Age 27 – 2 Years Gone By…

I’ve accomplished more in these past 2 years than in the 27 prior years sadly…Time heals everything. I can assure you.

I’m not making this post to sound like an egomaniac (which I assure you I am not). I try to avoid giving too much advice because as the saying goes, all you’re doing is telling people how to be more like yourself. This is just a bit of an update and hopefully it motivates some of you. I certainly know what it’s like to be at the lowest of the lows. If I can help just one of you, then this post is worth it.

Since I’ve rebooted my brain a while back to the point now where I’m not just a useless eater (and wanker for that matter) in this world, I’ve been able to think clearly and harness energy into very productive things. A person’s sexual energy is without a doubt their most powerful asset in life. If you’ve never read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill then I recommend you do so, quickly. The Sex Transmutation chapter is especially interesting and is the key ingredient in having a burning desire to accomplish anything. Never quitting once you start something and just knowing that you will hit roadblocks and get kicked in the nuts a few times along the way makes dividends. Winners will find a way to win, and having your brain and body firing on all cylinders is the ultimate starting point.

Since the time when I’ve rebooted I was able to ace the Fire Exam in my state, get on a Fire Department, go all through the Fire Academy, and see some pretty horrific things in my first year on. While working a second job as a manager of a small company, I’m making in excess of $165,000/year and have already payed off my mortgage. Anybody that knew me a few years ago would’ve thought there was no way I’d make it to my late 20s. I actually found out not too long ago that some guys I went to high school with had a pool going to see how long it would take me to become a serial killer. If I’d have known about it myself, I probably would’ve entered the pool at the time.

The most eye-opening occurrences I’ve come across since being a Firefighter/EMT are the amount of heroin overdoses that are occurring nationwide. The small town I work in of approximately 22,000 people gets 2-3 a week easily. After seeing some of these junkies at their absolute lowest, it is always somewhat of a “nostalgic” moment for me if you will. I’ve been in their shoes and suffered from a very similar addiction…and I’ll even go on as to say a more crippling addiction (atleast some junkies can come into contact with other humans) – one that hardly anyone talks about because it’s so embarrassing. Everyone is quick to call these people scumbags. However, there was a time when they weren’t scumbags….they were just uninformed people that made shitty choices (whether it was peer pressure or their own idiocy) and happened to go down a certain path in life – a path that completely hijacks your brain chemistry and shatters your level of consciousness in this world (sound familiar porn addicts?). The only hope for them is if they realize what they have become and then make every effort in the world to get rid of their addiction for good. Knowledge of how addiction works and the timetable it takes to start noticing changes is without a doubt the first step. The next is simply PERSISTENCE and a focus/drive to accomplish productive things. The longer you are at it the easier it gets. Trust me.

My advice is to study every last bit of the science that Gary and Marnia have so generously posted here and start your reboot right now, not tomorrow or next week. Get rid of your computer if you have to. All your family members in your family tree did not make sacrifices so that you could be here and be a loser. Be a winner, no matter how hard it is. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it… that’s why there’s so many people addicted to porn.

“If a man is taught that he is but a more evolved beast, a higher species of ape, and that when he dies that is the total end of him and of all of him, he naturally says to himself: “Why not enjoy life while I have it? Why not use every function that nature has given to me in the manner that is most pleasing to emotion and passion?” There are here no inhibitions of a moral kind; there are here no illuminating spiritual insights; there is here no philosophy upon which a decent-minded man can lean; and the result is that it is now common in the world to look upon the sexual function either as something disgraceful, or, on the other hand, as something not to be used solely according to natural law, but as a means of sensual gratification.”

“The so-called sex problems, therefore, do not arise in any innate wickedness in the human race but solely out of ignorance and because the ancient teaching, so simple and easily understood, has been forgotten. Any abuse of the body will bring about its corresponding degenerative disease, or, in the least evil cases, decay and premature senility. It may be as well to state clearly that the body is so amazingly and beautifully balanced that the abuse of any of its functions will bring about disharmony in the physical structure, or equivalently imperfect response of all other organs of the human frame.”

“Sex in the present human physical vehicle really serves two purposes: (a) first and most important, the continuance of the human family; (b) second, the strengthening and building up of the human body as a whole, and of all its tissues and organs as particulars, by the retention therein of the vital sex-essences.”
“It is perhaps too much to hope in these days of nervous tension and moral slackness that the sexual function will be used solely for the purposes for which nature has evolved it, as above stated; so that possibly for ages hence the function will be misused even in marriage for purposes of merely sensuous gratification; but let it once become clearly understood among men and women of normal character that any use whatsoever of the function entails consequences, and that abuse of the function entails disastrous consequences leading to degeneration, and ordinary good sense and the instincts of self-protection and self-preservation will in time attain increasing influences in these human relations.”

-David Pratt