"Why I encased my junk in plastic"

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Boosting willpower can help overcome porn addictionFor me, masturbation always happens in bed early in the morning when I'm still in that dreamy semi-asleep state. The problem is that my willpower and conscious control are greatly diminished in this state. I find it practically impossible to stop myself rolling over and... you know the rest.

Someone mentioned chastity devices, and I decided to order a cb-3000. I got mine for £29.99 (about $48) on ebay. I put it on at night and take it off in the morning. I keep the key in the bathroom which is a few rooms away. I figured that if my willpower isn't strong enough to stop me from masturbating, it also isn't strong enough to get me out of bed to go to the bathroom and unlock. So far it has worked like a dream. I awaken aroused but can do NOTHING about it (everything is encased in hard plastic), roll over and go back to sleep, or get up for breakfast and a shower.

The device is comfortable, but the first few nights were a bit weird. It took a bit of experimenting until I had found the sizes of locking ring and spacers that felt comfortable. The first night I was freaked that it was going to cut the circulation to my balls, but it was all fine, and now I find that a slightly tighter fit actually gives my balls more space to hang.

I don't intend to use the device permanently, but hopefully I can use it as a tool to make relapsing more difficult until my brain has balanced (with the help of the 4 hours cuddling I did today :-) ). In a strange way it's annoying that I got a girlfriend just when I bought the chastity device. I was looking forward to staying orgasm free for a bit with the help of the device, but then a lovely girl comes along. Occasionally we have orgasms during the day.

Day 24 - I haven't masturbated once since starting to use the chastity device. So that's 24 days masturbation free... and guess what, it was easy!! Sometimes self discipline needs a bit of mechanical help. The chastity device is a tool to use when appropriate, which can help someone regain balance. I don't have any idea how long I'll need it. I don't see how it could be harmful to continue wearing the device only when alone in bed for an indefinite period of time.

  • Another guy:I'm trying something that seems to be helping tremendously. I started wearing an athletic cup during my waking hours. This has helped me avoid the urge to touch myself, thus starting the downward spiral.
  • Another guy: Short version: Don't wear sweatpants at home! Longer: If you're like me and change into your comfy pants whenever you get home, or stay in them the whole day because you study at home, then don't. I found that if I put on pants that are a bit tight, then I don't find myself mindlessly torturing my dick every 5 minutes, simply because I can't without undoing the buttons.
  • And another guy: If you've got boxing gloves or ski gloves get those on straight away, ideally boxing gloves, as this will reduce the ability to touch.