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The following "ED recovery story" pages contain shorter accounts. For longer, more detailed ED accounts see Rebooting Accounts and External Rebooting Blogs & Threads

Guys hi.....This is my first blog to this site and hopefully first after I recovered. Today I completed my 8 weeks with one relapse to M...My brief history... I am healthy 28 years old male. I always had high sex drive. I was never involved in too much porn, for me it was always a glimpse or occasional viewing. I use to do 'M' almost daily before around 1.5 years. But life suddenly changed after august 2010 when I brought broadband connection. I use to watch extreme porn scenes and use to do "M"....6 months and I got hooked... Symptoms

  • Libido-Almost zero, not turn on by real woman by any means. No urge to M or P.
  • Tiredness-I almost cud not stand more than 15 minutes(Looks exaggerated but true)
  • Brain fog- I always had brain fog and difficulty in concentrating.
  • Social anxiety-Totally isolated.
  • Low motivation- No desire to do anything.

I was totally screwed up, and was not finding a reason for this. Lately I visited a physician and she advised about low Vitamin B count, I completed 5 injection course about vitamin "B" but it dint help. It was a time when I was totally lost as i was always a very enthusiastic person with loads of energy in life, but what I was feeling was my energy is got totally "sucked" and I am person without "soul" a dead mass. It was really a "life dysfunction" for me, suicidal thoughts were often, as i was not getting the reason behind my devastated situation. One day on surfing net I got YBOP site and I started connecting the dots...Yes it was PORN who killed me like anything.....Life before broadband net connection and after it....It was period of almost less than 1year but..It ruined my life. I started to for 8 weeks without PMO and slowly started recovering, today i completed 8 weeks and noticed following differences

  • Social Anxiety- Vanished, more confident now.
  • Libido-Well i think I am in flatline now, but its stable after lots of ups and downs
  • Brain fog-Vanished..I can concentrate pretty well.
  • Relationships-I am flirting a lot hope get hooked to real thing soon.

I always had a doubt i viewed porn for just 1 year (compared to others who had years) before that i had active sex life...But yes today I got the answer it’s not the period which matters. What’s important is how u looked at "porn"... Guys at last I just wanted to say one sentence " Sexual energy is your soul...Your life...It’s what you are, never waste it for any reason...It can push u down in mess if u play wrongly and it also has strength to escalate you to your dreams" all the best and stick to your PMO plans it DEFINITELY works!!!

My story. The downward spiral porn put me in, and what i'm doing to get out of it.

Just looking to share my story with someone. Its so hard to find someone I can share this with. Hopefully I can garner some help/encouragement from this community. I hope that in writing this I can help myself forget the past and move on to brighter days.

I started using porn as a 15 yrold. Same as most of you, I used it once daily. Sometimes multiple times. I never let myself get into any kind of extreme porn.

I did notice that over time it took more and more windows of porn to get me excited. Then it came to where i needed a specific genre, or position. I once caught myself looking up obscene types of porn, and then I convinced myself to take a break before it got worse.

My troubles started when I got to college. (this is the part i really wish i could talk to someone about) My freshman year, my penis just shriveled up. I had trouble going to the bathroom. And the overall condition of my penis was just dead. My balls shrunk in, and were rarely hanging out like they used to.

I knew then something was wrong. I found though that i could use fetish porn and i would acheive an erection despite the condition of my member.

This led to a pegging fetish. I found that when I stimulated my prostate I could ejaculate. So i started doing this, even though I could not maintain an erection or ejaculate from normal masturbation. This part of my spiral really messed with my head. I was confused as to why i could ejaculate from anal stimulation but not from normal masturbation.

This caused me to question sexuality at times. I am sure i am straight, but the first time I orgasmed from anal stimulation alone I felt so guilty and weird.

I continued doing this until it lost its novelty and become hard to ejaculte from anal stimulation. I felt as if my prostate had become empty, and my testicles just didnt have anything left to shoot out.

This led to months of intense searching on the internet for answers. The day i stumbled across YBOP i felt like Charlie when he found he had received the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory.

I realized what was causing the problem.

However it was around this time that I discovered reddit, and the novelty of places like r/jalbait and r/gonewild just caused my to return to masturbating. I eventually wore these things out and could no longer maintain an erection from it.

This is when i decided to get serioius about the procedure described here in NOFAp and also on YBOP.

I went for 3months without masturbating to porn, and this helped me return to normal. I felt alive, and my sexuality had returned. I could masturbate without porn. I would just get in the shower and my little guy would be ready.

This however lead me to feel overconfident and caused me to relapse. I started visitng r/gonewild again and it progressed to more porn. I hated myself afterwards, becuase I knew i had beat it, and i had recovered, and i could maintain normal erection, and i had a normal sex drive again morning boners and all....

I convinced myself that if I had anal orgasms it didnt count to i continued to prostate massage myself. But this made matters worse and recovery longer.

(if anyone is interested, i found that when you have a good prostate massage you lose all desire for sex for several WEEKS at a time, its like all of your manliness is taking out of you. Sometimes it even impossible to get an erection for days afterwards. I didnt understand these things at the time but now I do. If anyone is in a similar situation feel free to message me, i can tell you my experiences with it).

