Urologist Lim Huat Chye: Pornography can cause erectile dysfunction for young men (2012)

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Young men who have the habit of watching porn may be putting an end to their real sex lives, experts warn.

Gleneagles Hospital urologist Doctor Lim Huat Chye told Shin Min Daily News that men who watch too much pornography can find it increasingly difficult to be satisfied when having sex. In time, these men might lose their appetite for sex and suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result.

Dr Lim says that he sees as many as four or five such cases in his clinic every year.

Aside from the risk of losing interest in sex, men who watch pornography might also become addicted to it, he added.

This is harmful as the addict can become easily worn out, suffer from insomnia and face problems trying to concentrate or focus at work.

The same topic has also sprung up all over the Internet, with many netizens questioning whether easy access to Internet porn can lead to an increasing need for more extreme sex methods.

Experts quoted in various Internet portals suggest that those who suffer from porn-induced erectile dysfunction may need up to 12 weeks to recover. They need to avoid watching erotic material for a start.

LINK - YourHealth, Thursday, Dec 27, 2012