Thoughts about this community and some advice especially for beginners

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Sexually, NoFap gave me a push towards going out more. I'm also working on increasing my seduction skills, so if that's part of your motivation, also check out seddit in conjunction with NoFap. For my standards, I've had a lot of success with women in the last 5 months, and have met some really interesting women and had a lot of good times with them. Sex, when it happened, also was a lot less about imitating porn and much more about really being with and appreciating the other person. I started NoFap with a mixture of ED and PE, both of which have become a lot better. No ED to think of anymore, and PE has become a lot better. But, as with anything related to NoFap, I think it doesn't suffice to put all your hopes on NoFap: It will help you, but there's a host of other things you can work on that will also help.

And some final thoughts about this community and some advice especially for beginners:

  • Read the sidebar. There's a lot of useful information, and the number of times that people ask the same question that has been answered over and over shows that a lot of people don't bother.
  • If you keep relapsing after one day or maybe a couple of days, really think about what's happening. We're not talking about a month here, but a day. 24 hours. Do you really want your urges to control you that much that you can't go for at least 24 hours without caving in? Work on your mindset. Make the goal of NoFap really attractive, something you really care about. And then start thinking about other things and keep yourself busy. If you keep thinking that you must not fap, it will be constantly on your mind.
  • To all the people who ask something like "is practice XYZ cheating?": Yes, it probably is.
  • Additional note to everyone asking about edging: Don't even think about it. I was on an edging/porn binge right at the beginning of NoFap and that was the absolute worst part. You'll feel worse than with no fapping at all.
  • Wet dreams: Generally accepted (from all posts that I read) that you can't do anything about them and therefore are not relapses. And if you're wondering if they're inevitable, I haven't had one (not in my life before, not during NoFap).

With that, I'm wishing great success to everyone with the NoFap journey ahead of them and to everyone currently on it!