Currently i am about two weeks into my NOFAP adventure, and i already feel good. I have cut all kinds of sex stimulation out of my life.

I already had two morning boners this week. I set a date in January for myself. On this date if my body is ready, i will allow myself to fap once.

I don't plan on giving masturbation, I do plan on GIVING UP PORN. I plan on getting my sex drive back to normal. And then limiting my fapping to once a month.


36 days straight, and my ED has totally disappeared. Nofap cures ED, guy, I can't tell you for the rest, but your ED problems will be cured. LINK

Gentlemen, I know from experience that this reboot can be a strenuous task. There are some pleasurable highs and some demotivating lows. It has been over three and a half months since I decided to quit watching porn. My initial motivation was to get my erectile strength back. Over time, I came to understand that quitting porn is about nothing less than reuniting with your sexual self.

While reading others' stories and gathering information on yourbrainonporn.com I realized that my views about sex and even relationships had been seriously influenced by my over-use of pornography. Not only had this habit, along with my excessive masturbation, caused me to have corpulatory impotence, it had also greatly raised my expectations in terms of sex.

Just to avoid misunderstandings: I have always loved sex and I still do. I think it can be a satisfying and overall valuable aspect of life. During my years of excessive porn use, however, I expected there to be some kind of sexual tension in almost every interaction between men and women. I never consciously thought of it this way at the time but in retrospect, it seems understandable that watching so much porn and masturbating all the time seriously affected my views. I thought sex was the essence of life and that I needed it as a form of acknowledgment or approval. The best example of this, is my expectation in terms of dates: In the past I always considered it a failure when I didn't get any action. Now, I don't put as much pressure on myself or the date in general. I simply enjoy the friendly interaction with women - thereby raising my success rate with them considerably!

I also have been able to "perform" (for the lack of a better word) when it was needed. It. Was. Awesome! If you're sitting in front of your screen, thinking "Well, that's not me! I don't think of sex and women that way despite watching porn all the time!" Let me tell you, you may have some other issues related to your PMO habit. It seems to be different for everyone but so many men claiming to notice highly desirable changes can not be wrong!

I never would have recognized my aforementioned flaws during the time of PMO. Even if I did, I would not have attributed them to my PMO habt. I guess that's an addict's way of thinking. What I want to say is: You can overcome this addiction and it will be well worth your current suffering! Trust the process even in the most difficult of times and stick with it! You will get much more out of this than just healthy erections. You will be more capable of reconsidering some of your views and in the best case, you will even get a healthy sex life out of this!

I wish all you courageous gentlemen only the best during and after your reboot! Let me know if you have any questions!

ED Problem, tips to help me?

I was in a very similar situation, cured my ED after about 2-3 weeks. For me, it was all about forcing myself to get used to the sensation of a real woman as opposed to fapping. Tips I read that helped

1) Relax when you're having sex, tense muscles will kill your erection.

2) Focus on the sensation. It might even help to close your eyes.

3) Try to please yourself, don't try to please your partner (at least not until you've conquered your ED). I've noticed whenever I try too hard I'll get anxious and lose my erection.


I had ED. And it is cured now. And i'm mich more alive now. And i'm having a really hard time fighting urges. There's definitely something going on with porn and me.

Edit: I already did a 90 days reboot which cured me. But then slipped back a little. Penis is stillworking fine. I rebooted a few times because of fapping. But no hardcore porn.

Hope for fap-troopers with Porn-Induced ED.

I'm not going to delve into details here, but I'm nearly 45 days into this. Granted, I've had some periods where my motivation has massively slacked, but for the most part I've stuck at this and made myself healthier whilst doing do.

I won't go into depth about my situation, but I'm a 20 year old trying to recover from Porn Induced ED. My situation seemed hopeless. My Porn Induced ED was so bad half the time I wouldn't even feel a flicker of arousal when laid next to my girlfriend naked. This caused me to develop severe sexual anxiety to the point where I couldn't even kiss my girlfriend without worrying about my ED and being scared of sexual failure.

45 days in after numerous attempts, and me and my girlfriend were making out today. Even when worrying about my erections, I achieved one without much difficulty through kissing and touching. We stopped kissing and the erection disappeared. Later on we started kissing again and it came back, just as well as it did before. Erections from kissing used to be impossible for me, and I thought I was too far gone to recover, yet there's already a very visible light at the end of the tunnel.

I've also realised life isn't about sex. I feel so much more enlightened, happy and at peace with myself now that I've pushed my unhealthy sexual habits aside, and focused my life on bettering myself in more ways that just sexually.

My personal goal is to reach 110 days which is our 3 year anniversary, and when we agreed to start trying to have sex again. But surprisingly, our relationship is better now without the sex than it's ever been, and I know part of that is down to me. I'm more committed to my girlfriend, our relationship is so much more than sex, and I feel more at peace. We're even planning on moving in together next year. The absence of sex during this process has made me closer to her in every other way.

I'm sharing this as motivation for people in a similar situation! Work out, better yourself, quit fapping a

New Erection Disfunction

This is both embarrassing and exciting at the same time.

I'm 27 years old, and now I'm getting raging boners when I engage in small talk with women.

