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The following "ED recovery story" pages contain shorter accounts.

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PIED partially cured. My story may help some guys.

First of all, it bugs me when people don't supply their background info, so here is mine: I'm 30/m, a virgin, I've used porn for 12+ years, and I have issues with PIED. In other words, I have wounded myself more than many people here, so I think my story may help some guys.

For the longest time, I have struggled to give up PMO, but I've recently made a breakthrough in my addiction by not looking at porn in over a month. At this point, I don't even have a desire to look; however, I am still MOing now and then by using my imagination and not edging.

Despite the fact that I'm still MOing, I have noticed some significant changes: For one thing, my junk looks fuller and healthier than it has in a long time. Secondly, I am now waking up with MW and it's getting stronger every week. Thirdly, I'm actually getting hard again around normal women. For example, it happened the other day simply because an attractive friend of mine came over and sat next to me on the couch.

So how did I finally quit porn? After failing for 2+ years, I decided that I needed to take drastic action. I deleted all of my stash - every last bit of it. I also installed K9 on my computer and I use Comvigo on my phone.

The biggest help for me by far was installing K9 + Comvigo and giving the password info to someone I trust. K9 doesn't automatically block everything, so I made a list of all the extra sites that are a problem for me - even youtube and google images are on that list.

So does this mean you don't need to give up MO? Not necessarily. My PIED is not completely cured so I still plan on giving it up, but I think baby steps are helpful when you're not making any progress at all. That was my situation. I should also note that I am a big believer in self improvement, which has also helped me fight this addiction. I work hard to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and find other ways to improve my life.

My next step is to talk to a counselor, which is something that's not discussed around here very often. I think many of us are reluctant to talk to someone because our problem feels shameful. The truth is that counselors talk to guys like us ALL THE TIME. Porn addiction is a growing problem and it's something that many guys are seeking help with. So if you're struggling with your addiction, you may want to strongly consider talking to someone.

Lastly, I just want to remind everyone to stay strong and to remember that any progress is still progress. Don't beat yourself up too much when you relapse. You've only failed at your goal if you refuse to get back on the horse after a fall.

When medical science and doctors are telling the world that the only cure to ed is through either drugs, pumps or therapy while telling you masturbation is healthy and vital - these guys come out like mavericks and tell you it's down to porn use and mb.

This has helped me so much when nothing else would. I'm only 31 days in and I'm able to maintain solid erections at just the thought of something erotic. That's amazing progress from just a month ago feeling dead and limp. Thank you Underdog

Has anyone here been cured from PIED?

You can. I've been pornfree 127 days and on nofap hardmode for 50 days (no masturbation). I finally got a girl and can get hard. My last gf I
couldn't get hard easily then had to end it and later found out I had PIED.

Eat right, exercise, don't touch yourself or watch porn, wait and be patient and fight the urge. Change your mindset. Don't say I can't fap/watch porn, say I don't fap/watch porn.

Good luck!

As I started recognizing my problem, I stumbled upon this subreddit

I've been a fapper ever since I hit puberty, but after years of non-stop fapping I have decided to stop before this disease gets any further.

Although I have had some girlfriends, I was only sexually active with one, and fapping gave me reatarded ejeculation. I could go on for ages, but I never really felt it. Without a condom I could barely feel anything, porn was better than sex. My girlfriend would feel ashamed that she could not make her boyfriend cum. With a lot of effort, I would come but only after a long, very long handjob, not even penetration.

Had sex - could perform

17 days of abstinence. Had sex today, could perform very well. I'm still not 100% cured, it's way too early in my reboot and my sensitivity down there is not entirely back, but I could cum and the sex definitely felt better than when I was still hooked on porn.

Stay focused guys! Stay strong!

I had sex with a girl today after 71 days of abstaining, felt really good and everything and had no problems with ED or ejaculating, so I guess I’m cured = DIf anyone’s interested I didn't do any O or P or m for those 71 days, I’ve been eating really well and I’ve been going to gym a lot.

My story is pretty similar to the ones you've heard already I'm sure, was having sex with a girl and when I went in for the penetration my erection would fail, almost immediately, interestingly though, when we doing foreplay I could maintain it, however, when she stopped stimulating me down there I would lose it. At the time I just put it down to "i just wasn't into it", and I thought it would be different next time or something. Even though i had lost my erection, I managed to keep this girl interested in me for seven months, and she became my girlfriend (probably cause I could still give her orgasms without the use of penetration). Through those seven months the same thing would happen every time, I would always lose my erection =/ and that suckedddd. I didn't understand what the hell was going on, and any time she asked me about it I would come up with a stupid excuse like, I not used to doing it with condoms or I guess I just don't know you well enough. I think it was the sixth month in that I found this stuff, I thought this could be the solution, but was way to embarrassed to tell her about it.

Then, around half way through the sixth month, I had the most uncomfortable night of my life, when she said "why is it not working??", and started saying "I've been with other guys and this doesn't happen with them". And that we might not have sex any more =[

Anyway, after that she found some other guy, and went off with him; I was devastated, but at least I had to go through all the that to get where I am now =]

Like you know, I had sex the two days ago (and did it again yesterday, with the same girl) and had a really enjoyable experience!! So yeah, really happy to sort this out, and never thought that porn could mess me up as much as it did

Sorry if this post was a bit longer than you expected, I've never been able to tell anybody that story, so it's nice to just be able to get it all out there, with guys that may have experienced something similar haha.

Thanks guys on the forum for your support, just knowing there's other people out there that were on a similar journey to me helped me a lot and I checked this forum very regularly. I wish you all success in sorting out this area of your life (y)

oh, and I am 21 btw, good luck ya all!! =]]]

[Day 34] Like every man whose story I have read here, I have grave doubts that I will ever heal or be able to function sexually. I do have to say that recently morning erections have been strong quite often, harder than I can ever remember them, erect in a 45 degree angle up relative to my body, rock solid. So that is good news.

69 Day Progress Report... Brain is Wiring to Real Girls Naturally

I've been noticing something so I figured I'd mention it...   

So I'm on day 69 now, and I'm healing a lot faster than I did my last reboot.     I got 4 months from January to April back this Spring..   

I anticipated it would take at least 4 months to get back to that level again....   I'm just a little over 2 months now, and I can already feel I'm way ahead of where I was at the 2 month mark this Spring. 

So in case any of you have had relapses after a good, long streak..  Don't kill yourself, because if you're anything like me, the healing will be faster than it was the first time. 

I'm Rewiring to Real Girls Naturally

Previously.. Even this last spring...   I couldn't get hard from looking at girls in real life...  But if you showed me anything BDSM related, I would be instantly hard.   The last few weeks, I've noticed I'm actually wiring to girls just by being around them.   

I feel like there's an instinctual part of us, deep down inside our psyche that makes sure we are wired to real girls.  I think it's just a matter of quitting PMO and letting nature take it's course.   

I can now get an erection just from looking at real girls.  This really motivates me, shows the process is working.   Overtime I hope to kill off the BDSM pathways and wire completely to real girls. 

just wanted to share my progress so far..  Feels like it's been forever but 69 is days nothing.   

 Sex - back to normal, pre-ED 

So, Today I had sex and for the first time for a long time it was as in good old times! (2 erections and orgasm in an hour, first one quick and no good for penetration and the second one good for penetration and I could control it, very short break between those two). Yeah!

This significant improvement even compared to sex I had 3 weeks ago (2 erections and orgasm in an hour, first one quick and no good for penetration and the second was good for penetration but I couldn’t keep it hard with the rubber on, without it it stayed nice and hard as long as I wanted). I just used a little wine and Redbull, but I don't think any of those helped me in ways other than placebo.

What have I done differently? Lots of hugging, kissing and caressing my partner’s body, forgetting my penis and focusing on her. I also had only 2 orgasms in last 7 days, and last one 2 days before intercourse.

After sex because all the high I get from it I was expecting withdrawal, so I met with a friend not to be by myself. I was expecting withdrawal because it was very intense, I had 2 orgasms and well, I paid for it. A company of friend helped a little bit, but after I came back to my place an intense feeling of sadness followed, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-coital_tristesse . But even in the middle of this sadness I knew, that the ecstasy I had experienced was greater than the sadness, not mentioning confirmation that I'm sexually healthy again. I took a nap and when I woke up the sadness was gone and I feel normal.

