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This site doesn't have its own forum. Its content grew out of an online community on our sister site on relationships. However, there are several forums guys find especially helpful.

  • One community is called You can use it to journal about your rebooting experience. It's also a place to discuss the process of reversing symptoms related to Internet porn use.
  • Another is called It has its own forum and offers accountability partners. It is also synched up with (and created by the same guy as r/NoFap)
  • Reddit's Reddit/NoFap (currently about 75K members).
  • Another good Reddit forum is Reddit/PornFree, which emphasizes quitting porn, but not masturbation.
  • There are additional forum options on our Support page.

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I want to thank you for establishing this site. My wife found it (too long to explain) Readers Digest Version,I was caught "Sexting" and had an affair with someone I had contact with on-line. As I look back on it after reading some of your site, it all makes sense. It seems I have had this addiction sense early teens, I have an appointment with a Psychiatrist to work on a bunch of issues that all may be attributed to Porn Addiction. After reading your site I seem to be a "Text Book" case. All started with magazines, parents were divorced when staying at Dad's every other weekend when he would go out, I would sneak around trying to find his magazines, if not his my older brothers. There was adrenalin surge as well as masturbation. I became a chronic masturbator, at least once a day, could not get to sleep without cranking one off. Then came videos, did not discover the internet till about 12 years ago maybe, found free sites, but let me back up, blew a whole lot of money on "Free" phone sex, dropped that for internet and strip clubs. So now with free sites on Internet, was loured on to sites that charge money to talk to live women in your area, yeah right, anyway, was looking at porn that should be disgusting just to get off. Started chatting on-line with a work aquantence, which became the ultimate fantasy, even video chatted and jerked off for her. Met up in person at a business conference and guess what... Could not get hard enough to put a condom on?? Go figure. Thought it was my B/P meds. Well now that I have stopped internet porn, dropped the other woman, no sexting, and following some of the reboot advice, (rebooting with wife) I does not seem to be the B/P Meds. The site is absolutely 100% correct. I can not believe how addicted I am. The wife is out of town and I am fighting the urge to go on line and look at porn. This is as difficult as cigarettes, what a roller coaster.

It's probably a good idea that you are seeing a therapist. Most guys who get addicted to Internet porn do not act out. According to the Patrick Carnes model, those that have "sex addictions" benefit from therapy. This article touches upon sex addiction vs porn addiction. Porn Addiction Is Not Sex Addiction--And Why It Matters

Realize it's only our opinion and we are not therapists.

Good luck with your journey.

PS - you may want to check out the support tab above for forums and support groups.

Stay strong. Been there, done that. The voices are brutal and UNforgiving. It'll get easier...

The house to yourself
a super fast connection
you open the site
of your chosen predilection
over stimulation
unprepared by evolution
your neural pathways
embrace the confusion
multiple partners
too many to count
yet never satisfied
by any amount
dopamine release
the key to addiction
ensures this past time
will remain an affliction
you've opened the doorway
to desensitisation
reboot now
or lose the sensation
this is not religious
or moralistic
open up your eyes
to the impotence statistics
a dystopian future
of solo voyeurism
two dimensional love
and compulsive onanism
the population controlled;
a new generations
reliant on porn
for its sexual relations.

put this on the front page. Thanks for sharing it.

First vivid sexual dream last night where I woke up with good erection. Not sure what will happen next but glad to see a positive sign. I am 64 and my wife is 65. She has no desire for sex but will "service" my needs when I ask. I have previously used this as an excuse for porn, not realizing I was only hurting myself. But now I am determined to be porn free so I can have a real sexual desire for real women. So glad I found this site so that I can understand what has really happened to me!

i am 16(i know very young) i went 4 months without porn prior to making this a permanent account. Stress from siblings returning home restored the battle between my gf and porn. im going to blog on this page for as much as i can. please give me support. an thank you.. peace and one love

I've finished Day 6 and now I'm in the midst of day 7 and I sent a text message to a friend of mine:
you know the only thing that's worse than day 6? DAY 7!!!