One example from yesterday:

I went to a tanning salon (I try and force myself to have as much face-time with women as I can), and I asked the girl that worked there about her weekend and as she walked me back to the room we chatted a little bit before I had to quickly shut the door on her so she wouldn't noticed I was starting to get an erection!

I wasn't even thinking of sex. Just the excitement from talking to her and having a nice conversation seemed to turn me on. It's nice to know what gets me excited now instead of objectifying women like I used to.

This is pretty awesome and I can feel my life changing for the better in so many ways.

And for those that don't believe in the so called "superpowers," I think quitting PMO and regaining control of your life is a superpower in itself.

PIED is slowly disappearing, feeling human again for the first time in a long time

This weekend was one of the first times in my entire life that PIED did not ruin sex for me. I've been dealing with it for nearly every sexual encounter for the past 18 years, and this weekend I finally felt "normal" when I engaged in nature's dance.

As soon as my girlfriend touched me and we started foreplay, I had a rock hard erection that did not disappear when it came time to actually have sex! It was such an incredible experience and I felt such a deeper connection.

I'm by no means fully cured, but this was such a huge milestone for me. I was also able to last way longer since I didn't have to constantly be trying to maintain an erection.

NoFap is the real deal. I only wish I could have found this sooner. Thanks for all of your support and tips!

I wondered if you had any users who have recovered from ejaculation retardation through a reboot. Your site talks about ED ALOT, but I have struggled to find any mention of ER. My sexual therapist told me that it is a lot more common than I thought and is also linked with over-exposure to internet porn.

I masturbated from 14 onwards at least once a day, but usually more. I have always been a proficient computer user and had been accessing porn on the internet since at least the age of 16/17. I only became sexually active from 20 onwards (and after reading most of this site I understand perhaps why). However, I was never able to ejaculate. In fact I got little or no stimulation from penetrative sex at all.

Eventually at the age of 28 I went to the doctor who referred me to a sexual health expert and who in turn referred me to a sexual therapist. This was the best thing that ever happened to me. She had resources on masturbation and advised me to retrain my penis to get stimulation from a more relaxed grip. Eventually she gave me the ultimatum that really in order to resolve my issue I needed to refrain from masturbating to porn entirely and use my imagination only.

However, motivation wasn't my strong point and it wasn't until I found a good excuse not to masturbate (relocation weirdly) that I seriously attempted to refrain from the activity. One weekend I had a girl friend of mine visit and through a brave show on her part along with a lot of effort on mine it happened. Twice.

At 30 years old I had finally done it. Bad habits relapsed. However my participation on a dating forum pointed me in the direction of yourbrainonporn.com and it all clicked together. Here was the justification I needed to make a go of stopping permanently. So this is what happened three weeks ago.

Last week I hooked up with another female friend and we had sex in the backof my car. I reached orgasm literally within seconds. It was so liberating. I'm now very happy to continue my reboot. Things have started to improve socially. I'm having more experiences when going out where I am just on it. Present to the moment, having fun and vibing with people. I'm also relating to women a lot easier.

I had ED bad, I would be semi hard and sometimes hard, but upon penetration It was lost almost immediately. From someone who has failed miserably multiple times in the past at pleasing women, 39 days in and I'm now an AZTEC warrior in the sheets. She couldn't even handle me and my erections were so intense, so bye bye porn induced ED and hello to the new me :)  I couldnt beleive that I could last hours like I use too in my young days. Stay strong, that is all!

Finally reached 90 days ill keep this short.

I masturbated A LOT since the age of 11. It caused both ed and de and was ruining my relationship with my S/O. Now here i am 90 days later
rocking the best boners ever thank you nofap.

Well, I did it guys. I have successful sex after having PIED.

Is it normal my first couple of experiences to be mediocre? I mean, shewas a big girl so that may have had something to do with it.

I went through a couple flat lines...didn't have a consistent sexual partner. Started to feel like it wasn't going to be a problem around day 60. Had sex last night, ED gone, DE gone, performance anxiety gone, and the sensitivity was amazing.

Perfect sex. I seem to be 100% cured.

My girlfriend had been away for 2 weeks. She went onto her period the weekend before she left. So it had been 3 weeks since we had had sex. I started masturbating quite a bit when she was gone, albeit without porn and most of the time without fantasy. When I did fantasise I was thinking of her and our previous bedroom adventures or other girls I had been with in the past (no crazy porn style thoughts).

My sex drive seems to of gone up a lot since getting into this relationship. I realised masturbating regularly was unwise so stopped 4 days before she came back. I went round to hers in the morning. It was great to see her and have her back in my arms. Straight to the bedroom, undressing as we talked, laughed, catching up. I love how natural, comfortable, and laid back we are together. She told me she had abstained from masturbation for the whole two weeks. That's very unlike her. She said she was inspired by my reboot effort.

Her body was alive. It was almost like she was having sex for the first time. She was so sensitive and almost a little nervous. It was really cute. We had sex once and both collapse into a panting heap. Then again 30 minutes later. I had two O's. I was 100% hard throughout. What is odd though is that I had an erection about 5 minutes after I ejaculated. Usually that's me done for a few hours. We went to watch a film. Then came back and had sex again. I didn't O this time (long session).