So, even though my penis is OK that’s not the end of journey! I'm still a porn addict and I'm still far from overcoming it. I guess I also try to practice Karezza and I'll try to figure out how to do one orgasm out of two.

Thank you Gary and Marnia for amazing websites full of useful resources!

NoFap Success! Had sex last night

That is all. This happened all in the last 30 days. Had more confidence, more focus. Met an awesome girl, we totally hit it off, there was no tension. Had sex last night and it was awesome. Had some sensitivity issues from years of fap but finished the job.

So...do I reset my badge now or what?

[A couple of months after quitting porn] I have noticed that things are getting better for me overall regarding ED issues. I used to need a Viagra to get going and this past weekend I didn't need to take one. I'm fully aware of the slippery slope of Viagra use so it was a definite positive sign in my books. I can confidently say that being able to relax fully (as a result) while sharing a very intimate moment together is crucial to enjoying it fully and responding properly. That's always been my ultimate problem in the past, not being able to let go. The difference I have noticed being with her as apposed to past girlfriends is that we make love the same way, slowly and with a lot, and I mean a lot of touching.

I met an attractive woman, we clicked, got along and well, we intercourse. The moment was there and it happened. Despite performance problems with three prior efforts, I had no problems whatsoever this time. I was surprised I was able to get to attention so fast and for so long. Didn’t lose my erection or anything like that. The experience was very wonderful, and I had no problems whatsoever at all. For me, giving up masturbation as well as porn was the key to recovery. It is worth the wait guys. It’s worth the resistance and willpower to avoid P&M as much as you can.

[PIED] Just had sex with my GF:)


11 days in - had sex for the first time without viagra in 3 years.

Keep going guys, it does get better.

[Day 39] Most people seem to last a few days extremely horny and then flatline, but this wasn't really the case for me; I never really had either. Instead, my horniness has been very, very slowly increasing. 

By around day 25 I began to get 'morning wood' again (I wake up in the night with a boner sometimes, but never once have I had one in the morning, I guess that's just me but I don't really see it as an issue - it still shows my erectile health is there). However, this stopped completely for about a week, showing that recovery is most definitely not linear, but restarted after that. I've even had a couple of spontaneous erections, albeit weak ones.

My libido has been slowly increasing, and I've been noticing the mental changes other people document: I no longer view women as objects, I enjoy their company more and I'm laughing for the first time in 2 years. However, I do get extreme mood swings now and again but I guess it's all a part of it. My libido's had a couple of dramatic peaks over this course which is a sign of my rebalancing I hope.

To sum up, I've had a return of morning wood since I stopped PMO and fantasy (plus I'm also trying to stay away from the visual stimuli video games offer) and feel better about the world and about myself. There have been improvements, but at some points my libido is still so low I feel there's no way I could rely on it for an erection during sex. I'm gonna wait until 80 days, with regular updates on here, and then see how I feel.

I think what everyone needs to do is be patient I have recovered from this before and lapsed back into the P/M, and it had a bad effect again. More recently though I’ve been off a month and i won't go back, it just isn't worth it anymore. What is the most important thing? 

You have to be patient. Stop testing yourself. Your libido will disappear for a while. How long i really don't know. Every person is different, but you just have to stay committed. IT WILL WORK!! Just promise yourself you'll never go back to Porn again.

Don’t get discouraged if you find the Porn thoughts still there, regardless there still going to be cues for a while, even after you've recovered. Just get through them. One day your mind will reset itself. I know it’s tough, but if you constantly worry, and think, and test yourself constantly you'll be doing more harm than good.

I’m sure you probably want to go out this weekend, or the next and talk to women, but you’re worried you’re not as aroused. You feel you’re missing out on life, like you can't go out. It’s frustrating, yes. Just accept the fact things aren't going to work this week, the next, maybe for several weeks. But don't let that get you down. If you stay committed sure in the short term its gonna be tough, but think long term, think 6 weeks from now, 2 months. When things start to look up. It will all be worth it. Just focus on the long term goal!

Day 79 - cured. first sex EVER 

I want everyone to know that I've NEVER had successful intercourse with a girl. I tried 5 times with 5 different girls. Every single one was both embarrassing and devastating. The last failed attempt was the worst. I had abstained from pmo for 6 weeks, but fell back into it again. I would make it 2 weeks and then binge. This went on for around 2 months. Somewhere in there I tried having sex with a girl, I hoped since Id abstained from pmo for that 6 week period I would be able to maintain an erection. Nope. That freaked me out. I was abusing porn so much less, and it still wasn't working. That's when I decided no more. At that point I cut out everything; fantasy, TV, trash internet.

After 79 days, I finally had sex. It was AWESOME. No problems at all. My date last Sunday ended up going until just a few hours ago lol. The girl is amazing. I was ready for more in the morning, but we had no condoms.

Anybody can do this. I didn't even have any positive experiences in my past to aim for. I was going through this thing blind. The bullshit I dealt with is hard to put into words. Hopeless, sad, confused, jealous of everyone else because they had normal sex drives. HOCD plagued my mind. Seriously, even though a lot of my posts were positive and optimistic, there was always a nagging in the back of my mind that wasn't sure.

But this works. Stop watching porn. Get out there. Keep your head up. I first started experimenting with abstaining last November. So it took me almost a year to get to this point. But I'm here. And I'm a new person now. It's so f'ing worth it. Thanks so much to everyone, especially Marnia and Gary for giving us all a place to vent and express what we can't to anybody in real life.

Also, I slipped and pmo'd twice on day 69. That's 10 days ago. It barely even phased me. So take your 'relapses' lightly. Honestly, I feel like last relapse helped me realize that I was ready to move on to the real thing. No I'm not saying go jack off to porn. I'm just demonstrating that relapses aren't the end of the world.

Good luck to all you guys getting started. You got this shit.

Its been some time now since my last update here... 

Guys you can beat this. If you read my previous posts you will know I was a somewhat severe case of this porn induced ED. I couldn’t see the light and thought I will never have a normal life. I’ve been having this problem pretty much all of my life and I’m 29 now. The thing I regret the most was not finding this thread before, really, this would have save me soo much pain (especially the last couple of years was hell for me).

In my last post I said I was devastated (truth) because I tried to have sex and only got half hard even with serious stimulation (oral, hand). Well, the last couple of weeks, I’ve been having rock hard erections with girls. It’s amazing, these are the best erections of my life. I still can’t say I’m cured for sure, as you always have this in the back of your mind. I will be completely sure in a few months time.

In fact I’m having the complete opposite problem now. I’ve been having some degree of premature ejaculation. When in my porn days, whenever I could get it up (ED drugs most of the time) i could go for hours, and many times I couldn’t even come at all. Now it’s like I’m having sex for the first time. I will start some Kegel exercises, and the start/stop method. Anybody in recovery having the same problem? Still, this problem is a blessing compared with the ED one.

Anyway, as I wanted to hear it from people recovering, YOU CAN BEAT THIS, if you commit to the program, you can. I had one porn/orgasm slip up, and a couple of M/O ones, but that didn’t set me back to square one. You just have to keep going. This is too damn important to give up. It may take more time than others. It may take a couple of disappointments (like what happened to me), not everyone is the same. But YOU WILL GET YOUR ERECTIONS BACK IF YOU GIVE UP PORN FOR GOOD!!

Yesterday was the last day of the 90 day challenge I set up for myself. I thought it would never arrive. However, after having time to look back over the last 90 days, I will have to say that I feel like a different man. I now have a regular gym routine and am in some of the best shape of my life and still working at it. My confidence is higher than it was before. I'm not as afraid to speak up or to other people. 

Am I completely cured, who knows? I'm not even sure if I'm completely cured. My libido still has its up and down days and I'm starting to have morning wood more regularly now. However sexually, I felt like I never felt before. My entire body feels alive sexually. I feel like I have a new playground to explore on my own or with someone else. Porn doesn't interest me anymore in the least bit. I'd never planned to give up masturbation completely, but I've definitely have learned when my body needs release compared to doing it out of boredom. I will admit I did masturbate this morning and it was amazing. Another goal for my going 90 days was to regain the sensitivity in my penis from too tight of a grip masturbating. It’s definitely returned, which I'm very happy about.

