Your Brain in the Cybersex Jungle Radio Show (Archived Shows: 2013-2014)

radio show Gary Wilson

Has the Web stolen your mojo? Listen and find out in these radio shows

Whether it’s Internet pornography, Facebook, or video-games, constant stimulation at a click is new to mankind. Many brains are finding it too much to handle. Gary examines the evolutionary and neurochemical reasons, with attention to the unique vulnerability of adolescent brains. Note: these are actual “over the air” shows broadcast on a public radio station.

In addition to special guests, the show explores escalation to more extreme material, concentration and motivation difficulties, sexual performance problems, radical changes in sexual tastes, uncharacteristic social anxiety, brain fog and irritability, as well as withdrawal symptoms, trouble stopping, and worsening obsessive-compulsive show Gary Wilson

Disclaimer: The “Your Brain in the Cybersex Jungle” radio show is intended to be informative. It is not intended as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please see your doctor.

Shows – In Chronological Order:

  1. “The Other Porn Experiment” (show #1)
  2. “Internet Pornography as Super-Stimulus” (show #2)
  3. “Why is porn more exciting than a partner?” (show #3)
  4. “Why do I get withdrawal symptoms when I try to quit porn?” (show #4)
  5. Gary interviews Alexander Rhodes, the founder of Reddit/NoFap (show #5)
  6. Gary interviews Wendy Maltz, co-author of ‘The Porn Trap’ (show #6)
  7. Gary discusses the adolescent brain (show #7)
  8. Gary discusses porn-related sexual dysfunction (show #8)
  9. Gary and Gabe Deem discuss recovery from porn-related ED (show #9)
  10. Gary interviews “Porned Out” author Brian McDougal (show #10)
  11. Gary interviews therapist Wendy Maltz (show #11)
  12. Internet Porn: Social Anxiety & Confidence (show #12)
  13. Recovering user discusses the lure of novelty (show #14)
  14. George Collins, recovered porn addict and author, discusses porn addiction (show #15)
  15. Porn, escalation, tolerance and morphing sexual tastes (show #16)
  16. Porn, sexual conditioning and the adolescent brain (show #17)
  17. JDoe speaks with Gary about his porn experience (show #18)
  18. Gary discusses media coverage of porn-induced ED (show #19)
  19. Gabe Deem answers questions about porn-induced ED (show #20)
  20. Brett explains how to cope with porn cues and sexual tension (show #21)
  21. Www.GettingStronger.Org host Todd Becker shares his tips for reversing addiction (show #22)
  22. HOCD: How does it develop? How does one recover? (show #23)
  23. “Sex God Project” creator Gregor Schmidinger describes why he cut out Internet porn (show #24)
  24. Tobias, age 26, discusses his reasons for giving up masturbation to Internet porn (show #25)
  25. Rethinking the proposed “Porn Studies Journal” (show #26)
  26. Suspect Porn Studies (Gary’s radio show #27)
  27. Mark Queppet discusses tips for eliminating porn use (show #28)
  28. Porn-Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms (show #29)
  29. Women Are Reporting Porn-Related Problems Too (show #30)
  30. The Post-Porn Emotional Rebound (show # 31)
  31. Young Psychiatrist Discusses Porn-Induced ED (show #32)
  32. Improved Concentration After Quitting Porn (show #33)