Depression tips

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Advice from one forum member to another:

Hey dude, sorry to hear of your troubles. Im going to throw some suggestions out there that have helped me overcome depression while maintaining my reboot ( without urges I could not firmly control).

First of all, I would highly recommend a diet rich in raw foods. By raw foods I mean a diverse blend of fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans. Its difficult to go 100 percent raw ( I dont) but try and go 70 to 80 percent. Include lean meat in small quantities during lunch and dinner times. Eliminate junk food and sodas. With respect to pasta and bread, restrict yourself to whole wheat in limited quantities.

Second, incorporate exercise into your daily routine. For me, I go running in the morning outside. In the evening, I do weights. When it comes to weights, for me its about compound exercises. Weight exercises that hit many muscles simultaneously, like squats, incline bench press, shoulder press with a barbell, deadlifts etc. With respect to repetitions, do 5 to 6 every set, where the fifth your struggling to complete it. I was just playing around with google one day, searching random things, and typed in how to increase testosterone naturally. This type of exercise was recommended.

Thirdly, meditate. Meditation helps one deal with urges. It helps develop the ability to remove oneself from thoughts and focus on something like breath. I do mindfulness meditation. It easy to learn and works. Search it up. Its value to rebooting and to life in general could not be overstated.

Integrate yourself in a social setting. Doesnt have to be a bar or club. Go for a structured place like a class or whatever. Little exchanges are really helpful.

Lastly, I want you to know that Ive been there. Depression sucks. One of the ironies of depression is you dont feel like doing anything, but in many cases salvation from depression is through activity. You got to do things even if you dont feel up to it. Reading this without application serves little purpose. I hope you incorporate this and your mood turns around.