Do not take NoFap lightly, or you WILL relapse

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Do not take NoFap lightly, or you WILL relapse - my experience & tips for newbies

Maybe I am pointing out the obvious, but when I started the NoFap challenge, first week in I felt it was too easy. Hey, Im flatlining! I dont even want to fap, so easy! Im feeling comfortable even browsing sexy tumblr pics! Going into adult chatrooms!

Next thing you know, a week in, I relapse, and when you relapse, it hits you hard, becasue you are faced with the mentality that hey, might as well "crank a few out" before your nxt try, right?

Before you know it, you are on a binge.

You are back to zero, scratch.

Feeling like crap and realizing you really are dependent on this shit, and its something that you have to learn to control. I now understand the Bruce Banner, um, banner: much like The Hulk, we Fapstronauts are constantly fighting the urge to not give in and let the, er, monster out. :P

I thought I had better control over this, and its nto as if I have a lack of discipline – I was able to whip myself into shape and lose about 110 pounds in the space of a year, but this, the NoFap challenge.. takes a completely different breed of willpower to complete.

So, in my experience, some tips, for people coming new to the challenge:

  1. Assess your triggers and eliminate them. For me it was adult text-based RP, sexy tumblr pics, porn streaming sites. Eliminate all access to them, because when you are bored, you start to browse, and before you know it you are edging and on a very slippery slope to relapse. Literally.
  2. Do NOT make my mistake of thinking this is easy. At times, your libido will be zero, and it will SEEM easy, but it returns with a HARD vengeance. Your brain will make up any excuse for your fix of PMO to arrive.
  3. I like the advice of doing something else as soon as you catch yourself revisiting your triggers – a set of pushups, do some chores, go out for exercise or sports. The latter is important but always have some project or something to do at home, I go outside to inline skate about 2-4 hours a day and let me tell you, even so I relapsed because sooner or later you are at home, and your brain wants what it wants, regardless of what you did hours earlier. Have always something you can do to keep busy, regardless of where you are.
  4. As with dieting, take it a day at a time. When I went on my weight loss craze, at times Id get demoralized because during weeks I felt depressed, shit, or saw no weight loss progress at all, making me doubt the reasons why I was doing it. Trust everyone thats been there before you, the benefits are undeniable, you just have to stick to the program and think long term, but set your goals short term. Every day, your goal is to make it till the end of the day, even if you want to be FapFree for that 90day badge (or longer!). Taking it one day at a time will help you make your goals manageable, and you will likely to be less demoralized than if you think, “Oh shit, 67 days to go for the 90day badge..”
  5. Read NoFap when you cant find something to do to distract you from your triggers. Make it a habit, reading how awesome others feel from doing the challenge, how their lives change, the benefits it brings, is very motivational and will keep you on the straight and narrow.

Good luck to all, and as for me, here we go.. one day at a time!