What do I do when I have too much sexual energy?

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Excess libido during porn addiction recoverySome people have good results with the Solo Energy Circulation Practices.

Also check out the Tools, many of which help balance libido.

Keep in mind that the long-term solution is correcting your dopamine dysregulation. When your brain is back in balance, the urges tend to grow less demanding even though your readiness for sex remains.

Emergency measures:       

  • Urinate, which can reduce the urges. (Drink a lot of water if you need to.)
  • Splash cold water on your junk.
  • While you release your breath slowly contract your butt/hamstrings as hard as you can so that you feel like you're lifting up and keep it like that until you can't anymore and release it slowly.
  • Hold your breath for 30 seconds.
  • Avoid fantasizing.
  • As a single movement, practice contracting and pulling upward the entire floor of your pelvis, including the anus, perineum, and genitals. It should feel like you are trying to stop yourself from going to the bathroom. You can practice this in sets of 15 or 20 contractions, holding them as long as you can. Kills boners. (More Energy Circulation Practices http://yourbrainonporn.com/tools-solo-energy-practices)
  • When an urge pops up, try Additional Techniques for Dealing with Flashbacks and Cravings
  • Don't touch your penis...keep your hands off. Divert your focus and thoughts to something you need to do, work, study, clean your room, something productive you have been putting off, even if you are in bed...think about something you have been putting off you need to do the next day.
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