Age 30 – PIED “Success after 90-day reboot with my fiancee!”


I had to share C’s reboot story with you. C is 30 years old and wrote to me about 3 months ago. He told me how, for the past few years, he couldn’t get an erection with a girl because of his PIED and anxiety. And that his erections with his fiancée were literally non-existent.

But. I knew he would be successful in his reboot because of the language he was using in his email.

It was clear he had taken 100% responsibility for his situation, and he was working EVERY SINGLE DAY to make changes. He knew his triggers, and had redesigned his life from the bottom up to avoid them.

He was resolved to get his sex life back, and he was focused on the benefits that he was working towards.

Flash forward a few months, and here’s the most recent mail I got from C:

“(Last night) I successfully managed to make love to my fiancée. The sex was good and enjoyable. Both of us were contented. On my side I am happy that this reboot came at the right time. I also realized sex was more of bonding and I managed to have it successfully through good communication with her. My erection quality was good and the issues I had about performance anxiety had kind of vanished. I managed to have sex four times though at different times during the night. I did it by focusing to meet more of her needs and the task became easier.”

“Though I still have a lot to learn because both of us were still new to this thing. Looking at porn previously, it tended to focus on more of sex than connecting emotionally. That’s what I realized. I am now tasked with how to learn to turn her on emotionally. I managed to share my ordeals with her and she understood. It was the first time I managed to have full sex and enjoyed it.”

Wow. Just a few months before, C couldn’t get an erection with a girl at all because of his sexual anxiety and being desensitized by porn. Now he’s having sex four times in one night!

Not only that, but notice that sex for him is not only about the physical enjoyment, but the emotional connection as well.

All because he made the choice to stick to his reboot and change his life. Just goes to show you that having persistence, a motivating goal, and a great strategy can result in HUGE positive changes in your life.

I love sharing these success stories, because they show that REAL people — with the exact same issues you’re dealing with — were able to overcome them.

Not overnight, and not by taking some pill or ‘magic bullet’ cure. But by consistently taking action in the direction of their goals.

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