Triggers (compiled by rebooters)

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Yes - No fulcrumOver the past days, several fapstronauts compiled the list of triggers/behaviors of risk - with the hopes that it may help others identify some of their own as-yet-undetected triggers.

Please note that both the categories and solutions are arbitrary. This is a work in progress and you are welcome to help improve it.


  • insufficient or irregular sleep. Solution: try to give sleep more importance.
  • having a full bladder. Solution: pee as soon as you have the need to.
  • shaving one's genitals (the itchiness from the stubble makes our hands wander). Solution: if possible, avoid shaving during the more critical periods of your PMO-free efforts (e.g., the first week).
  • Missing a meal or eating fast food. Solution: pay more attention to how you eat.


  • taking the phone or computer in the room at night. Solution: don't go to bed with either phone or computer.
  • being alone in the house for too long. Solution: find excuses to go outside or to interact with other people in your home.
  • going down a slippery slope by saying "oh I'll just read a couple of sexy stories" or "look at a couple of sexy pictures" and next thing I know I've PMO'd. Solution: DON'T START.
  • using computer alone in the room. Solution: only use the computer with other people around you.
  • long sessions of work which make the mind weak. Solution: take breaks and maybe exercise for 5 minutes every few hours of work.
  • smoking pot. Solution: don't, lol.
  • during the shower, touching oneself extensively or playing. Solution: DON'T. In more critical times maybe have a rule where you can only wash yourself with the sponge, not with your hands. Also, consider cold showers.
  • taking the phone into the bathroom. Solution: don't take the phone into the bathroom.
  • spending too much time in the bathroom. Solution: limit yourself to a quick bathroom break.

Websites/online content:

  • Reddit in general
  • 9gag
  • Deviantart
  • Certain anime
  • Youtube
  • Music videos
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Any sort of image based forum or website that contains image searching features.


  • thinking "I'm so horny right now, I'll just quickly masturbate now and keep trying to be PMO free for the rest of the week/month/whatever". Solution: remember the chaser effect and CONTROL your thoughts.
  • thinking of X girlfriend. Solution: catch yourself doing that and actively think of something else or busy yourself with something else.
  • Thinking about partying etc, getting ecstatic about the girls that I will meet. Solution: catch yourself doing that and actively think of something else or busy yourself with something else.
  • feeling unwanted emotions (anger, boredom, sadness). Solution: become more aware of the emotions (maybe through mindful meditation), accept that it's a temporary emotion, and patiently work on making it pass. Sometimes it's just about surviving that particular day and hopefully feeling differently in the morning.
  • thinking too much about how you're not going to think about porn - it means you're thinking quite a bit about porn... Solution: think about something else! Find ways to keep yourself (and your mind!) busy.


  • "after a successful day at work or school or in a social situation i rationalise that im ok and its ok to fap". Solution: catch yourself in that process and demonstrate its falsehood to yourself.
  • stress. Solution: find other ways to deal with stress (exercise, meditation, etc.)
  • Being hungover and feeling like death on a Sunday morning. Solution: avoid drinking to the point of hangovers.
  • Waking up / morning wood. Solution: get out of bed stat and remember to not have your phone near you.
  • Talking to a girl revealing a lot. Solution: after that particular interaction, quickly find a moment to mindfully explain to yourself that you were just exposed to an attractive girl, and that's OK, and you need to go back to consciously think about other things.

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