Your Best Chance at a Successful PMO Quit

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A big part of me believes that the best way to quit addiction is COLD TURKEY. I gained this insight through quitting my 2 decade long (2-3 pack per/day) smoking nicotine addiction. I quit cold turkey and vowed to myself "never take another puff".

Statistics say that 90% of successful nicotine quitters used the Cold Turkey method. All other methods combined (patch, gum, hypnosis, drugs, gradual reduction etc...) only amount to the remaining 10% of successful quitters. Considering the amount of advertising and research monies invested into quitting smoking, these stats are amazing, right? Cold turkey works, while most of the other methods barely achieve over random probability or chance. But the gum and patch advertisements are so very persuasive and promise a 'soft' gradual reduction that is attractive to those folks fearful of the "first 72 hours" of withdrawal. But what happens when you get addicted to the nicotine gum? You spend your money on the expensive gum! haha, this is the most common outcome, you are still addicted to nicotine, but now sending your hard-earned money to another company peddling nicotine!

So based upon these amazing statistics from a well established COLD TURKEY nicotine Quit program, I theorize that successfully quitting PMO follows a similar pattern. Those individuals that quit PMO cold turkey (no peeking, no edging, no use of bikini photos or other "not really porn" images etc...), will be more successful, and overcome quicker than those who "peek" and rationalize "gradual reduction" strategies. In essence, I propose that Cold Turkey PMO Quitters will out-perform the "gradual reduction" rationalizes and other various methods at a ratio that approaches 9:1.

This is obviously just theory at this stage, because we have no data to test the theory. And porn comes in so many flavors (one man's porn is not always another mans porn). Only you know what gets you off, so keep this in mind. With that said, this theory is based upon a law that I have good reason to believe to be true. The Law of Addiction:


"Administration of a drug to an addict will cause

re-establishment of chemical dependence

upon the addictive substance."

When we apply this law to PMO, I read it as follows. "Porn is our drug, and any use of porn during re-boot will reinforce our dependence upon porn."

When I quit smoking cigarettes, I vowed to "never take another puff". Today, in the middle of my re-boot from PMO addiction, I vow to "never take another peek!"

52 days ago I went Cold Turkey off porn, I understood (from my nicotine addiction experience) what a relapse to porn would mean. I understood that any relapse to porn, no matter how small, would re-enforce my addiction pathways and slow down my re-boot. Since going Cold turkey, the speed of my re-boot is moving very, very fast! My porn induced PE appears to be cured and my life is better than ever. My mind is sharp and my thoughts are clear. I have not used porn or masturbated and I have no desire to ever use porn again. I promise this to myself.

If you want a success rate that will approach a 9:1 ratio over other methods, than take the vow and promise yourself;

"I will never take another peek again"

Good luck Brothers!