Altogether this was the best sex of my life. I've now got to the point where I am no longer thinking about ED. I used to have this dialogue running in my head "Am I hard yet?", "Am I going to have a problem", "Ahh no she's going down on me, but I'm not going to be able to get hard". This has now disappeared. It seemed to take me a while to break through the backlog of negative experiences in my mind. Yesterday I was completely immersed and in control. No worries, no doubts. Just enjoying the experience. Amazing.

Finally after 130 days, i become a real man again.

This is such a great gift for me for the new year of 2012 I've been doing this reboot for more than 4 months without porn and masturbation, and until now I can confirm that my erection is fully recovered. I have had morning wood almost every morning this week, some lasted for 10-15 min, but some even for an hour.

I am just so happy and proud of myself now. Here are the details of how it happened. Like some other guys in this forum, i've been worrying a lot about why it takes so long for a complete recover even though i still believe that it will happen some day.

During this period, i have tried to test myself several times with no success. I watched video on youtube that has lil bit of sexual images, and masturbate without ejaculating. However, i stopped testing myself and tried to think positive. When i reached to 4 months period which is recently, i decided to do something different about it. What i did was almost every time i take shower, i gave my lil boy a light massage . I massaged the testicles and then did some light and slow strokes.

After about 1 week of doing that, i felt like my boy was responding better and better to my massage and strokes, and finally i got hard-rock morning wood. This is just my experience, but i am not sure it will work for everyone. But one thing i wanna say is that we have to stay strong and positive.

Sometimes i got upset and wanted to give up, but then i told myself "wtf dawg, you almost got to the top and now you to let go the rope and start at the bottom again". Then i think about the hard times that i had to go through countless unsuccessful attempts before this reboot, i see that 4 month periods is the best achievement of my life, and nothing can compare w/ it. I had to fight myself a lot during this time, and i did it.

I have a lot more to say, but i ll stop here. Remember that the main key in this journey is to find the right motivation !!! Alrite good luck to everyone here, and let's believe that we all can make it, the only difference is the matter of time I am always here if anyone needs help !!

After about 80 days of no PMO I had sex, and the chaser got the better of me. The sex was great and I saw a lot of improvements - firm erection, increased sensitivity, etc.  But I binged and watched porn for hours the next day. In the past week I've had about four PMO sessions and had sex twice. I definitely felt a difference after watching porn, e.g. I struggled to maintain an erection, decreased sensitivity, typical shit.

Quick update for those who read this. I am just about to go to bed at the end of Day 92. I had successful sex with Rachel last night.

Erection was maintained for about 25 minutes, although the last 5 minutes of that it got softer and softer. Initially though I just spent time looking at my penis as it is the first time in about half a decade that I have seen it at 90+% hardness. It felt great. I achieved it with very minimal manual stimulation from Rachel using the lightest of touches for no more than a few seconds. I didn't touch it at all.

I am more convinced than ever that everyone starting out on an abstinence journey needs to commit to doing at least 100 days. Why do I say that? It's only since about Day 88 that I feel that I have begun to ascend out of a 6+ week flatline.

By all means break the goal down into milestones to make it more achievable. Do something similar what I did as well and set yourself up a calendar on a spreadsheet and tick off each day once it is complete. Think about how well the abstinence is going and how clean you feel for not succumbing to PMO. It's better to think about feeling clean, wholesome and how you're motivated to do other things and that you have increased vitality ad zest for life than it is to think about how much you want to jerk off.

I also say that people should aim for triple figures because if you can accomplish that goal then you're well on your way to making a long term life change. You're abandoning the quick fix mentality and really thinking about your life beyond the bedroom.

I would say to people just starting out, not to worry if they don't see changes for a couple of months. If you have been PMO'ing for 10 years as I have (only about the last 4 or 5 were really bad) then 3 or 4 months abstinence is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I should probably state that I am still counting days because the sense of achievement I get from ticking off another one is incredible. I am aiming to make it through the whole of 2012 without relapse. The fact that I am nearly in triple figures tells me that the good habits are already ingrained and that I have nothing to fear. I could be PMO'ing right now as I am online, it's late at night and I am home alone. But I'm not. I literally have no interest. P and M seem boring, pointless and alien to me now.

Whilst I am orgasming relatively infrequently with Rachel, I am still eliminating porn, masturbation and fantasy. I am, long term, aiming to never do them again. They are a waste of productive energy, both physical, mental and emotional. They screw you up more than you know. It only becomes apparent how badly the affect you when you begin to recover and discover that you're a much more capable and confident human being than you ever imagined.

I went to the cinema at the weekend and watched Shame starring Michael Fassbender. Brilliant. There are some pretty graphic sex scenes that would be too much for many people here, but apart from that, I would say that it's a must watch once you are recovered. He has his life together with a well paid executive job and a swanky flat, but just beneath the surface and the well manicured exterior is a vulnerable, lonely man, full of anger being suffocated and driven to despair by the sexual addiction that is gripping him. Porn, cam sites, women, prostitutes, gay men, strangers, passers by. You see him watching porn, masturbating. You see him hating himself but not being able to do anything about it because he is powerless.

