Stuff I've learned from YOU

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First, don't be misled by my badge, i've been struggling since last April but reset multiple times. I just wanted to highlight a few points I've been learning from various posts, that might be useful for our challenge.

1- STOP BEING A VICTIM. Feeling bad is OK, feeling guilty perhaps too, but feeling crappy for some "uncontrollable external phenomena" is not good. Its difficult to grasp this concept 'cause its tricky, but next time you feel like blaming someone or something think again..Escape from victimization. e.g It's not Mr mandingo's fault, its the guy that downloads the movie.

2- DONT SURF THE WEB AIMLESSLY. Have a goal and then leave it! You need to book a trip? then book it, and then go grab a coffee. Gotta do the homework? .. well surely you don't need Internet to focus so go to the library. And this is a killer one: Gotta read the news! well...can you actually survive without reading the news for 3 days? give it a go, and be surprised the world remains the same even without you.

3- YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO. Are you just doing push ups to alleviate the urges to then just leave it? or are you including regular exercise as your daily routine? In the end folks, people perceive, detect, smell what you are really about, and classify you accordingly. So work on stabilizing a healthy productive routine to give sense to your time.

4- ARE U DOING NOFAP TO GET GIRLS? I hope not, I hope girls are just a consequence, a side effect, an extra, of your work towards your best self. What you really want is self control and take, grasp your life back.

So yeah boys, I always think of these 4 points which I've learned from you and the various reading you've posted. Just as a reminder to keep the focus. Stay strong!