8 Inspirational Reboot Success Stories (Contest Winners)

Last month, I posted about a Reboot Success Story Contest I was holding to celebrate 2 years of the blog.

There were so many great, inspiring entries that it was a tough job to choose the winners… But, here they are:

3rd Place

51 Years Old When I Discovered NoFap
In 3rd place was an essay by Fercho, an active Reddit user who was 51 years old when he discovered NoFap and turned his life around.

2nd Place

Learning To Use The Self Properly
Dominic won 2nd prize with a story about how he reclaimed his life from the “three-headed Hydra of sugar, video-games and porn”.

1st Place

You Are A Human Being, Not An Addict
Giuliano won 1st prize with a long, thoughtful essay about getting to the root of his PMO problem and defining his own success.

More Success Stories

Runner Up Reboot Success Stories
The stories from the runners-up are also well worth the read!