And it's hard, ah-hem, I mean, "difficult." But you know something, I went for a walk, like I always do, and I noticed more things. Nature seems more beautiful. I'm starting to get erections thinking about my girlfriend's body whereas a week ago she'd be touching me and not much would happen.

It's WORKING! So help me it's actually working!

My only question is: Can I have regular intercourse, or will that mess it all up? - please tell me I can. I won't see her again until day 17... and I'm not sure what'll happen then.

Rebooting (click on tab at top of page)? That's where to start. It's all discussed there, and the page has links to related FAQ's.

Not even to my worst enemy I would wish the hell I’ve been living through since I’ve diagnosed myself with porn-addiction. The fact that I am homosexual (one who has nevertheless had a long experience with the opposite sex) and that I’ve been for more than 15 years a heavy porn user makes me want to share my story here, in case there are other people of the same sexual orientation as mine, suffering as much as I am. So far I haven't seen any report from gay men here. However, regardless of one’s sexual orientation, the brain is always the same, so are its mechanisms.

I started consuming porn by the age of twelve. My father would buy me porn literature, magazines with naked women, heterosexual porn photonovels and videos of naked models (early 90s). Slowly I stepped into the world of video pornography, having bought many VHSs and DVDs whose scenes I still recall vividly, even when masturbating nowadays. By the age of 16 I started consuming Internet pornography in the form of pictures (late 90s). One decade later I discovered the artificial paradise of online porn videos (early 2000s). I can still remember perfectly my masturbating ritual : I would watch one only video and that would be enough. It scares me to think that about some weeks ago I was masturbating in front of the computer screen, with both Safari and Google Chrome open, each one containing 6 open tabs with videos paused at the « perfect scene » that I would choose for my orgasm. Then, from « vanilla » porn, I entered a world of heavy fetishism such as gang banging, baraback, pissing and finally fist-fucking. Even hetero and tranny porn, which don’t match my sexual orientation, excited me. I don’t judge people’s orientation or sex phantasies: I would just like to emphasize that I gradually moved to different porn with heavier images that I usually didn’t like and had never interested me at all. Even heterosexual sex videos were appalling to me! It just happened that a so called sex-normality didn’t excite me anymore. I would masturbate 5 times a day. Staying home on a Saturday night wanking in my room was definitely more attractive than meeting real people; "too complicated!" I would say to myself. Finally I noticed not only that it took me really long to reach an orgasm in real life sex, but also that these orgasm were not as half as intense ad great as my solitary moments in front of the screen.

But the saddest episode came one month ago : I found a person that I really liked, and my love was being corresponded. Our first sex date was amazing. Nevertheless my porn adiction and anxiety of doing my best to impress this person with my sex performance lead to my penis not working. Today, after some dates, we’ve finally talked about it to each other. Sadly I see no hope in our relationship anymore, after a few frustrating tentatives of sex. (Even the idea of writing this report makes me cry, blush and get angry with myself, and that’s something that will help no further when recovering from porn). Shame and desperation, though for me inevitable, have only worsened my problem.

When I was still unaware of my addiction, I tried exciting myself with porn videos where actors who looked like my beloved partner were starring. Getting an erection was becoming more and more difficult, even in front of my always available screen. When meeting my heterosexual brother, with whom I get along very well and openly speak about sex regardless of our different orientations, he confessed to me that he had the same problem. For many days that was our main talk. Thanks to him I got to I can’t thank him and this website enough for having helped my understanding of the problem.

