Age 20 – Fetishes and brain fog gone, higher self-esteem, no objectification

I’m not in a 30+ streak at this exactly moment, today is another streak with 4 days complete, but i guess that’s a good news that could be written here.

I’ve been struggling with that addiction for 8 years and i’m trying nofap for 4 years (as far as i remind). Through the years passed by, i was watching foot fetish content. This is kinda easy to get addicted because even on youtube, facebook, instagram or other social medias is easy to find that kind of content, so that’s one of the reasons i got addicted to it. Many months ago i realized that this fetish disappeared after i engage with multiple streaks of 4 days, 7 days and 10 days.

I hope i can do this reboot challenge and I’m happy that even not reaching the third of the streak at once i’m already feeling benefits. Many of them are :

– Brain fog disappeared
– Better sensitivity of my willy
– Short-term memory upgraded and better
– More happiness and confidence
– Higher self-esteem and self-respect
– No more of any kind of fetish
– No objectification towards women or even men
– More connected with my moral values and ethics
– I’m feeling smarter
– Better relationship with my family

By: VikingThor

Source: Fetish induced conquered