The best scene of the film is when he tries to sleep with a female colleague that he has been on a date with but can't get it up because it's emotional, it's gentle it's potentially loving. Then he gets a prostitute in once the woman has left to attempt to fulfil his needs.

As I say, it's definitely too much for someone trying to abstain, but it is exactly what this site and YBOP are all about. It's a very stark look at something that obviously plagues many people whom you would never suspect as having such a problem. Good luck to all fellow abstinence warriors. Just take it one day at a time. Be pro abstinence rather than anti PMO. It's a much more positive and easy going mind set.

Alex: " I will even watch porn to take the beast head on, but don't masterbate to it. I was very erect as she performed oral, but it went down as soon as she stopped and had to jerk myself to stay erect" --If I'm wrong forum members "fire at will"

Alex the porn you are watching has and still is altering your brain & you are still masturbating just not while watching porn. Having to jerk yourself in an attempt to stay hard means you are still suffering from the PMO condition. You have to banish porn like it is poison. It’s like at person who smokes crack stopping and then sniffing coke. They are still a slave of the same addiction.

I'm telling you, YOU CAN STOP you have to dig in deep and find the will power within you. I used to masturbate like I needed it to live; now I hardly think about it. I look back and wonder why I was so damned hooked on it.

I've had sex a few times since my reboot and its totally different now. I had an excellent encounter with this very sexy young lady and afterwards my head was spinning from the release. I had not felt that sensation in YEARS!!!! It’s important that we understand that this is an addiction and we are going to try to psyche ourselves out to be able to give in to it. I used to masturbate at least EVERY night before falling asleep for years and I stopped cold turkey. In the beginning I was tempted but I resisted.

Now I don't even think about it because I know the dark side of doing it. I'm 45 years old and I had a F&^#ing wet dream 2 weeks ago I seriously was like WTF!!!!!! I had not had one in so long I can't remember. Rebooting WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So today was day 87 of no PMO so I decided to masturbate as I had abstained for the recommended 12 weeks. In the past I used to have to basically just use a couple of fingers and stimulate the center of the shaft as jerking with my whole hand did nothing.

This time jerking with my whole hand worked wonders and without fantasizing at all I came pretty quickly. What I think happened was that I had densensitized parts of my penis that would have been stimulated under normal circumstances. Now with normal sensitivity, jerking off like most people do was a great experience and the actual sensation was all I needed to get off.

I remember a few years ago I was having sex with an ex girlfriend and I remember almost getting bored as thrusting wasn't doing much for me. Actually the first time I got off from a blow job a different girl gave me, I remember I had to think about porn.

Now, with my sensitivity restored I get it. Sex doesn't require thinking. You shouldn't have to strain to get off. The sensations themselves are what should get you off. I realize that you can't refrain from masterbating forever so now I think the plan is to not do it more than once every six weeks. That way I'm not dulling my senses down there but I'm not depriving myself completely.

Thank god for this site as I now realize how addicted I was and how it was affecting me. I knew I was doing well abstaining before but now that I've masterbated and ejaculated based entirely on sensation I can say that things have officially turned around for the better. As Bill Murray once said, today is tomorrow. This marks the end of a very long day...

-Age 23: Started using porn heavily around age 18 after a bad break up.

-Used to have successful sex with my high school girlfriend no problem. -After not dating for 2 years I finally started seeing some other girls. -There were 3 girls total that I made it into bed with, all really attractive young girls. -Couldn't get hard. Even if I did get hard I would lose it pretty quickly. -This sucked. A lot. Huge blow to my already low confidence. Severely depressed.

-Led me to start seeing escorts (expensive prostitutes I guess you could say). -This was party to test myself, and partly an extension of my addiction. -Problem persisted with the escorts. Could not stay hard. They had to use their hands to make me cum.

Reboot attempts began in November 2011 -After a couple of relapses after single digit attempts, I relapsed in mid-December after a 3 week run of no PMO. -During this 3 weeks I felt AMAZING! I was no longer stressed, angry, anxious and everything else that I had become. Felt like I was on track to beat my addiction and I was incredibly happy.

In January I decided to test with two escorts: On Wednesday the 11th of January the first girl came out to my house. Holy shit.. I was able to get hard... And stay hard... And I was actually able to orgasm while inside her (with the condom on of course). Oh my god!!!!! I know it was with an escort that I had to pay, but this was the first time I was able to orgasm with a girl without her having to use her hand! I was so so happy.

The next day I went to visit the porn star at her hotel. My erection strength was not as strong as the day before (I would say 70-80%), but I managed to stay hard and came inside her as well. I left with a giant smile on my face.

22 yo, fappin since 12 .now on day 45

this is is so cool! my dick also looks BIGGER now when the blood flows trough my penis. last night i was dancing with a girl for 15 minutes was really horny and got a constant boner. so happy with this i think rewiring with a girl FAST FORWARDS a PIED recovery

also less anxiety , more confidence, concentration, motivation and other activities seem more exciting

stay strong this shit is awesome


If you haven't given up PMO, that's your first move to a healthier sex life. I struggled with PIED for years without realising the cause, mostly attributing it to performance anxiety. Once I moved away from fapping and porn, the impotence went away. Maybe suggest a month of sexual abstinence, (30 days of "hard mode") which will allow the two of you to bond more, then give it a go and continue without porn and masturbation in your life. That should be enough to reset and not too long to wait.