I am currently at my 3rd recovery week. It feels like shit. I am depressed, crying all the time, mourning a fading, promising love story because of something so infimous, capitalist, addictive, unnecessary and dangerous as high-speed porn. Moreover I've been unable to concentrate on my work and – worse – I can't stop blaming myself for jeopardizing a relationship with somebody really cool, beautiful and great in bed whom I’ve just met, but who just can’t excite me. I honestly don’t know if this person really understood my problem. I can only hope and wait. But at this moment, I have to think of myself and be prepared for a long, reclusive phase of recovery. Erections have gradually come back in the morning, so have some sex tries with other partners. It worked out ok, as I was not in love with them and had no expectations about this. I even had orgasms. But with the one I love, I just can’t get a hard-on.

What I can say in short about this brief, but intense and sad experience of mine is that not only heterosexual men suffer from porn-induced ED, as heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals have the same brain and nervous system. Most importantly I would like to warn people about the difficulty of coping with yourself and others around you during the rebooting phase. I haven’t been working properly for weeks. Important delays and commitments have no meaning. This flatline is simply desolating. Nothing excites me anymore and it doesn’t seem to have an end, even though deep inside I know it does. Activities like yoga and pilates have been really helping me along with my rebooting period. But again I would like to thank immensely for making me understanding what’s happening to my brain and for helping me through with rebooting instructions. I hope studies about this unexplored field will be more and more developed, as high-speed porn addiction is, unfortunately, a recent phenomenon that constantly increases. When one realizes it, it's already late, but, I insist, it is never to late to treat yourself or seek professional help.

Oh yeah, we got gay. From the Rebooting Accounts page

In fact, he last guy - the sex god project, has just started a blog and a whole lot of gay (and straight) guys are joining him in his rebooting journey. Go over and visit his blog and join the party.

And yes we have seen lesbians and gays get hooked on straight porn, or straight rape porn or.....

It's normal to feel like crap right about now, which amplifies all sorts of feelings and emotions. You will soon start to feel better. If you can add some aerobic that helps to up baseline dopamine.

visit solo tools for ideas - Solo Tools

Best of luck to you

I'm not going to go too deep into my past sexual life. I'll start off by saying, I've been masturbating since age 11 or 12; I am 20 years old now. Started off with Playboy at age 11 or 12. After I got tired (or unaroused) with playboy, I went to pictures of porn stars (age 13). It didn't take long for me to jump from porn pics to porn videos(from age 13 to age 20). So here I am 8-9 years later (with a girlfriend) and I'm just now realizing that my penis isn't working 100%.
I wake up sometimes to either a flaccid penis or my morning erections are like 40-50% strong. & whenever I try to have sex with my girlfriend, it's one or two things: my penis is semi-hard when I'm dry fucking her but as soon as I drop my pants, it goes soft again; or it doesn't get hard or hard enough to penetrate. At 1st I thought it was because I wasn't taking care of my body right (late nights, smoking a little marijuana, and the drinking). But recently, ever since school started, I've been getting my good nights sleep. I have cut my smoking entirely down. & the drinking is mostly for the occasion. Some people do hardcore drugs such as coke, crack, meth... and still get it up. I even went to the extent of telling my doctor about my ED incident and he told me with someone my age, it is mostly psychological. He even prescribed me Cialis.... unfortunately, still no luck. Not even "the pill" worked. I've had sex before in my youth with no problem (I guess that's just because I was in my early days of using porn). I dIdn't feel anxious when I tried to have sex with my girlfriend. & I want to have sex with my girlfriend. I have just recently started getting anxious whenever I try to have sex with my girlfriend. Every time I attempt to have sex with my girlfriend now, I ask myself whether I should even make a move because my penis is won't cooperate.
After getting anxious and worried for a while, I started doing my research on ED. Then I found the topic "Porn-Induced ED." Never did I think my porn use would affect my ability to get it up. I'm not going to lie. I have tried twice now to abstain from porn & masturbation. The first time I tried abstainence lasted about a week or two. My second attempt had lasted me about 3 weeks. Now this is my third attempt. This is Day 1 for me all over again. I'm sick of tired of not being able to please my girlfriend. I am sick and tired of having a low self-esteem. I hate not being able to please her, as sometimes I think she'll find someone else to please her. I feel like if I don't cure or "reboot" my brain now, I am going to miss out of a lot of opportunities to have sex and meet new women. I feel as if I am going to miss out on my youth if I don't get myself fixed. So here I am, Day 1 of no PMO. I'm willing to take the 90 day challenge. I'm trying to go the extent of waiting 150 days of no masturbation. I am determined now that porn will not be a part of my life anymore. I guess the only questions I have before I start my road of abstainence are: Should I stay away from fantasizing? If I look at a lady sexually in person or on TV, am I messing up my progress of rebooting my brain? Will making-out with my girlfriend disrupt my recovery time? If my girlfriend wants to try to have sex again, should I just wait it out a while or will me attempting to have sex with her only hurt me more during my recuperation process? I will start updating this blog every 10 days to inform and keep track of how I'm doing. Any answers or comment to my following questions and this whole comment itself would GREATLY be appreciated.

