Freedom; After Four Decades of Addiction.

Hello to everyone here at YBOP. I am a porn and masturbation addict that has been in recovery since December of 2012. I am a member of Reboot where I post in the 40+ section under the name LTE. I will be posting to YBOP from time to time, reporting my progress and observations that I’ve made about my recovery process.

I had been hooked for over 43 years when I found Your Brain on Porn and realized that I had the power to stop . . . so I did. That was it, my last porn binge ended prematurely when I found YBOP on 12/2/2012. Twenty-seven days later I masturbated and that is the last time for that practice. I’m a bit of a hard-liner in that I abstain from both porn and masturbation but I don’t criticize others that take a different course. I do not pursue freedom from porn and masturbation for religious reasons. I believe, from experiences in my own life, that trying to have a real sex life and a fantasy sex life just doesn’t work. One or the other will suffer and usually it’s the real sex life that does. As the Atlanta Rhythm Section song says; “Imaginary lovers, never turn you down”. Unfortunately, a lot of men have damaged their real-world sex life because they couldn’t resist their own “imaginary lovers” and found that real sex became more difficult over time. I have to place myself in that category. But I want a good sex life in the real world so I am leaving behind the imaginary world of porn and fantasy. In future posts I’ll go into greater detail about my experiences, the addictive cycle I was caught in and the methods I used to break free.