The Benefits of Depression

One of the most common and crippling side effects of porn use is chronic depression. What it comes down to is when you are that low day in and day out from your addiction, then what do you have to lose?

If you get low enough to the point where you are suicidal (I was) then there is nothing in the world you can’t accomplish or even be afraid of for that matter. Go ahead and take some risks. What are you afraid of? Dying? Who cares? You were thinking of killing yourself anyway.

If you are the type of person that gets depressed then you’ve probably got a heightened sense of fair play to begin with and it is just nature’s way of telling you that you aren’t doing the things that you are supposed to be doing. Your consciousness and awareness is probably superior to most others. The “All or Nothing” personality goes hand in hand with the Anxiety/Depression cycle.

Suicidal people are some of the strongest people in this world. Their brains are just out of balance. Most would rather just harm themselves instead of others. Very few people actually have the courage to commit suicide to begin with…in the same way that very few people actually have the courage to walk up to a girl sober and tell her she’s attractive. So if you are in the percentage of the population that gets depressed, don’t fret it. Embrace it.

Keep fighting the good fight and elminate all the useless garbage in your life. People in third-world countries do not have chronic depression from being in a society that is babied. They’re too busy doing what it takes to survive. It is only you and I with our internet surfing/TV gazing sedentary lifestyle who get constant sadness from a lack of fulfillment. Go out on your own path and create something, don’t watch others who do.

“I have two speeds: blast and dust.

It’s just a personality trait. I’ve talked with a lot of entrepreneurs, top CEOs, business people, and athletes that operate in the same mode. You’re 100 percent on for weeks or months, just knocking everything out until nothing is left standing. And then, boom, you’re on the couch for three weeks. Training and business have been that way for me. F*%! moderation. I don’t have time for it.

If I have some Oreos, I’m going to eat the entire bag. I’m not going to have two or three. If I’m going to launch a business, I’m going to do it all the way. If I’m going to train my ass off, then I’m going to do it hardcore. I would rather have no cheat meal for 12 weeks and then eat like a f*%!ing hog for a month, than just have a cookie here and there. I’m going to run on all cylinders and then just disappear.

What I’ve managed to figure out is that I can stagger the roles in my life. So if training is going to be in 100 percent blast, then I know business is going to be in dust. If business is going to be in blast, training is going to fall back in dust. That’s just the way it is.” -Dave Tate