These are addressed in rebooting basics an the main ED article - START HERE: Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

Should I stay away from fantasizing? If I look at a lady sexually in person or on TV, am I messing up my progress of rebooting my brain?

No. You can read this FAQ- What about fantasizing during a reboot?

Will making-out with my girlfriend disrupt my recovery time? If my girlfriend wants to try to have sex again, should I just wait it out a while or will me attempting to have sex with her only hurt me more during my recuperation process?

Nothing wrong making out, ejaculation can slow the process - also see this - Rebooting with a partner

Most of the guys on have porn induced ED.

It´s not so much the porn addiction that I want to battle, but more how I let myself be stimulated by sexual images that are distasteful or morally wrong. I was so shocked at how my moral sense was tainted by my passion for pornographic images. Sometimes I enjoyed mysogenic material that had little to do with equality between men and women. I managed to avoid direct images of rape and physical abuse over the years, but the moment when I did watch something close to rape (and it aroused me sexually....) I knew that this couldn´t be a path that I´m willing to follow. It made me feel very guilty at my own hypocrisy. How can I be firmly against any abuse towards women and let myself be stimulated by images that do just that? What frightens me most is how everything (even forbidden material) is so easily accessible and out there in the open. I´m not against pornography or free sexuality at all, but there is something profoundly wrong in the accessibility of sexual material. The biggest filth is just a few clicks away and it´s so hard to withstand your own sexual desire once you are sexually stimulated. But I do feel that it´s my own responsibility to stay clear of that side of the internet and that I must work on how to experience sexuality in a healthy way.

an addiction related brain change.

How can I be firmly against any abuse towards women and let myself be stimulated by images that do just that?

Very common. We think its related to desensitization, which leads to the need for greater and greater stimulation to get the same level of excitement. Shock, surprise, and novelty all elevate dopamine. See - Why did my porn use escalate?

