Age 20 – 180 days – Got a flip-phone

Guys, I did it! For first time 180 days. I feel so proud and full of life. I really don’t know what to say that someone hasn’t already said, but for all of you: keep up, we all fight together!

My next step is telephone detox. I realized that social media and youtube taking away my focus and time so I bought flip phone. During this period of three months I reduced my screen time, but it isn’t enough. I will not throw away smart phone, but during my studying hours flip phone is actually enough. When I finish all of my daily goals then I will “reward” myself.

I almost forgot: read Atomic Habits (by James Clear). That book helps me to improve my college habits and to strenghten my will.

Stay strong my brothers and sisters!

Source: 180 days

By: Squire