After two years of my struggle with Nofap! AMA: ED & delayed ejaculation

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Tips for reaching more than 100+ days of nofap.

Hi everyone,

Thought I should give back some tips that helped me in one of the most life changing experiences that I've had.

I've already written long posts on the steps of my experience in doing this in great detail but I'm not sure if I had ever written anything such as this.

This is something that I hope another me doesn't have to go through without knowing again.

First of all when you enter into a nofap lifestyle you should know why you want to do this. Make sure you have a clear goal in order to remember the reasons of your actions.

  • Now a lot of people now a days seem to be doing this for the sheer of getting laid/losing virginity which is a nice end goal, but from my experience it will cause frustration and anger and you're going to feel extremely lonely at the end. I would say self control would be a better goal for long term.
  • Don't tell everyone of what you're doing, I did this mistake and now I'm stuck with the ridicule every day. Yes people find this odd and will give you high fives for jerking off, porn and masturbation have become a norm apparently because it includes you in the bigger group. Once you start to challenge that view they will make fun you, these people could be your friends, siblings and etc.... So just keep your goals to yourself.
  • Always stay busy, gradually make sure that you're staying busy with productive things. Unemployed? Write resumes and apply for jobs. Looking for a relationship? Go talk to strangers, doesn't matter if it's a girl or a guy... just engage in random conversations. Eventually your procrastination will reduce and you'd thank yourself.
  • Now if you're going through exam week or if you have a very difficult course load I wouldn't recommend going through nofap till you finish putting those off, my reasoning is that nofap will pre-occupy every minute of your life. Instead of thinking about your school/university work you'd be just surfing r/nofap and thinking about girls. If you're 100+ days in then perfect you shouldn't abandon ship, but your grades will be affected if you're in this at the start. This could be different from one person to the next but from my experience it hindered some of my analytical way of thinking. So get into nofap when you're ready and you know for sure you're going to this for yourself to better yourself.
  • Now one thing that almost everyone forgets about here is working out, please sign up for a gym membership or just workout at home. Go 5 times a week, go to /r/fitness and look at the FAQ on there. Just stick to it and you'd thank yourself.
  • Always hang out with friends specially on the days you're most idle, it will help you stop thinking about nofap and porn.
  • Now for a lot of people doing nofap is easy for the first couple of months because it's not the fap itself that causes them to crave orgasm but it's porn itself. Delete your stash when you're ready to do so, also if it would help install k9 blocker and block the porn sites, but from what I've seen it will just make you crave porn right away. It's similar to telling yourself you'd never eat sweets again on a Thursday and then next week you'd go back and eat it cause you have a constant reminder of what you're missing.
  • For reddit there is Reddit enhancement tool which can also block nsfw links.
  • Develop a strong willpower by doing other things such as cleaning up your diet, reading books, clean your room, do laundry and other things you'd enjoy doing.
  • Sign up for and every night instead of wanking put a little dot in there and fall sleep.
  • Stick to this for more than a week and the hardest part is almost over then you'd flatline and then you'd get your sex drive back up again use that energy into something that you'd enjoy that doesn't involve porn or wanking.
  • Don't fool yourself, everytime you watch porn or edge it's almost like 5 days of going back. So don't hinder your recovery.
  • Remember you're healing your brain and making yourself a better person, the future you will thank you.
  • Re-frame your urges, figure out why you're getting horny, if it helps keep a log every day so you'd see the changes in your behaviour over time.
  • If you hate something about yourself then change it.
  • This is not the magic pill to solve everything in your life, it will not turn you into a superhuman. What it will do is bring up a lot of emotions you had been bottling up and hiding behind nofap and it will make you realize of your mistakes, it will show you the reality of everything. In some ways it's like matrix, you'd look around everyone and you'd be like "hmm... they're all sleep and I'm awaken."
  • Whenever you come across a nsfw material, acknowledge it and then just move on. It's similar to someone who's dieting from overeating food, just acknowledge and realize the implication if you partake in the action and then move on.
  • Get a squeeze ball and release your stress on that whenever you get an urge, it seemed to have helped me in the first couple of months.
  • So don't sit alone by yourself in your room trying to find an end result that ends in a fap a night till you fall sleep. Just stay active and get out there, the more pre-occupied you are the easier it will be for you to forget about fapping and porn. Stay around people and you'd learn a lot of things.

If you guys have tips of your own add it into the comments and lets help each other.

Best of luck in your journey,




After two years of my struggle with Nofap! AMA.

Guys I just want to say that this stuff works.

Those who know me from the early times of Nofap will know that I was one of the first veterans who reached the 90 days and I figured out the 90 days wasn't enough.

Here's what I've learnt...

Keep on trying! Don't give up....

I had delayed ejaculation, porn induced ED... I couldn't even get hard by watching porn.

Now I'm in my best shape and recently gotten into a relationship which we both love each other. I've got a job who I somewhat like but it helps me go through the day.

It wasn't always like this and I just want to let you know that if you're struggling, know that the end results will all be worth it.

Keep yourself away from the computer as much as you can, the urges never go away. Porn will always be the go to for instant gratification so know that the urges will not go away; You've just got to handle them and recognize the urge and channel that energy into something else.

If you have any questions about how I coped or anything involving self development then please ask away :)