I am glad you started this site. I have seen myself from an early age get turned on by porn. At first the girls nipples were covered up by stars and that was still enough to get my heart racing, then as soon as I found out that there were videos, I started downloading. After broadband came around i moved completely to videos. After thumbnails and streaming content became more prevalent I began spending more time online. I never had a steady healthy relationship during this time- only several different partners. I also began using marijuana. It may not be what this site is about.. But I'm mentioning it anyways.. Because I see PMO in the same light as marijuana use. It felt almost the same to me since I was doing them together. I felt I rarely showed my true face anymore as I was mainly focused on sense pleasures. It is healthy to find joy in each moment like breathing air and interacting with people in my own way.. But I had moved to being a darker person each day and while online I was searching for slime, and anything to do with many many partners having sex. I had become a bit desensitized to what I used to be in tune with. This super concentration of info in the form of drugs and visual stimulation was not the best thing for me. I had more desire to see the a pair of flopping around boobs or butts with several other participants' bodily fluids dripping off than actually believing in a real face to face interaction. I've seriously cut back and I've noticed that I have a desire to change. My eyes seemed dark, my eyebrows seem furrier and my heart was rarely beating fast unless I had spent a while searching for a fantasy online. After doing that my body turned red as if I was continuously blushing and I felt weak in the mind and weak in my will for constantly relapsing. I felt embarrassed to go out in public, so I just would go out in an altered state, almost deconnecting from my true self and instead I turned into a less intense version of myself and I would not be present or aware when I left the house. This could be just me describing depression. I have now cut back to once every few weeks. And I haven't used marijuana in several years.. But I don't feel that's a healthy level of involvement with porn right now. I only have ever enjoyed porn in the moment and I rarely would look back and say "that was a really good wank session and I feel so deeply connected with the girl on camera". I actually felt connected with a girl once but it was only because I tricked my mind into believing she was also connected with me. As I continue to stay away from porn and any drug I have felt my real fiancé become more in tune with me and my desires.. And I with her.. I pledge to not become involved with porn again for at least 60 days.. During this time, my interactions with people and my fiancé will turn me on more and more as I experience a disconnect with the collective cyber men/women and their toys. I will experience my life as a more constant exciting interaction rather than using porn as a way to love. My desire to see visual stimulation on the screen will go away unless it is a pic of my fiancé. My desires in the bedroom will come back and I will have more intense emotional/sexual connections with my fiancé. I can see clearer now. Porn was just like a drug and the user will normally want more and more until it destroys them. I must've had a high threshold to keep things together for so long, because I've been very unhappy with my choices. I'm thankful there are now millions who see porn as a harmful drug and want to restore the real healthy relationships back to their lives.

So I ventured into tranny porn and realized I was either turning gay or something was wrong. (Not saying something is wrong with being gay, just was never attracted to chicks with dicks fucking other chicks with dicks). Soooo I found this site and realized that my ED was stemming from over indulgence in porn. Anyway, I went fapping 2-3 times A DAY, to every other day. The problem is, Ive been stuck at every other day for close to 2 weeks. And by the end of every other day, I'm so horny I can fap to anything (bikini chicks, tits, whatever). I wanna say thats a good thing that I am no longer at the extreme, but I wanna be porn free; its seeming near impossible. Ive installed porn blockers on my browsers, deleted my massive (and I mean massive) archive of categorized porn. Still I find a way to see tits and fap on my phone!! Am I gonna have to dump my iphone and downgrade to kick this habit??? Someone talk to me... I'm desperate. Im 26 and I cant ejaculate when having sex with my wife... Its downright depressing...

The fact that you are here trying is progress, and that you have cut down and not used transsexual porn. However, you will need to take steps away from all porn and porn fantasy.

 Join the forum above, maybe start a journal, and figure out how to replace current behaviors with other activities. Read Tools For Change above.

good luck

I dated a man for 1.5 years. Most times he had to stimulate himself to get hard. Many times during sex he could not keep it up and it was always hurry up and get it done. He refused to have any fore- play, no oral sex except if I performed it on him. My pleasure was out of the question, told me it was too much work and took too long. He also has narcissistic traits. He began to blame me, it was my weight(I am not thin but not fat), then it was the expectations of my wanting my needs met, then it was I am a nag.
To this day he still says its normal, he's 41 and believes all men watch porn and masturbate. Really, 4-6 nights a week? He's been doing since he was a teen. He was married for 7 years, wife left for another man. She too complained about their sex life. He also, told me that he like porn because it makes him feel good and I don't.
Of course the reason we broke up wasn't the porn, its because of my complaining about it.

Tried to stop Masturbation to porn quite some time now, but with little success. Managed to be away from porn the most 26 days. Motivated to beat this now. I try to post here once a day to remind me of my addiction.
I really want to be a person statute abuse, I feel bad every time I abuse. Also know how good you feel when you passed the 14 days really want to get there again.

