Facebook Harms Relationships


Facebook is a place to meet and keep in touch with friends. Only sometimes those friends are long lost lovers or people you’ve met casually and didn’t think you’d bump into again. Facebook is designed so you never lose touch with anyone ever again. The result is that more people falling in love on the platform, having affairs and flirting when they shouldn’t be.

And now there is data to back up what we all know.

A survey of 5000 Facebook user has found that the social media platform is harming relationships and ending marriages.

The groundbreaking survey, undertaken by the research unit at Stop Procrastinating, the productivity website, found that 17% of people said Facebook made them jealous of their partner’s other online relationships.

26% said they had argued with their partner because of they felt neglected as updating Facebook was more important to their other half.

44% said Facebook ruined romantic moments, such as candle-lit dinners or walks, as their partner felt the need to update Facebook about it instead of enjoying the moment.

32% said they felt a loss of intimacy in the bedroom because their partner checked Facebook in bed.

22% said Facebook made it easier to keep in touch with people they had met casually. This meant, they said, it was more likely to lead to an affair as a result as they could easily find them and friend them on Facebook and ask them to meet up again.

17% has been tempted to get in touch with an ex-partner with the objective of having an affair.

47% felt they had been guilty of emotional cheating on Facebook

46% said they had monitored a partner’s activity on Facebook due to jealousy.

67% were not surprised that Facebook was cited in increasing numbers of divorce case as evidence of ex-marital affairs.
The full results can be view in an infographic – click here to view it: Facebook Ruins Relationships Statistics.