Don't I need to ejaculate frequently for prostate health?

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Porn addiction is fueled by the myth that very frequent ejaculation is vitalMen often have concerns about passing up orgasm while they reboot. They fear they will endanger their prostate health, discussed below, or they've heard the "use it or lose it" advice, discussed here. Keep in mind that the reboot period lasts for only 60-120 days, about as long as a military boot camp.



From another forum:

Over masturbation can cause chronic prostatitis. It seems to me like your prostate is inflamed (prostatitis) if whenever you drop a deuce the poo coming out gets pressed up against your prostate which causes semen leakage.

If I were you I would call my doctor and make an appointment tomorrow. I would have him do a simple prostate exam (yes he has to stick his finger up your butt for about 2 seconds). That test will confirm or deny whether your prostate is enlarged.

I am kind of vocal on this forum about prostate issues. I myself was recently diagnosed with prostatits. The good news is that I was prescribed medicine and the doc said it should be all good in a couple of months. It's very treatable.


Can be chronic. Not true that you need to have frequent ejaculation to keep healthy. Take hot tub daily; take Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin C. Have sex daily if possible [ejaculation optional].

From Anytime...for as Long as You Want By Charles Runels, MD