Now that I have completed 90 days, I'm sure the healing process will continue. I've learned masturbation is no ways a big deal as some people make it out to be. It has its place and time. I look forward to see where I will be in the next 90 days. I feel that I'm just starting to come into sexual self for the first time at the age of 29 and can't wait to see what the future holds. Thanks for all of this great information. I will keep checking in on it in the future and learning from others experiences.

My Formula to Success 

It took me six months to fully recover and that is because I still occasionally masturbated (4 times in 6 months) and had sex (anytime my penis could work). Anytime I had a little progress I would “waste” it by having sex with my girlfriend. I started in March and with this formula by June, I still wasn’t completely right. I then decided to open up to my girlfriend about my situation. This is where my progress really took off. Being able to communicate with her something that I had never told anyone really set me free. I told her if we ever want to have a normal sexual relationship then she would have to stick it out with me. She agreed. So in June already being 9 weeks out of P&M, the O part was keeping me back. So I formed a new idea, I started having sex with her but I wouldn’t orgasm. That was an awesome compromise as it allowed her to be satisfied sexually while allowing me to heal. By the end of July my erections were starting to correspond to what my mind wanted. This was after 4 weeks of no orgasm. I then started “orgasming” 1x/wk with her, then 2x/wk, then 3x/wk. This took me all the way through August. By the beginning of September I was able to have sex with her everyday whenever I wanted. I can have sex with her now on command. I just have a confidence in my penis and know the erections will come. That is an awesome feeling! I had plenty of setbacks where my penis would be working fine one week then the next it was lifeless. This didn’t discourage me though, only motivated me. Just be confident in the fact that, this is 100% fixable. That kept me going.

Positive Side Effects I Have Noticed:

  • More confidence in general.
  • I can look at a girl who has a low cut shirt or tight jeans on and truly get turned on.
  • It has turned me into a much better person socially.
  • Less social anxiety, depression, helplessness.
  • It has also given me the confidence to know that I can get through any tough situation

Quitting porn is so worth it. This is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I’m telling all of you I thought this feeling would be good, but never knew it’d be this good! I can only imagine how impenetrable my sexual prowess will be a year from now. I’ll post again then too as the future looks very bright for me. When I was reading what I wrote in March it felt as if I was reading something that a different person wrote. This is when I knew my mind had changed and I was rebooted. To all of those people out there I am living proof. You really only need 8 weeks of no PMO. 2 months of no PMO in order to have your manhood back sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. I’m only 23 and was fortunate enough to realize I had a problem. Do not waste your youthful sexual exuberance on a computer screen. I hope this helps everyone out, as I know this blog helped me out 6 months ago. Good Luck! I hope to hear many more success stories.

 The Dark Knight (as I now call my penis) Rises: 90 days complete. AMA

I never really thought I'd make it here. Well, I thought I would, just that it wouldn't take me this long to do it.

I've been with /r/nofap since it's inception as simply a challenge to see if you could go a week without grabbing your junk. I didn't join simply for the challenge though. I'd struggled with ED for a long time; I saw how it affected multiple partners. I'd lived through watching them cry, thinking it was something wrong with them. I knew porn and jerking off was screwing with my brain and body, but I couldn't stop. Then the challenge came along.

I latched onto this place like a suckerfish. Before we had badges, we had a spreadsheet to track people's results. You bet your ass I jumped onto that and ran it. But I never competed. I kept screwing up, spiraling back out of control. "Well, maybe next week I'll start," I'd tell myself. And it was a lie. I'd make it up to 2 weeks every once in a while, but never longer.

So what changed? Well, I saw results the longer I abstained. I had a girlfriend at the start, and by God, if I had gone 2 weeks without PMO, she was the hottest thing around. Just looking at her sent the blood surging down below. But I still wasn't quite right. I'd still fall back into my PMO ways.

Spring exams rolled around, and I guess something finally clicked. I didn't have time to fap; my scholarship was on the line. So I made it through those 3 weeks. Might as well keep going, I told myself. Then the girlfriend and I broke up. Shit.

I could've spiraled back out of control, but for once, I knew it wouldn't change anything. I kept at it. I won't lie, I went through some very dark times, and I seriously considered fapping for that brief instance of happiness. But I didn't.

Fast forward to now. I still have days where I don't feel right, but I'm finally understanding what a functional sex drive is like. I can't even pretend to say that I understand people any better than before, but I do feel like I've gotten to know myself some. And that feels pretty good.

I still have my porn problems. I looked at some the other day, at day 83. That sucked. I had days where I...I dunno, missed it? So that's still a struggle. But damn, it feels good to have one part of my life under control.

I thought I may rub one out today, but what's the point? Thanks for the community, /r/NoFap. If you've got any questions, shoot them my way. I can't promise I'll answer right away, but I'll make sure to answer everyone.

Had sex last night - no ED and no DE :)

(Day 62) Every time I have been with a girl for the first time/one-night-stand I have either experienced not being able to orgasm or not being able to get an erection. Last night (and this morning..haha) none of that was an issue at all. And yes, I had been drinking last night and was sober the morning - so it checks out in both cases. Nofap works! :)

Destroyed my marriage. Possible medical harm.

Discovered this subreddit the other day. Never been a redditor otherwise, actually. So, here's my story:

I was one of those kids who grew up outwardly living "no sex til marriage," and I did just that. However, ever since I was a teenager, I had definitely been addicted to PMO. Marathon sessions at night, figuring out how to game Internet browser history so it didn't look like I was doing anything illicit (parents had caught me a few times and my college monitored for it). You know, just that sort of protracted edging that makes climax ultimately painful just because you've been at it so long--like your wang is saying "uncle."

Anyhow, I had been going out with a girl I met freshman year, who I told early on about the problem but also told that it was behind me. Well, it was... at that moment. Right after starting college, I lasted maybe two, three months. It crept back into my life, and I lied to her about it. She specifically asked me if I was using, and I denied it.

Eventually, I got caught, which led to a little rehabilitation program the school puts on in lieu of any academic punishment. Asshole that I am, I proposed to my girlfriend before I told her about this. She was devastated but eventually forgave me, and the wedding plans were on.

Of course, I started using before the wedding, which led to the obvious issue: ED. We were both virgins, and I couldn't even penetrate until the third day of our honeymoon. It was embarrassing. I was so stressed out by it, I noticed when I peed, it wasn't all coming out at once. I would just let out a little bit and literally 20 seconds later feel like I had to go again. I spent hours of our honeymoon just sitting on the toilet waiting for the next spurt.

We thought maybe I had a UTI since we were new to sex. Went to the ER to have some tests done. Nothing. Doc says it's just stress.

I knew in the back of my head that PMO was the real problem, but I had no idea how profound the ED from that really is. Wasn't until years later that I heard of anyone else who had the same problem, so I figured it was some medical issue--possibly related to fapping too much or too long in my teen years, because the symptoms coincided with that urinary stuff.

So we move into our first apartment. I reboot by necessity, as we don't have the Internet and I likely get kicked out of school if I get caught again. Still, I'm able to have sex at best three times a week. And, as I'm her first, too, she's frustrated as fuck because she figures I should be a horny toad all day every day. It turns into complaints which turns into nagging which turns into resentment, which leads me back to porn. We borrow the neighbor's wi-fi for something we "need" to do; within weeks I'm back to it. Limited, since it's hard to hide from her, living in the same place with the same school schedule, but I manage. The cancer is back.

Then we graduate and move. It obviously gets worse and she eventually finds me out. It's infuriating to her; I use a high-capacity flash drive that contains our wedding pictures to take mp4s from her laptop to my desktop in the basement, which I've disconnected from the Internet so I'll be productive and not tempted (wink, wink). And, of course, all this time, she's asked me if I've been using and I've denied it. So when she finds out, everything goes to shit.

I do everything I can to reconcile. I quit my job and move with her to her hometown so she can be closer to family. We draft up a list of goals together so I can put this behind me. We go through every single character flaw I have and put it on paper along with a solution. And when we move I do abstain, but I'm still not able to perform. She doesn't understand. She gets frustrated again. She wants to separate.