What I found with my fapstinence was, once I reset and the time came for getting it on, my erection was so solid and the experience was so intoxicating that I had no chance to doubt myself. It was like tunnel vision before porn being applied to a sexy lady. Hm... Maybe that's how it's supposed to be... Maybe porn rewired natural reactions like dopamine rushes to be applied to super stimuli and a reset allowed just that, a reset to how it's supposed to be. If you commit to those 30 days, I recon you'll feel like a woodsman encountering woman for the first time - it will be beautiful, in a grunting, animalistic kind of way. All the best.

Some things I learned: - Every time I go approximately 10 days or more without masturbating and watching porn I can maintain a decent erection during sex. This means that abstaining from masturbating and porn usually "cures" me, but the erections are still very far from ideal. - Visiting prostitutes is extremely similar to watching porn. Both of them give you lots of novelty. Both of them are very addictive. Both of them are easy. Both of them neglect feelings and bonding behaviors.

- During periods when I masturbate frequently to porn I always suffer some kind of erectile dysfunction when having sex, unless the escort has some specific physical attribute that excites me a lot (like an incredible ass or super big tits). Since regular women aren't usually that hot, you can assume that as long as you keep masturbating and watching porn you'll always have trouble maintaining erections during sex.

- When going for a reboot, quitting prostitutes is a must. I have tried quitting porn and masturbation without quitting prostitutes and it's just not possible. It leads to relapses/binges and you end up spending a lot of money. - You will be tempted to "test your erection" with prostitutes. Don't bother. Trust me, your dick will get hard. Save your time and money. You'll think you're cured since you got hard and then you will use that as an excuse to watch porn and masturbate, since you can always "abstain for a couple of weeks and go back to normal".

Getting hard does not mean that your brain is balanced and you're good to go. I believe that sooner or later we all have to go through a long period of no PMO in order to restore our brain balance and go back to normal.

90 day report: Holding back a primal urge is not easy. That’s what all of us are doing with NoFap. Any urge that strong is going to be a difficult animal to cage and train. NoFap isn’t just about curbing a detrimental PMO habit, what we’re really doing is learning how to control ourselves.

My reason for doing the reboot as stated in my journal on Day 1 (November 10, 2010): Day One: The goal is to weaken my brain’s neuron pathways responsible for porn enjoyment. I had porn induced ED, and suffered it with my last 7 partners. I failed to perform in a real-life threesome with two women. So there’s that.

I found YBOP on this subreddit and watched as it described my problem perfectly. I read some success stories. I decided to commit that day (having already fapped of course to some probably hardcore stuff) and deleted all my porn. 90GB nicely sorted and organized. I had a fear to perform in the bedroom ever since my first long-term girlfriend and I broke up 5 years ago. When we fought, she would often insult me then shut me out. The attacks were personal, but not always sexual.

Once we separated, I began fapping heavily to all kinds of porn. This developed into the problem I feel I have now conquered. Over the last 3 months, I have noticed large changes in my thinking that I believe are directly related to my reboot:

Day 1: I was more afraid to perform with a woman then I was to just fap. Now: I’m afraid to fap but plan on fucking the brains out of the next girl I meet.

Day 1: it would have been impossible for me to stimulate myself into a full erection without pornography. Now: I can get hard with just some thoughts and light touching. These erections last long even after I stop fantasizing.

This has been a great success. I’m grateful to everyone here for their threads and discussions. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to actually quit PMO for good. This is a commitment now that I refuse to break.

After lots of effort, I managed to get to 90 days of no porn. My life improved a lot... I broke up with my girlfriend, had sex with 4 girls, found a new girlfriend. I was sociable, confident, etc. For some months I was having LOTS of awesome sex, but she had to go back to her country in January.

After she left...well, the porn/fapping cravings came back HARD. I was fapping 2/3 times per day and watching porn (something I hadn't done it in 6 months). It was all downhill from there: Loss of motivation, didn't go out on the weekends, gained a bit of weight, etc. Then I got to have sex with another girl and...let's say it was a bit disappointing. I didn't "work" as well as I used to do without fapping.

So now, more determined than ever, I'm back at 5 days of nofap and feeling much better. For me the biggest danger is the 3 days after having sex or fapping. If you can get over that, it's a piece of cake. But the cravings after sex...f*ck that sh*t. I do lots of drugs too, and fapping is definitely harder to stop.

So just be careful. Don't relapse. If you feel like fapping just go out and do anything you can to find real sex. Fapping isn't worth it

I know my problem is sexual performance anxiety caused by erectile dysfunction caused by porn. So when you break it down I wouldn't have sexual performance anxiety if I didn't have a porn induced erectile dysfunction. Therefore the root of my problem is porn that caused the ED and desensitization to real women, that is causing sexual performance anxiety.

Now that my ED is starting to get cured my confidence has increased therefore my sexual performance anxiety has also decreased. The sexual performance anxiety is in my head; however the ED is also physical and metal.

