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Videos and articles make the science of porn use easier to understand.  See our Videos of Interest Page for all relevant videos.  We also link to multiple YouTube channels by (ex)porn users. Prefer to read? Check out this diverse list of articles by or relevant articles from other sources.

YBOP has produced 5 videos:

  1. Your Brain On Porn: The Effects of Internet Porn on the Brain (2015). For a general overview of Internet porn’s effects & rebooting.
  2. Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction (2014). Overview of porn-induced sexual problems & rebooting
  3. Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn (2013). Delves into the science of sexual conditioning.
  4. The Great Porn Experiment (2012). A more complete version of Gary’s TEDx talk.
  5. Things You Didn’t Know About Porn (2010). For kids, ages 8-11.

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