsing and goes against this challenge. For a more effective journey in NoFap don't edge.
  • Don't touch your junk for other than washing and toilet breaks - other than that NOPE, hands off.
  • Don't rely on NoFap to be your saviour in life, because it won't be. You see posts on this forum that tend to go off on one about the effects of NoFap, which can sometimes be true, but people should not expect the side effects to come naturally; NoFap resets your brain for you to go out and reteach yourself how to live life.
  • Don't fantasize. This can sometimes be difficult but try to swiftly focus on something else, even if it is a table.. tables are good.
  • And finally, DON'T GIVE UP! - very easy to say, considering that I myself 'gave up' less than 4 hours ago - but the point of the journey is to get back up and fight on; that's not giving up.


  • Meditate. Find a spot, get comfy and cleanse your mind. There is no right or wrong way to do this, a common way is to sit cross-legged with a straight back for best possible positioning for breathing.
  • Cold showers all the way (literally, turn that sh*t down). The ultimate way to remove urges and set yourself up for a long day, also strangely relaxing (for me).
  • Visit this forum daily and help others out. Doing this will actually not only help them out, but you are setting the message in stone in your own mind. Also a great way to keep away those urges.
  • Maintain eye contact when talking to everyone, especially girls. Giving people your full attention is extremely important, even if you feel as though it isn't needed.
  • Exercise as often as possible. Whether it be running, walking, lifting, rowing - exercise is a great way to release energy and positive hormones. Join a club! Meet some new people, get involved!
  • After a couple of weeks of NoFap, your general self-appearance will start to change, and you will look at yourself differently. I'm putting this down in the do-list to remind everyone that this is natural, and it's something that shouldn't be ignored. Use it to your advantage to shape out the best possible you. After all, who doesn't want to see you looking slick & smart?
  • Smile. I never used to do this, and after someone pointed out that I 'always looked depressed', and I had to make a change. After a couple of weeks of NoFap, maintaining eye contact and generally embracing people more, smiling becomes natural and it's great.

And there it is, in my 9 month spell in NoFap I have come up with these few handy tips for people who are struggling to make it past those first few days, a reminder what to avoid, and what I think is important to keep up.

Think positive!

LINK - Some DOs & DON'Ts for NoFap

by Challenge__Accepted