Now I:

1. I look at women more

2. My penis is more sensitive, this probably related to a more physical level that I’m more sensitive to dopamine and my penis is growing more receptors

3. More motivation to talk to people

4. More motivation at the gym

5. Can't stop thinking about sex

6. I’m more attracted to women that used to below my standard

7. I want to talk to people more

8. I have a lot more confidence talking. I was already pretty confident however now it’s on steroids.

9. More energy If you think about an alcoholic addiction, the person gets angry and upset, and yells at their partner more than a normal person. They need more alcohol to get high. The problem is both in their head and physical. An alcoholic can't just be normal without first getting rid of the alcohol addiction.

So I couldn't have great easy sex, and no sexual performance anxiety without getting rid of porn and doing a reboot. Porn addiction you are abusing the natural sex process. You need more stimulation to orgasm and get a hard on. As time goes on you need more and more stimulation and more porn to get hard. Then a women in real life comes a long and nothing happens. Why? Easy too much porn and masturbation orgasm which lead to desensitization to women.

The problem is both physical and mental. Its physical because your penis isn’t sensitive to dopamine due to the decrease in receptors. That’s why you need more stimulation to get hard because you don’t have as many receptors as before. It’s PMO which lead to ED which is then leads to sexual performance anxiety. I’m going to do her that's for sure, and i will have a great story to tell you guys! I wrote a lot so other people that might have a similar problem can understand what's going on.

I agree that now my ED is starting to go away that my next problem is to tackle sexual performance anxiety.

When I started noticing ED when sleeping with women, I started getting really worried (I'm in my early 20's). I looked it up and found this website, watched all the videos, that documentary included and after only 2 weeks I can safely say that it has changed my life. I feel more confident than ever, women are more attracted to me, I'm seeing great improvement in the bedroom. Every day it gets better and I'm noticing how ridiculous I was being by being so attached to porn.

I never thought of myself as someone with an addictive personality because I eat well, almost no junk food, I never got hooked on any drug or anything. It's fascinating to me that I never -ever- considered my usage of porn as addictive. I've shared this with close friends and we're all doing the 'challenge', it's amazing the amount of positivity it brings.

I wanted to share my story here briefly.  (LINK TO THREAD)

I'm a musician in my late twenties, and I have had a problems with my sexlife ever since i can remember. Firstly, I have never had a real girlfriend, so you can also tell that I have not developed a healthy sexuality either. I have been masturbating more or less regularly since the age of thirteen, and while most of the time I didn't do it but maybe 1-3 times a week, there has been times when it was daily and even multiple times a day.

I had my first sexual encounter with a girl when I was around the age of 23, and after that i have had tens of short term sexual relationships ranging from one night stands to couple of months at the time. Especially in the beginning i used to develop a crush on the girls, but after several failures I learnt not to develop feelings and kept it very physical. I found out that it was very difficult for me to climax and usually it was only after a long time that i could orgasm, if at all. After a while I gave up on the orgasms and focused only on the women. As you can imagine, it got quite boring after a while, and the excitement of conquest after another got lower and lower.

Around 2 years ago I started to believe I have a problem with this, and began soul searching as an attempt to find out what is wrong with me. I found it difficult to develop feelings to women, and I began feeling like a lost cause and focused a lot on working and hobbies. I still went on dates, and even had one relationship with a good woman for almost 6 months, but it also dried up as it felt more like a friendship with sex.

Now last year I gave up drinkin almost totally, and began working out regularly and got into meditation & martial arts. Soon enough I began having some kind of visions about myself and new feelings, and I realized that it is probably the porn that is the main problem for me. I tried giving it up months ago but always got back to it after a week or so, as i was really yearning for that portion of dopamines. But at the same time I was going for more softcore porn, as the hard core stuff i had been watching was really disgusting me. Then i remembered the YBOP site and from there I navigated into this site. And I have to tell you, everything on this site is really making sense to me.

I gave up porn about 4 weeks ago, and haven't looked back since. These weeks have been kinda difficult for me still, as the withdrawal effects are massive! So far I have had insomnia, blue balls, aching penis, increased urge to pee and heavy mood swings. Also at times I feel so horny I don't know what to do about it! It's new for me, as previously i have linked that feeling to MOing - now I'm thinking about a real live female. I've managed to get aroused by just thinking about the girl I like! Also, I haven't even wanted to watch any porn, and if i have by accident seen a nude photo i didn't get the urge to MO. My morning woods have come back and they are massive :D Insomuch that it has almost been a problem for me.

I have also just recently met a girl that I seem to like. We haven't had sex or talked about it too much yet, but I seem to just enjoy being close to her, and feeling her energy when i'm holding her or dancing with her. My moodswings and insomnia are causing a bit of a problem though, as they make me sometimes crumpy, impatient and so on. And the time I slept with her in spoon, I had a hard on for the whole damn night - adding to the difficulty to get sleep smiley

I'm hoping that this will get easier and that she doesn't judge me because of these, as for the first time in a long while I would like to go for a real relationship. I feel bad that I didn't manage to cut the porn out of my life earlier, but I'm trying to be happy that I finally did!