I've been using porn since i was 11 years old. I started masturbating when i was about 18. I just turned 30. I've been trying to quit masturbating for years but never realized that the real problem was porn. The first time i came into contact with porn was in a playboy magazine from the 70's my friends and I discovered in school. I've never been able to stop seeking it out since. I can't count the hours I've wasted, in a trance, consuming porn. The first search I ever made in the yahoo search engine back in 1998 was for celebrity tits. Later I borrowed from video stores and purchased magazines. As high speed internet became more available I started downloading videos using limewire and kazza. Things got crazy when porn tubes allowed for quick and unlimited access to porn videos for free.

I had my first sexual experience in at 19 and I was surprised to find that i could not get it up. It broke my self-confidence as well as my relationship. I suspected that the cause of the problem was excessive masturbation (2 times per day, some times more). Sadly porn became even more of an escape for me after I broke up with my GF. She tried to be understanding but i rejected her. I spent the next few years afraid to end up in a situation where i could not get it up and turned down numerous opportunities to have sex.

The next time I tried i still could not get it up. Again I escaped to porn and masturbation. I've been stuck in this cycle for years. In 2010 a girl i was seeing convinced me to see a doctor. I has some tests done that confirmed that there was nothing physically wrong with me. The doc told me that it must be in my mind. He prescribed Viagra which initially worked. Eventually the pills started failing. I had no sensitivity and really felt nothing during sex. When the pills worked i was hard but could not cum. I found myself faking orgasms instead of pumping away for what felt like ages. My mind was always elsewhere during the act. This always resulted in me loosing my erection. I tried stopping the masturbation. the longest i ever managed was 6 weeks. It never helped. Last week i stumbled on this site and discovered that it is the porn that has been responsible for the misery i have been going through for almost 14 years. It has robbed me of hours of productivity. I traded self-confidence for momentary pleasure time and time again. I did not perform to my potential in College and lost out numerous opportunities in life because of porn. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Anyway since finding this website i have not viewed porn or masturbated. Its been 11 days and i'm going for 90 days. This is probably the longest I've gone without porn. i'm hoping that I can recover and live finally live a full life.

I don't where to start, but here goes.

Age: 38.
MO: Since 15.
Porn Mags/VCD: Since 24
Internet Porn: Since 32, however I stayed with so called vintage porn (70s-80s, which had more natural content) and occasional softcore.

Problems: Problem getting getting it up on a few occasions (20-30% of times), problem achieving orgasm about 40% of time. Sex with wife has become a distant memory.

I actually hit upon the reason before I saw this site, that is to say I wandered here after I had already purged my hard disk of stored stuff.
So, I'd say I vaguely had an idea that porn is affecting my sex life. I thought logically, I mean getting an erection is okay, but I must get one the moment woman drops her cloth or may be even earlier..full strength. I realized porn has desensitized me to a large degree. Reading the content on this site suddenly everything was clear to me, I began to see the reasoning behind the phenomenon.

There was a time when just being beside my GF would give me an instant hard on.

So I'm on 10th day of my no-PM(O). Results?

No, PM. I find it absolutely controllable to stay away, even though I'm in front of my laptop for a long time with broadband on. So on good course here.

Had a morning erection on 9th day (after so many years). Had an inter course on that (9th) day itself. No problems with erections, had a good time, but I think full strength erection will take some time.

However, thinking of the neighbor next door gets me a hard on...just noticed today.

Other effects: I used have a constant lethargy and fatigue which have disappeared.

But I still have to adjust to natural sleep pattern, as all of a sudden I have 3-4 extra hours every night at disposal.

My conclusion: I think I don't have severe issues that many younger guys report here. I also think the problem is really a combination of porn addiction, anxiety and lack of good exercise, sleep and diet. As in my case, I'm more concerned about sleep pattern I'm simply not able to doze off after my dinner.

To wrap it off, PM is past and there is no turning back for me, but I'd appreciate observation from experienced does my case looks like?

Hello all, just got into this new thing, and i think i don't see any changes tho (just 4 days), but however i want to know if jelqing is possible while on PMO?


