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Book pageHyperpalatability and the Generation of Obesity: Roles of Environment, Stress Exposure and Individual Difference (2018) admin018 hours 29 min ago
Book pageFood Addiction is Associated with Higher Neuroticism, Lower Conscientiousness, Higher Impulsivity, but Lower Extraversion in Obese Patient Candidates for Bariatric Surgery (2018) admin018 hours 32 min ago
Book pageAre trans diagnostic models of eating disorders fit for purpose? A consideration of the evidence for food addiction (2018) admin018 hours 34 min ago
Book pageEnhanced incentive motivation in obesity-prone rats is mediated by NAc core CP-AMPARs (2018) admin018 hours 38 min ago
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PageThere are no scientific studies that say porn is addictive, right? admin11 day 11 hours ago
Book pageHow to recognize biased articles: They cite Prause et al., 2015 (falsely claiming it debunks porn addiction), while omitting over 3 dozen neurological studies supporting porn addiction admin01 day 11 hours ago
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