And separate we do. She starts sleeping with other guys to find out what normal sex is like. I start using again. I check out a second urologist (at our previous town, the one I went to just shoved a camera up my urethra and said everything looked fine. Worst pain I've ever been in) and get a few tests of the pee thing. Some things are off, like my bladder not always emptying and my flow peaking multiple times (they have urinals with sensors that measure the velocity of your piss).

Eventually she says she wants a divorce, and I'm hurt and depressed enough to agree. That was over a year ago.

I meet a new girl and start to think to myself maybe the problem was that my ex-wife was such a nag that that was the real psychological block to arousal. This girl is far more experienced and understanding, encouraging when it comes to performance issues. Nope. Still happened. I end up using porn because of other relationship issues with her (a nightmare--didn't last long). When that ends, I move, and being alone again leads to endless binging.

I discovered NoFap yesterday and started the challenge. Didn't register until today. I've had so many "never again" moments and relapses, it's hard to have faith this thing can be conquered. But I've never been able to find a support group like this before. So here's hoping.

Relapse/Future Porn Use

Cliffs of my situation:

ages 16-26 consisted of frequent and unhealthy porn habits. I never really escalated the types of porn - I've always stuck to simple straightforward videos that I like, but I would go through the routine of browsing a TON of this one type. Opening bunches of tabs, repeating multiple times a day etc. Earlier this year started dating a girl and experienced some ED issues. Read all I could on YBOP and realized had to reboot. Went 45 Days with no PMO (well 45 days no PM, 30 days no O). ED issues went away. Went with occasional porn use afterwards - though not often because of healthy sex life with girlfriend. Then in late august had a few days where I binged pretty hard. ED is still gone, but can see some signs of it returning - reached point again where could no longer masturbate without porn and even with porn became difficult to find something 'good enough', so I'm dumping the porn again for a while.


Hi guys, I’m 21 yrs. old from the Philippines. When I was a kid I was introduced to porn when I'm always in the computer shop(rent) playing games, and some boys open up porn websites besides me and that's the start. I will go to other computer shops then go to the PC that is far, so I can open up porn sites in alt tabs, and then I will touch/masturbate my dick in one of my short's pockets haha. Then fast forward to high school I got a laptop and phone and that time we also have a WiFi and that's the start of my addiction.

Fast forward to 2017 when I was in college, I started to realized that I was not getting horny when looking to the body of girls, that's when I know that I have a problem. But i don't know yet about PIED. I met a girl (eventually became my gf) and we have sex but my dick is super soft and can't get hard. And I research it on the net, know that I have PIED. After many months I finally have an erection and have sex. I'm horny when anticipating sex up to foreplay up to having sex and to the point I'll cum.

My PROBLEM now is i can't get hard for 2nd, 3rd, 4th round. My gf always telling me "babe pls another round" And there's nothing wrong with my gf because she has a cute face, flawless white skin, acceptable breast size, and a big round butt. Can anyone give me tips on what will I do to bring back my libido. Coz I just want to bring back the time when I see a boobs or butt that my dick will get hard super fast. And not think sexual thoughts just to have an erection.

17 Days in, from ED > to rock hard sex w orgasm!

(Possible triggers in description)

So, I had read about/seen videos on ED being linked to porn etc. Vaguely tried no fap last year with little effort or result, but I just started seeing a new girl, and was determined to confront my ED.

We've been seeing each other about a month, she is wonderful. We've fooled around a bit, mostly unsuccessful on my end. ED, inability to come, quickly losing erection during PIV intercourse.

I started to get down (I know I'm only over two weeks in!), I've never had a wet dream in my life, other than morning wood, I wasn't walking around with boners. I thought, oh no, nothing is going to work.

So last night, hanging out w my lady friend, tacos and TV turns into kissing, which leads to the bedroom. Which leads to me going down on her, and her trying to go down on me, but I can't get it up. We kiss, lay around in bed for while, talk, kiss some more, after about an hour we start kissing again, I touch her, she touches me, I let go, get hard, we start having PIV sex, I'm fucking rock hard! It's amazing, it feels amazing, and in my head I'm not stressing or anywhere else but with her, enjoying it. I make her come, then I come all over her, like a fucking eruption!

So, I hardly feel like I'm cured, but it was a hard won (no pun intended) victory, and I'm damn proud of us. She is a super freak, and has been infinitely patient with me, and I'm trying to relax, and be patient with myself.

I attribute much of my success with cutting out porn and not fapping to sublimate my natural sex drive.

My experience at 104 days

Background: I'm 22 years old. I started masturbating at the age of 11 or 12 and since then, I would go at it at least 5 times a week(that's the minimum sometimes much more than that). Sometimes it would be aided by porn and sometimes just imagination. I've had sex with 7 different participants and hooked up with ~14. Due to my constant masturbation, I wasn't able to cum from anything but sex and incredible blow jobs outside of my masturbation. Also, I tried this no fap once before but caved in after a week or so because I saw an incredibly attractive lady on the front page.

First thing I've noticed, I have more energy and no longer feel the need to take as many naps as I used to. I have much more time on my hands (hah) which I occupy with extracurricular activities because of the lack of naps and jerkin'. I've been going to the gym much more. I've become more cleanly and concerned with looking good to the outside world. I feel more confident with my ability to do things. The biggest draw was that I found an incredible lady who is interested in me and enjoys my nerdy qualities. Now, here is a disclaimer towards this whole no fap thing. I've always been able to get it up in the situation, but due to my lack of sensitivity from 10-11 years of fapping, I was unable to attain an orgasm from her (we haven't had sex yet, but we've done everything but.). So, I would get off on her chest, but I found this to be a little different than typical masturbation because, ya know, it's with a chick and if she's telling you to cum on her chest, you fucking do it. That was the beginning and middle of my journey. Then, at like 80-some days, I was able to achieve orgasm from her efforts only. It was glorious and the biggest load of my life. Since then, no problem, I get off from her efforts only. For some reason, I have been much more in touch with my emotions than I had before and I have been feeling things for the first time in such a long time.

Can we get a thread going that shows consequences of PMO vs benefits of no PMO?

Here are just a few ( hope to get alot of input from you guys):

KEY: Then vs Now

-I wasnt intersted in women at all and I never became horny in their presences VS now I feel horny all the time around them, I fantasize about real women and I want to be sexual with

-Consistent MO made me feel drained of energy and motivation and hurt my penis like hell VS now my penis feels like its should, not drained and constantly hurting due to death grips

-Because I wasnt interested in women (just pornography), my body didnt send the right cues in order to attract them. I didnt try to impress them through body language, vocal tone, confidence VS now since I AM more interested in women, I find that my body instinctively wants to impress women through alpha male body language (standing with feet apart, chest out), my vocal tone is deeper, my gazes are deeper more intense and penetrative

-Before I viewed women as just sex objects and didnt particularly want to connect with them (I didnt see the benefit of this). My brain was constantly clouded with porn images and my penis was always drained. I wanted sex at anytime just for the sake of it even though I knew it wouldnt be fulfilling. I just wanted to fuck the brains out of any girl again just for the sake of it. VS Ha well while that still holds true, I value connecting with women now and getting to know them as unique human beings which makes sex that much more better and intimate.

Please guys, just a thread to show those who are flatlining and those who lose sight why they should never turn back. Keep it going!

GUY 2)

For me it's simple. Constant PMO meant for years that I couldn't get or stay hard during sex. And even on a rare occasion when I did succeed in getting hard, I wouldn't enjoy the sex because I'd be nervous as hell that I would lose it and I would have to run images of porn through my brain just to stay aroused. It was distant, empty sex and I felt like shit because of it.

Earlier this year I stopped porn for a while, and for the first time in my life I had good sex and I had it consistently. For the first time I actually enjoyed sex and felt confident about it. I felt intimate with my partner rather than numbed out and distant. All my anxiety around sex just kind of washed away.

For me, being able to have great sex and not rely on two dimensional women to get off in a cheap, empty way is more than enough to justify the challenge of leaving porn addiction behind. 

Former Cynic. No fap october COMPLETE. ED? Defeated. You couldn't pay me to masturbate.

Before no fap I'd had a string of relationships that all failed due to the fact i couldnt get it up. Im only 20 and didn't have the balls to go to the doctors. I didn't realise i'd had a masturbation problem, but I decided I'd give it a go, with literally no expectations. Well for the 4th night of 7 I slept with a beautiful girl.