I can't get the meaning of PMO or MO used by members. Please can anyone tell me.

MO = maturbation orgasm

PMO = porn masturbation orgasm

I'm 37 years old. First off let me say that I am gay so if it offends you please stop reading. I started watching porn when I was 13. And I loved porn. Actually it was before then because I use to watch my father's old softcore movies. But when I was 13 I watched my first pornographic film. It was some Alice in Wonderland porn. I was hooked ever since. I am going to tell you how porn ruined my sex life. For years I would watch porn but masturbate in an unusual way. I would fist the bottom of my pillow into a ball and grind it while i watched porn. Or sometimes I would just fantasize about things. Do not do this. You will know why as you read on. I had my first sexual encounter when I was twenty one. An attractive guy was looking at me from his car as i was walking my friend's dog. So I put the dog back into the apartment and went back outside to the guy's car. We talked a little bit and then he asked me if i wanted to get it on in the back seat. I told him that I just wanted to make out only. We started making out and I had a full erection, but I did not cum. He came all over his car seat. After that I began my quest online of finding cruise areas to hook up with guys in my city. And boy did I ever. I am very attractive so I never had a problem with that. But because of the way I masturbated, I could not achieve an orgasm unless the guy was grinding on me in a certain way. That is why I say do not masturbate the way I did. A few months later, my new roommate introduced me to internet porn. This was in 2002 so internet porn was just starting to take off. I would watch it and i eventually trained myself to jerk off with my hand because it was more convenient. But I noticed that I could never achieve an orgasm around a guy. It got to the point that whenever I hooked up with a guy, when they asked me if I was going to cum I would just say, "Oh I usually dont come with guys." But I never had a problem having an orgasm while watching porn. So its been 16 years and I have never been able to fuck anyone or get a blowjob and cum. It has gotten to the point where even when I watch porn, I can achieve an orgasm easily, but I can't maintain wood unless I'm constantly stroking myself. And even then its only 70 percent hard. I watch videos where guys are so hard their cocks bounce up and down by themselves and i remember how I use to be like that and I feel so sad. i did research and found this site. So i tried to not watch any porn for two weeks. Just two weeks. Then one of my male friends called me to hook up and we were in his car and I got an erection. He said, "Oh my god your cock is huge when it gets hard!" and I was surprised that my cock was hard and staying hard. Even though I had to stroke it. But still that never happened before. It freaked me out and I lost my erection. Afterwards when I got home I went right back to watching my porn. Then a few months later I tried to not masturbate but just watch porn for two weeks. Afterwards when i hooked up with another guy, I was sucking his cock and stroking myself, and I actually had an orgasm. In 16 years I can count on my hand the number of times I've actually had an orgasm during a sexual encounter. Three times. That is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. I'm 37 years old. Its getting closer to a time when I'll be too old to achieve a normal erection out of old age. So i have to fix my problem now. I havent sat down and masturbated in 3 weeks, but I'm still hooked onto the porn like a drug. Which is ridiculous. Why watch porn without masturbating? But its hard to not watch it since that's what my brain is hooked on. I'm going to try to not watch any porn at all. Even just by stopping the MO(masturbating and orgasm)I've noticed how I look at things differently. Sometimes I'll see something that turns me on and my cock gets super hard. I even look at women sometimes and want to fuck them in addition to all the hot guys I cant stop staring at. I've stopped the PMO(porn masturbation orgasm), but I need to stop the P(porn). The Porn is the source of my problems. If I sit back and look at myself and ask myself is the porn worth it? Is it really worth it? My brain says, "Yes it IS worth it." lol. At least the dominant part of my brain says that. The other part knows I need to stop watching porn. Not easy at all. I wish I could say that I'm a success story like a lot that I have read, but I'm not a success story yet. I'm proud that I have given up the masturbating, but that's just the dust on top of the real actual problem. Which is the porn. If anyone is reading this, take this lesson from my mistakes. DONT GET HOOKED ON PORN. everything in moderation. I'm sure a little porn every once in awhile is fun and wont kill you. But I would watch porn multiple times a day EVERY day. And it has taken away so many years from me. And if you masturbate by using a pillow...there is a name for it but i forgot what it is. It starts with a P i think. PRONE masturbating (thank you google). DONT DO IT! Masturbate using your hand around your cock. I know most people do but some dont. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES! PLEASE! Thank you for reading this and wish me luck.

