Will a relapse set me back?

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Only if you let it.

YBOP doesn't believe in the word 'relapse', and 'relaps'e should never be used for masturbation. This is about your long term goals, not numbers on a calendar.

Please read this post to understand - My Thoughts On Rebooting [EXTREMELY LONG POST]

Also see this video - "Rebooting: What Counts as a Relapse?" by Noah Church (who recovered from porn-induced ED).





please guide me ...plzz ,i will fall again to zero????


YBOP doesn't believe in the word relapse, and relapse should nerve be used for masturbation. This is about your long term goals not numbers on a calendar - 240 days without porn is quite an accomplishment


Sir after quite 240 days I masterbate, I feel now little fear,confidence loss come back.,it is reset my whole 240 days process again, or with in few days I will back to 240 days benefits which I have already, plz help im confusing, my vision slightly going to flzy now and feel my mind slightly loosen balance, help me, my one time mistake set me back to zero day benefits ...? Plz


it takes a while for guys to reach a balance point with ejaculations. That is the first ejaculation after a long layoff make have some effects. Some eventually go on a masturbation schedule, like once a week, and find it doesn't affect them so much.

Every guy is doing his own experiment.