Reason for this post? Yes I had flatlines, but you WILL get through it. I havent had any other of the effects, but honestly I couldn't care less. I'm so happy with the results that allow me to FINALLY have a sex life. I now fantasize about going around to hers, rather than dreading it like i used to.

I reccomend anyone to give it a go. I know some people try and fail (I was lucky and never so far have even considered relapsing) but I really think the payout is worth it, especially if ED is a problem for you

Second, and LAST, time doing this - GOOD NEWS
about 2 years ago i finally made the connection between PMO and failed attempts to have sex. i went cold turkey for 17 weeks. then i had sex which was fantastic. i got into a relationship with the girl and we were together for about a year. during the relationship she got me back into watching stupid porn a couple of times with her. i don't know why i agreed - after all that misery it had brought me. anyway, it wasn't a big deal. she and i had a great sex life throughout the entire relationship. then the relationship ended and, being so sexually charged up, i continued MO-ing, and then PMO-ing again. i PMO-ed for 3 months, until 2 weeks ago.what happened 2 weeks ago is that i met a great girl with whom we have awesome chemistry. things went to the bed stage very quickly. and i failed. this was 2 weeks ago. then i quit PMO-ing again. a couple of days ago, said girl and i were in bed once again, where i failed once again. extremely embarrassing... nevertheless, she was nice enough to give me an orgasm through masturbation. even so, my penis was not as hard as it should have been.                                   so as of today my count is No P: 16 days, No M: 2 days; No O: 2 days. the M and O were done with her. i now think that this was a mistake, too, but anyway. i am continuing on with the program.i feel like a complete idiot having once conquered this nonsense by making it to 17 weeks and not having learned the lesson. i was so proud of myself back then and felt so strong. until a couple of months ago i was able to have sex on demand with my ex. whenever - at times, several times a day. i am very sexual and really enjoyed this. and now it really pains me that knowing how sexual i am and knowing how much i like girls in my bed, i am again failing to get my mojo back after the 3-month PMO binge. i am pissed at myself, to put it mildly.           

i am really hopeful the girl would be patient enough with me and that things will end up well. from personal experience i know that this is totally doable as i have done it before. still, the lack of libido is stressing me out - as if i am experiencing it for a first time. this stuff is very upsetting, especially when there is a person we want to please and satisfy, especially when knowing that under normal circumstances, with a normal brain, we are completely capable of this.

i will post here periodically to mark my progress. i wish everyone else fighting the ugly shadows of PMO success. this is doable and it is completely worth it.

28 days going strong (results!)

Hey fellas, this is my first attempt at nofap. Have been a heavy porn user since middle school. I'm 26 now and finally had enough as I could feel the negative effects (social anxiety, ED with women, less energy/motivation). I quit 28 days ago and have never looked back.

I quit porn/Fap cold turkey and have not looked back since. I get urges sometimes but I jump on this site to read your stories and I must say the badge is pretty motivating.

Results: I have hooked up with 3 different girls since I quit, without any signs of ED. I feel more confident and comfortable around women, friends, and work people. I have been going to the gym 4-5x a week and eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep.

I feel more like a real man. I feel strong, confident and my libido has been raging. In previous years all that sexual energy was spent on browsing porn on the internet but now it's being used for what it was created for - enjoying beautiful women in bed.

I would recommend this to anybody. I can now see how destructive Porn/Fapping is to the male psyche. All those wasted years sitting in front of a computer screen are disappointing but I am more than excited to enter a new stage of life.

Good luck bros!


I'm just making this post to tell everyone here that no fap has officially cured my porn induced ED. Last night I had PIV sex with a girl, and I had the first orgasm in my entire life where I didn't have to finish using my own hand. Also: it was awesome. I'm planning on writing a post on my whole experience (the good, the bad, the ugly) when I hit day 90. (LINK)

Anyway, the point is, if you're here for porn-induced ED reasons, I'm telling you to try this out, because it worked for me.

Continuing success

Things are continuing to go well. I've progressed more in my relationship with what is now my ..... GIRLFRIEND. Yep, it's official. I really love her.

Sex is good! I can feel my body becoming more responsive to natural stimuli. Erections are faster to come about, last longer, are stronger, and sex is becoming more pleasurable. Actually, sex with someone you love and loves you is amazing. I never thought I'd say this, but sex is amazing! Also, I never thought I'd be "the loud one" HAHA!  nothing but good news there. We've had sex on three occasions now and both the second and third time I was able to orgasm WITH a condom on. I'm hesitant to say I'm "cured" but I am absolutely better than I have ever been.

Good erections while M?...been P free for 2 weeks

I have been P free for 2 weeks (M free for a week) but I started M again a few days ago to sensation only. I haven't been horny but when I pull out my penis and start jacking it, it does get rock hard or near rock hard. I don't fantasize about girls much (and it does not help get me horny if I do). It feels kinda good and I can ejaculate in 5 minutes. The orgasm isn't as explosive as with PMO, and no chaser effects. I had NOT been able to finish satisfactorily this way for years since I was hooked on P.

I think some rebooting/rewiring has definitely been going on. For the past few months I've cut down on P a lot even though I relapsed from time to time. I started making out and fooling around with some girls too (no sex). I got some decent erections cuddling them (though they didn't last super long) but less so in the last 2 weeks when I'm not horny.

Anyone else have similar experiences? Not horny but once you start M'ing without P it works? Is rebooting this way going to work? I got really agitated with complete abstinence but so far I haven't thought about P at all as long as I get some cuddling and maybe some M.

 100 day goal achieved!!

So today I hit 100 days and this is my NoFap proclamation. Never in my life did I think this would be possible to let go of my dick for this long but I knew it was necessary to cure the ED smh.

I just wanted to go back to normal and be able to sex girls without pills. Now 100 days later here I am cured, horny as ever, and feel like I got my "killer instinct" back. But be careful guys because once I hit 90 days and I was feeling like a COMPLETE HORNDOG, still do.

Like all of my manhood is looking for an escape or release. And to make it worse i haven't gotten laid in like 3 weeks. When there's no sex to help with the process it gets tough. I'm continuing my journey as far as i can. I never want to go back and become a slave to this habit. It ruined me once. Stay strong guys, 1 day at a time.

So I relapsed recently after an 11 day streak, The next day, I got laid, woohoo!

The reason I'm posting this is that in the last few years, on many occasions where Ive had sex, or tried to, I've suffered ED or PE or both. I thought this was just due to first time nerves with a new girl, but this time, after only MO'ing 3 times in a month, I was rock hard from the start and had no performance issue what so ever!

Also, I am now reminded just how awesome sex is, and how masturbation, even with porn, just cannot compare to "the real thing". I still struggle with the porn addiction somewhat, and will most likely relapse again, but after this experience, I am committed to fighting the battle for as long as I have to.

Currently on Day 2, no prospects to get laid any time soon, so Ill try to beat the current record of 16 days. PMO is an addiction, it is not normal behavior and is not healthy for me. Fighting it, as most of you know, sometimes feels impossibly difficult, but fight on!! tl;dr - I strongly believe that NoFap has cured my sexual performance problems, and that this really is worth it!!

LINK - My results after 90 days

I started Nofap because I was about to begin dating someone and had suffered with ED and other problems in my previous relationships. I tried to reset in the past with no luck, but this time I had a more tangible reason to stick with it. I didn't want to NoFap to improve my self esteem or confidence, I wanted to NoFap to directly improve my relationship with a specific girl, and that seemed to be the push I needed to make it the full 90 days.

Things started off well, but my personal experience with flat lining led to an awkward moment where I was unable to perform. I don't know if this was caused specifically from the decreased libido, or my nervousness about the decreased libido, but either way it happened and was probably the low point of the entire 90 days. The opportunity to redeem myself didn't come for another 3 weeks, and by that time the results of Nofap were becoming very obvious. I was able to maintain an erection with zero effort, but was still having issues finishing, fortunately that cleared up in the next few weeks. So after about 45 days I had basically completely reset and was having a very hard time continuing to abstain from PMO.