I am 59 and have been M since I was 10-11 years old. Occasionally a Penthouse would aid in my excitement level but then the internet came along and occasionally when my wife wasn't around I would access porn. Then came the smart phones where one can have porn access anytime of the day. I have difficulty performing intercourse with my wife and usually have to M to finish. The excitement of porn is like a drug. I FAP usually only once (sometimes twice)per day for maybe 15 minutes each occasion. I have only been able to go two days without no fap. Once I start feeling good I relapse, usually because my wife is not that interested in sex anymore and I feel the need for sex about every two days. I don't know that I will ever be able to turn things around due to my partner not needing sex. If I had a partner who was more sexually active I feel I would not need to FAP.

First off - great, great site. What an invaluable resource for a rampant problem that no one talks about. I'm on day 3 of no PMO and have basically substituted this page for previous porn site use, which is to say I'm spending a fair amount of time here.

The idea of porn addiction (or recovery for that matter) had never occurred to me. Porn had always been a part of my life- I was in a relationship for three years and she even liked to watch with me. I've always been decent in real life with women previously so I don't think I ever ran into the proper motivation to quit. That all changed recently- My girlfriend and I broke it off and I moved to Australia.

Moving to a new place can be tough, but it was compounded by me being the only person that was sent from my company out here (The Christmas Party was epic though- everybody knew everyone else so it was a great time. I also won the company raffle- ok enough of that joke). Further, I can work from home if I want to. So to set the stage, I've moved to a new country, recently broke it off with my girlfriend, and can work from home: Enter Porn.

Over the last 2 months I would say I was averaging 3-5 times per day. I still picked up and got girls to come home, but sex with a condom was completely out of the question- shockingly an issue Australian girls didn't seem to mind about. Then it started getting worse, I'd have problems without the condom. Then I wanted to make sure that I was up to the challenge and started taking Viagra as well. After a little while, that supply ran out and I've yet to go back to the doctor.

The "Aha" moment for me was when I picked up a stunning girl last Thursday. We get back to the hotel and start going at it. Great body, everything is going good until I look down and I'm completely useless. Its at this time that I try the trick we all know pretty well- The ole "Bunch and push." Well that didn't work either and I had to simply blame the alcohol.

Only I knew it wasn't alcohol that was the problem. I knew my porn watching had gone up exponentially, and the ED had started to become worse and worse. At that point I came across this page.

So far, I'm on day 3 and am pretty optimistic. I know its extremely early on but what I've been reading about is spot on:
- Holding eye contact with women is something I never really did before- its much easier now. Amazing!
- I'm talking to women at a torrid pace and from the last couple of nights going out alone, I have three dates this week. The motivation to go out and talk to girls (knowing thats the only way you'll get off) is insatiable.
- I have the confidence to not sit there like a puppy dog and buy drinks when its not going well with a girl. I would have done this previously because even if neither of us are having a good time, she would have been the only one I talked to that night.
- Holy shit- its hard not to PMO. People talk about having issues weeks into it, but day 2 was miserable- It didn't help that I was hungover and was trying to take a nap (Guess what helps you sleep easier!)
- I've actually experienced what can only be described as "blue balls." I always thought that was a trick guys used to guilt women into sex, but apparently not always.
- The conversations I am having with women are much better.
- Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.

I know that right now everything is going well, and I'm sure I'll run into the withdrawal symptoms, etc. But man, it feels like I've broken out of prison. I'll keep posting, but I'm only ashamed I didn't think of this earlier.