Really the problem was that the relationship was somewhat long distance, and I was only able to see my girlfriend about 3 weekends out of every month. Having weeks of no contact increased the urges to relapse. The only thing that prevented me from this is how amazing the results had been, and for the first time in my life being able to have a normal sex life. Around the halfway point I did discuss what I was doing with my girlfriend, and she was confused about it at first, but wasn't in any way offended or weird about it. I actually think it helped me knowing she knew what was going on, and why I the first time had been so awkward.

So now at day 90 I can say with 100% certainty that NoFap has worked amazingly for me. I still get the urges to fap, but its not because I think of porn, its because I think of my girlfriend. One of the unforeseen results of NoFap has been something I call the cascade effect. Since sitting around bored on my computer usually leads to fapping, I try to leave the house or exercise, anything to get me away from my computer. I started looking up information on better ways to exercise, eat, dress, really anything that would occupy my time and boost my confidence, which was all triggered by fully committing to NoFap. All this led to me losing 17 pounds over the course of 3 month reset, which was a completely unexpected result. Anyways, that was my journey, and I wouldn't have been able to do it with out this community. Thanks everyone.

TL:DR Tons of positive results after 90 days

LINK -PIV worked! - So happy, I still can't believe it! Had Penis in Vagina sex with my gf this morning and I came! 2 months after going soft half way through this is an absolute dream! I never thought this would happen so keep the faith nofappers! YNWA

LINK - peter7105

Hi all. I am 172 days without porn and masturbation today. Porn wrecks everything and it feels very good to start being my old self again, just a whole lot better and wiser. Rewiring the brain is where it starts really. I still have a long way to to, but almost 6 months down!

sayno2porn Jun 16, 2012

It's been six weeks now without PMO.

Erections are super hard like never before.Now i can feel like i can control my addiction. No matter what but i'll never get back to PM.

I used to masturbate every morning so now its really hard to resist sexual fantasies in the morning. but i really don't want to do M because i want real sex.This is my goal. Everyday i tell myself I'm gonna ask some girls out today but i never did it. Whenever i was about to approach a girl my confidence fell down. I can't speak my mind, my mind starts thinking like what if she reject me, maybe I'm not smart enough, ohh this is not a right time becoz everybody is watching...bcoz rejection gonna hurt more than anything.

I'm in a weird situation where it hurts not having a girlfriend (becoz of this i got porn & masturbating addiction) but rejections hurts more than this and i don't have guts to deal with it. I WANT TO CHANGE I REALLY WANT TO CHANGE IM FED UP WITH MYSELF.

Progress in curing my PIED (thank you NoFap!)

Hey guys, brief background, I'm a 25-year-old male. I've been exposed to porn and PMO since I was 12 years old. Six years ago was the first time that I noticed I was having a hard time maintaining an erection while with my gf. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I couldn’t even get it up no matter what we did. I got scared and have seen a couple doctors about it. But, they only prescribed pills and told me it was all in my head. So I had to resolve for the pills which only worked briefly before I couldn't have an erection during intercourse even while on the pills. long story short, that relationship didn't last and during last year I used to PMO at least 3 times a day locking myself in my apartment trying to escape from reality and any social interactions. And that's where everything went wrong - not that it was fine before :)- I got to the point where I couldn't even get hard while watching porn and by myself. EXACTLY 18 days ago I stumbled upon YBOP and NoFap and swore to change my life for the better. I started my NoFap journey on hard mode and deleted all my porn folders and installed a web blocker. 18 days in and I had my first morning wood today since more than 6 years ago. And even though it wasn't a 100% erection - I would say 70-80%- and only lasted for a couple minutes, I still think I'm on the right track and closer to cure my PIED more than I have ever been.

Now I’m more than determined to follow this new and awesome life style. Feel free to ask me anything <3

Thank you NoFap and stay strong.

Sorry for formatting and my bad English.

(Note: This guy's flat-line period hit around day 35. He continued to orgasm through sex, so his pattern of recovery will be unique, and perhaps longer than than the norm.)

I've had ED on and off for as long as I remember. It started when I was 17, and has not changed at all. I'm 25 now. I started fapping to porn when I was probably around 13 or so, and I've never really gone more than a few days without it. I've never really had many problems attracting/interacting with women, and I've always been a pretty confident, social guy.

I never though I really had much of an "addiction" per say (would fap to porn probably once every few days), but after reading YBOP and reading /r/nofap, it's clear to me the causes of my ongoing, embarrassing, and often soul-crushing ED were cause of porn.

I've tried Viagra, I've tried abstaining for only a week or so, and nothing has really worked. So like many others here I decided to take the challenge and I've made it to day 60.

This is the longest I've ever gone in my entire life. Luckily I have a GF who is supportive of me, though I can tell it bothers her any time ED strikes. I'm sure it's taking its toll on her (though she's continued to stick with me throughout, for which I'm thankful). For the first few weeks it was amazing-- I've never felt my member work that well before. It was a great sign! No problems getting and staying hard throughout, switching positions, being extremely drunk, no problem at all! I'd never experienced this before.

Then, around day 36-40 or so, my flatline hit. Hard. It was a complete 180, and hasn't completely gone away. Now here and there I can get semi hard (barely enough for PIV sex) and often come very quickly. This has been incredibly discouraging and difficult, but I plan on staying strong. That first few weeks has shown me that it can be resolved.

It's tough to maintain a positive attitude, but I know for sure that I'm going to make it to 90 days. I've had moments where fapping sounded great and I wanted that almost more than the real thing, so I know I'm not completely cured. To those that are only a few days/weeks in: It gets easier. You can totally do this. If I can do it, anyone can.

TL;DR: ED all my life, started nofap, omg it works!, bam flatline, staying strong

About a year ago I was dating a girl and well... It all went to hell because the ED monster decided to peak his head into my life. It was about 6 months after we were dating that she decided to call it off because well... a woman's got needs right? I don't bear any ill will towards her because of it but at the time I was devastated. An emotional wreck. I thought this girl was the one, the ED wasn't the only issue. There was a plethora of other problems on both sides. We couldn't communicate well which made the bedroom problems even worse.

Sometimes we'd have sex and everything was fine. Other times nope... So I stumbled upon yourbrainonporn around January... I read articles of other people's issues that were very similar to mine and decided that it was time to stop fapping. The no fapping lasted a couple of months and I thought I was fine. Started having sex again regularly everything was working fine! I felt like a champ! Not only had I gained control (or at least that's what I thought) of the urge to masturbate but my personality had improved.

I had taken great strides in other aspects of my life... Started going out more, appreciating the little things. But this newly found confidence had a dark side. I became somewhat of a fiend as far as sex went. I started having sex with many women.

In the last 6 months I've had more sex with more women than I have in my entire life. I went from 4 partners total to about 23. Of course it's good to feel attractive and stuff. Most of these experiences were casual with no intention of pursuing anything further. But... I must have gotten ballsy and I don't quite remember why I did it...

But for a couple of weeks I started watching porn and jerking it again. And you know what happened? The ED came back. It doesn't have me as down as it did back then but it's kind of a reminder of how serious it is. And now I firmly (no pun intended) believe that pornography coupled with masturbation is the source of this problem. I haven't had anything serious since my last girlfriend... and well. I really miss it. I really miss having something real not just a casual lay. But someone you can talk to, and hang out with.

New Year's, ED, DE, and Nofap

As mentioned earlier, I fell of the nofap wagon last week. But my main reason for being here is porn-induced ED. I remain porn free, and the ED appears to be clearing up.

I had my girlfriend over for New Years. We successfully had normal, sex last night and this morning. New Year's resolution - fap less, bang more. Stay porn free.

Re: Taking back my d̶i̶c̶k̶ - as it turns out, my entire life.

So finally saw a hooker today. Had very mild ED! It was only 10-20% hard during foreplay but about 10 seconds of stimulation and it was up to about 80%.

I didn't feel as much as I thought I should have from PIV (I blame the condom) but it was still great. I could only O from girl on top though so I'm not 100% there. Took about 10mins.

But this is the biggest milestone so far!

One thing that's grinding at me is that I had a fucking ridiculous anxiety response when I was arranging it. Light headed/dizziness, pins and needles, absolutely thumping heartrate; almost fainted! It took 600mg phenibut to get me out of the door - need to sort that out.. since it's completely irrational (I wasn't worried about my performance, in my head or anything like that) exposure should take care of it. I think the guilt, hard genre escalation, hiding etc wires our sexual response to fight-or-flight and but since there's no conscious anxiety in MO it only shows up with women... caused physiologically rather than psychologically.

Just makes me want a girlfriend more which is only a good thing.

First Mile Stone

Hey just wanted to check in and tell everyone I just made thirty days no PMO, no MO and it was no problem at all. I was plagued by terrible ED most of my twenties to the point where I would avoid sex. What a wasted decade. Ive noticed since I quit I fantasize a lot more and start getting hard. I shut it down because u guys say fantasy is bad but the nice thing is I'm fantasizing about real, normal sex with girls I know. There was a time when my brain was so polluted by porn I COULDN'T fantasize. Literally, I would try to MO without porn and my brain forgot how to do it. Anyway, morning wood is hit and miss and absolutely no wet dreams (damn). Here's to another thirty days. Thanks to everyone for being so open and honest. It gives me strength and hope! -G

On the morning of my forty-fourth day, something was there to greet me...

The alarm rang at six. Got up, walked over to my phone and stopped the alarm. Walked back to bed, sat down and swept myself in my blanket as I tried to wake up.

I looked down and I see my boxers pitching a tent. Writing this makes my eyes misty from the sense of accomplishment this victory gives me. I literally had to walk around my apartment for a few minutes before it eventually settled down, but I didn't mind one bit, in fact, I was overjoyed. I can't even recall the last time I had such a major morning wood -- probably in my teens and I'm mid twenties right now. This was twelve hours ago and the whole day's been just great overall.

I've been flatlining for a good while, having ups and downs with some very heavy low days filled with hopelessness, self-pity and feelings of isolation. This morning marked a new phase of my recovery and whereas I'm not expecting this to be a sign of having cleared the flatline, of course it would be fucking awesome, I feel some of my motivation having been renewed today. Don't worry, I'm not giving in, no matter how shitty it gets, just thought I'd share some encouragement for you brave dudes and dudettes struggling out there.

I'm so proud of sticking to what I set out to do, and now I see physical signs of it paying off. Through suffering, my resolve strenghtens. Through strengthened resolve, my suffering lessens. Stay strong!

Amazing Results.

In 52 days I have gone through a complete porn black out, I've actively become healthier and more muscular and as of last night, I am no longer a virgin.
I had sex with a very sexy woman with no crushing PIED!

If you're wonder whether to start the porn free journey, this is the sign you're looking for.
In all honesty, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Here's to a successful reboot :)

PIVO after 63 days nofap

63 days ago I coudn't get erection even if wife used hands the best she could. I also had problems getting orgasm to my favorite www bootys.

Then I found Gary Wilsons websites yourbrainonporn.com and it felt like "coming home".

Started my nofap/nosex/noporn/noedge journey immediately.

Tonight I wanted to test what 63 days of nofap/nosex/noporn/noedge is good for and got myself PIVO for the first time in two years. Not a long lasting PIV, only a few seconds before orgasm, but still Very much better then ZERO and I think the 63 days has done what I hoped for.

Now I will try to find the optimal sexual "wavelength" for me and my wife. We are a middle aged couple with grown up children. They don't live at home with us anymore.

Had sex with wife. No ED. Huge success.

I'm 11 days in today, and last night my wife and I had sex. It's not the first time we've had sex, but it's the first time I've not had a problem maintaining an erection and its the first time I've had an orgasm inside a woman. We were both thrilled! I am sure this wouldn't have happened if I was fapping. Thanks guys!

52 days since last MO, going for 90. Had first wet dream ever last night!! :)

Ok so I started my no PMO adventure 122 days ago. Over that span I have MO'ed twice. Day 34, and day 70. I am now targeting 90 days no MO.

I have a girlfriend, and we are coming up to 6 months. I was able to successfully have sex after 30 days, but found myself falling in to a major slump afterwards. To be honest, I still suffer from the brain fog after sex, but not to the same extent. The honeymoon period in my relationship is over, and as a 21 year old in his first relationship, the grass is greener syndrome is very real to me. The post coital "down" feeling means these thoughts manifest themselves far more readily. But I've started to come to terms with it all. It's very normal to think what if, especially in your first relationship, and I have now begun to stop feeling so guilty about this, and stop looking for flaws in my special other to justify these feelings. As a result, I am far happier. I don't want to be with anyone else, its just the temptation of being young with single friends. I would never ever cheat on my girl. Sex is fairly regular, but I'm making an effort to understand my mind, and the effects that overstimulation can have on it. Too much sex often leads to a loss of a novelty for me at this point.

So to my success (TRIGGERS), three days ago, had sex at night, then again in the morning. This is a real achievement, as I suffered from bad PIED before my reboot. I couldn't have sex. I put it down to performance anxiety, like alot of you, but the fact of the matter is if you stick with the reboot and abstain from sex and masturbation for a period of time, you will regain performance. The day after sex I felt alright, but usually about two days after sex is when I feel most down atm, and I project that upon my girlfriend (telling myself shes not right for me. As my mind clears of years of porn fog, I find it far easier to reason my way out of such thinking). But last night I was lying asleep and suddenly I felt partially awake, but I now realise I was dreaming and (definite TRIGGERS) I felt like I was having sex with my girlfriend and doing other stuff that we haven't tried yet. Suddenly, I realised I had ejaculated. I woke up, and realised my girlfriend was asleep beside me, and that I had just ejaculated without manual stimulation. This is a huuuuuuge moment for me. I never experienced a wet dream during puberty, as I was masturbating practically daily to porn from about the age of 12 or 13. With tube porn, I found myself caught up in the novelty, and would sometimes masturbate twice a day.

It is very easy to think that once you get past 90 days of not looking at porn you will not get any better than that. I thought that maybe I just wasn't the kind of guy to have wet dreams. Last night not only proved me wrong, but showed me that I still have far to go in my recovery. And that is exciting. 38 more days until 90 day no MO, 68 days until 180 days no PMO!!!

Keep going guys!!!! These are exciting times.

tl;dr: Started having sex again after approx 30 days no PMO. Still don't feel great in the days following sex, but thought I'd plateaued. Last night had first wet dream ever :)

Accidental Reboot That Worked

A little background: similar to most on this site I have watched porn from a fairly young age, masturbating far more than having sexual relations with real girls, and have had problems with ED and/or performance anxiety.  For a long time I just thought that I was a very nervous person and that was the reason for my hit or miss ED during sex.  Some drugs seemed to help me reassure myself that it was my anxiety causing this problem.  At one point I tried giving up porn and masturbation thinking that that could possibly be a contributing factor - and made it to the flatline stage and said HELL NO, this is making me WORSE!!

Fast forward several years.  After a very very crazy relationship I was both severely depressed and addicted to pretty high levels of opiates.  I doubt I would have had any interest in P, M, or O with just the depression or just the opiates - but both?  Not a chance.  So I (not deliberately) gave up PMO for several months - hard to say exactly how long really.  Once my depression got even worse, I reached out for help from family; I moved in temporarily, gave up all drugs (cold turkey), started trying to work out, etc. 

As soon as my body started feeling normal after the withdrawals, the strangest thing happened: I had wet dreams, and often.  Several times I woke up in the middle of the night with an erection so strong that I had to MO just to go back to sleep - that hadn't happened to me for as long as I can remember - hell, maybe never.  After I realized my sex drive was back, I looked at a little rated R type porn, just jpegs.  Another first happened for me: a very abrupt and hard erection just by looking at one picture, with no touching.

Unfortunately, after this, I went on a porn bender for 4 months until the ED came back.  Around the same time I also happened to meet who is now my girlfriend and I have had many problems in the bedroom dept thus far.  So after finding this site and knowing what to do, I will stick to the no PMO routine and try and tough it out - since I am convinced from my experience that it works.

So to anyone questioning how damaging P is, or anyone that is in a similar situation to the one I was in - it will get better!


I want to start with I was never addicted to porn. I really only started using it regularly after a prostrate infection caused my ED about 6 years ago. In the beginning porn helped my almost erection turn into an adequate erection. After some time, not sure when, it didn't help any more and my erections became weaker. Since the start of seeing my Urologist I was prescribed Viagra then I was on Cialis daily.

Last night after 10 days without daily Cialis I had successful sex with my GF. This was after obstaining for three days. My erection was maybe a 7 tops 8 in comparison to a 10 using ED drugs. For the record I have been  rewiring with my GF since September and having regular sex.

I have learned no matter what caused your ED, porn will make it worse.

Almost cured!

So first I would like to give some background. My ED was/has not been as bad as some here but it definitely exists. I watched high speed porn since I was probably 13..often times multiple times in one day. I had sex since I was 16 so I did have some experience with women, however I noticed this year (and slightly last year [I am 23 now]) that I couldn't get it up. I'm in a long distance relationship currently (as in other side of the world long distance) and I first noticed this last christmas holiday..where I failed to get it up multiple times (first time this happened) and I was freaked out about what was going on. It really hit me this summer when again, I failed multiple times for 2 weeks until the very last day where I could barely get it up just to have sex. Anyway I re-remembered certain things I read about porn/masturbation and stumbled upon yourbrainonporn eventually to figure out why I was such a failure...so I started the no porn/fap and lasted for 2 weeks then relapsed...and then started again and I am at my current streak in my signature. Now for the "cure"...

At day 30 (technically more with one relapse as stated above) I was with my girlfriend...and I had success! Every single time we tried it I was perfectly erect with no problems. So you would assume I have been cured...however after that week I was with her...I was with her again about a week ago and while the ED is still gone and I can get it up now I have another problem....orgasming super quickly (as in sometimes just seconds). Its as if by not masturbating I am so excited now that I can't do anything about it and barely last for a minute..sometimes even less. Anyway she is away now and since then I have MO'd twice (first time with thoughts of last time we had sex) and most importantly the 2nd time (today) I didn't even think about anything and I am so excited I just O in like 20 seconds with just my hand alone with no thoughts.

Has anybody else gone through this? What exactly is going on? In the end it's almost the same, the ED is gone but now I can't last long at all and the end result is the same...my gf (or assuming we break up other girls) will continue to have to deal with my sex performance being terrible. Only for that one week at day 30 was I "normal".

Anyway that's my update.

Incredible Sex for my 100th Day !!!

After no PM for 100 days, and no Orgasm (sex with my ex GF) for 76 days, i had successful sex last night.

No need of blowjob, no need of manual stimulation, an hard rock erection (near 100%, she said she felt me very hard in her and much better than the latest in September), and a beautiful orgasm for her.  :D
Even during licking her pussy for 4 or 5 minutes, my sex was hard...

My ex GF (whose i broke with in October) invited me to come to her house. I havn't planed sex. But after kissing her, we were more intimate, and i felt my sex very very hard. She asked me to penetrate her. I was confident, so i did.

But i didn't go until orgasm for me. Because i would not hurt my reboot. I penetrated her for 10 or 15 minutes, but i held ejaculation to not orgasm. I would protect my brain from rush of dopamine.

Marriage report - Overall Success!! Great news.

Update: Had sex on wedding night. All went very well!

I decided to only take 3/4 of a 10mg cialis. I was hard for the entire time. I had DE but who cares. Honestly as long as I can stay hard and eventually finish, she will like it.

Since then we have been taking it a little easier, but I feel like an completely new person.

I have had absolutely no PMO for the past 35 days. None at all. In fact, I'm hardly on a computer as we have taken steps to make sure I have no access.

My libido is returning and I think the past few days have shot me out of  a flatline. The combo of actually having sex (finally!) and teasing each other a bunch has me very horny like im a teenager.

I'm probably going to take 5mg of cialis for the next month and ease myself off in the next month or so.

Thanks for all the support from this forum and people who commented. Good luck to all.

FWIW, here is what I do.
1. NO PMO at all. (M only with my wife)
2. No internet use on my own computer because its a trigger I can't fight.
3. Light excercise.
4. Gingseng and ginko biloa. (I stopped taking these for other reasons temporarily but they have been great overall energy boosters)
5. Teasing and flirting with my wife.
6. Small dosages of cialis.

I wont be posting on here much due to self imposed internet restrictions. One other thing, the biggest thing was the confidence I had after the first night, my penis is swaying with confidence. It wasn't wild sex, but I was hard and shes not a virgin and its all downhill from here.

;D Exactly TWO weeks to the day of starting project reboot I woke up from a dream about a old girlfriend went to the bathroom and crawled back in bed. Laying on my left side I was thinking about Pam and a sexual in counter we had a year or so ago. What happened next was very unexpected. I got a full number 10 hard on with no stimulation what so ever!!! I am 57 years old and have not been able to do this for more than 25 years. I even had trouble staying hard with Viagra and stimulation. I hope this is a sign of things to come.


So PIED is no longer a problem but now I'm lucky if I last 5 minutes in bed

So I'm at the point where I very rarely pmo anymore. It's awesome and has helped many things and more sensitivity down there is great. I have sex probably around twice a week but the more into nofap I get, the harder it is to not cum quickly. I'll take this over going for over an hour and not being able to cum but I want to be able to last longer than I do. My girl almost always has multiple orgasms but it's at the point where I'm trying to hold off so much that once she starts having one and I feel it squeeze/pulsate and wind up coming myself, so she's lucky to have 1 before I'm pulling out. This kinda sucks when I'm used to really pleasing her. So anyway, how can I last longer and not be ready to blow when I have sex, I haven't had this issue since high school and even then it went away after having sex a few times.

ED seemingly cured

I've actually been seeing a girl for the past 3 weeks and she's been very patient with me the past 9 days. Tonight tried sex again...and the the 9 days of build up really paid off. I had a little trouble finishing at first, but afterward, an hour later we ended up having sex again...and then again around at 230am. I seem to be back to my old horny ass self. Nofap is a godsend, I'm never masturbating again.

Stay strong, gentlemen.

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Okay so here is the readers digest version.

About three weeks ago, I was having sex with my wife and when I entered her everything seem fine. Then all of a sudden I went limp. I have been struggling with porn and masturbation for 18 years. When I would have sex, the images would get me thru the act. However, I could rarely release with her. I would always go the bathroom afterwards and jack off at the sink thinking about Kobe Tai or some porn star.

That day I had sex, and could not keep an erection, it scared me literarily and I started praying. I'm thinking, hey, im in my 30s and this is happening. The second time it happened, I almost called the hospital in fear. So I immediately was convicted about porn and masturbating, and I was always asking God for deliverance from it. I immediately stopped masturbating and quit visiting porn. I live in Orange County, Ca. So going to beach, I always see girls and their ass on the beach. I get turned on, but I try not let that create sexual images in my head. I mean I love the female, just like God intends.

It's been three weeks now, and since then I have joined a gym, started eating really healthy. This has now allowed me to be more confident in being naked in front of my wife, which should be normal anyway. The devil robbed me in these areas.

This past Sunday we had sex, it was the first time in two weeks since my last failure. My mind was going bananas over my wife's body. I wanted to taste every part of her, and I did. I got a really hard erection and  I entered her and focused on her in that moment,  no porn images in my head. Just looking down on her enjoying my hard penis being inside of her was a turn on for me. I grabbed her softly all over (kissing, nibbling, and lucking her beautiful tanned body) even giving her cunnilingus till the point she was moaning intensely and orgasmed by my oral stimulation. Once she orgasmed I turned her over and entered from behind thrusting into her and i released a very large load.

I have my erections back, and not masturbating makes my erections really hard. The best part is that I want my wife and her body now.

There is an emotional connection during intercourse this time. My eyes are not closed thinking of a porn scene, but I focus on her in that moment and giving pleasure to my wife.

I believe she notices a change, because she was less inhibited during sex, and will let me do almost anything to her. Almost anything. So now that I have that is in reset, I understand that sex is for me and my wife's pleasure.

It's great being free in my mind now.  So don't give up guys.

Nearly 2 months into NoFap and No PMO..Had sex with my partner yesterday..amazing..had 80% erection..PIED almost gone. And didnt lose erection while putting on condom..NOFAP is a life saver!

Recovering exponentially from pied..not 100% there but getting there..I'm 34..been fapping since 12 and was having pied..i should tell you with nofap i also quit all social media and news..morning wood is back now..sex is amazing..this is what sex is supposed to be..please give nofap a try..it will change your life trust me..