Too much porn/masturbation cause ED?  LINK - By quarantine:

I'm 115 days in, success!! last night i was able to orgasm during sex for the first time in 10 years (2002, i was 23, i'm 33 now),

I never thought that would EVER happen again. the reboot works fellas, don't give up on it! porn truly ruined 10 years of my life & probably much more, who knows what & who i missed out on because i couldn't enjoy sex, my penis was basically numb to it because of porn, & usually never fully hard, especially if i went fast it would go wet noodle.

10 years of that!! i was withdrawn emotionally from every girl i dated, major walls up cause i knew i'd never have great sex again. self confidence shot, faking orgasms inside girls for the 10 years feeling very little pleasure, just frustration. well last night i did! a new chapter starts now, & the porn & death grip masterbation (masturbation) is gone,

I'll never go back, it robbed me of more than i can even imagine. but now i can enjoy sex again & rebuild my soul & confidence gradually. Thanks to this reboot, yourbrainonporn.com porn is more damaging than you can even fathom, do the reboot, stick with it, it works. i'm amazed, i NEVER thought his day would happen, orgasm during sex, staying hard through buildup. unreal. hope this helps somebody quit porn for good

Cured - Thanks for all the help

I'll try to make this short and to the point:

PMO from Age 13 - 23

Go 60 days, M out of boredom which eventually leads to a relapse. (Although I relapsed, I am 100% sure the 60 days of abstinence was still beneficial in the long run.)

A few weeks later I go 60 days again, start MOing once or twice a week to no P obviously. I'd say its about day 85 now. The Ming in my experience helped to 'wake up' my sex drive.

- Wake up with consistent hard morning erections

- Now get hard while just making out with a girl

- MO'd twice yesterday before girl came over later that night, unexpectedly got head, was 100% erect entire time, no problem reaching O, sensitive, etc.

After last night, I can say I am definitely cured of PIED.

My most important piece of advice would be to meditate 20-30 minutes a day and do aerobic exercise for 60 - 75 minutes a week.

Your brain is your biggest sex organ and that is where all of these problems are arising; meditation and aerobic exercise are hands down the healthiest activities for your brain. 

Good luck

Day 93

I'm past 90 days. Which where my original goal. I've had three relapses during this period. One major where I binges. That was two weeks ago.

I actually believe that you need to relapse. The experience and the opportunity to figure out why you relapse are vital if you're going to succeed long term. I've learned a lot from the relapses. I've learnt a lot from my relapses. Especially the last one.

So am I cured? No, or actually I don't now since I haven't had sex yet. Marnie keeps busting my balls to find some one to at least cuddle with. And shes right, but I've been making excuses. Someone please bitch slap me, I deserve it!

So I'm not cured. But I am ecstatic, I see women, myself and the world in a different way. My erections are back and they are back big time. Even to the point that Mr Johnsson keeps popping up out of nowhere in ordinary day situation. Awesome!!

The erections are between 90 - 98% strength and lasts. It's great!

Basically I'm saying that I'm convinced that this has been a life changer for me and the only thing is that I'm regretting is that I've lost a lot of years in the PMO-fog.

So I will keep this nofap/no pm(o) thing going.

I feel great!! smiley

No super powers, just an amazing relief

It's been 24 days. Since I started nofap, I hadn't had a chance to really see my girlfriend for a while, due to school starting up and us both being busy. However, yesterday when we finally got together, it was amazing. I was immensely interested in her, and I had no issues with ED. We had an amazing intimate night where I felt I could really show her how attracted to her I have always been. I do not believe that nofap is a magic cure that gives you the ability to attract women. I think that's silly and a bit misogynistic. But this was a real benefit of this program, and I'm happy to have experienced these results.

I just got back from a 5-day work conference. Normally I would have been fapping the entire time, but with a week already under my belt I was committed to no PMO while I was away. A little back story: I've been in a relationship for 5 years as of this past Sunday, and I've recently begun to wonder if the chemistry is fading. But that was before NoFap. When I got back from the conference yesterday I was exhausted physically and mentally. In the past that would have meant me backing out of sex, fully believing that the fatigue was the problem. But this time I discovered an inner reservoir of energy I never expected to find. The sex was incredible, passionate, and unbelievable.

I felt like I was 20 years old all over again. After 5 years of being "too tired" to have sex in times like these I now know the problem isn't about fading chemistry but about wasting my sexual energy fapping all the time. Thanks, NoFap! You just improved my relationship and revolutionized my sex life!!

19-day Report, First PIV Sex After NoFap (Erectile Dysfunction)

Male, 23. I've been suffering from ED the past few years and just started NoFap after many years of porn and masturbation. Tonight I had my first PIV sex since starting NoFap, and glad to say, I think I've made it! This is not an encouragement at all to start masturbating after 19 days. I used to suffer from premature ejaculation as well and wearing a condom kills my erection. But tonight, I lasted a long time without premature ejaculation and stayed hard all throughout! What a life lesson! No more masturbation for me. Thank you,

Girlfriend and I had tremendous sex after dry spell from ED thanks to NoFap. Hang in there!

Brief history: I got back together with my girlfriend after being apart for more than a year. A year during which I got heavily back into porn watching and masturbating. After we got back together, I was having bad problems with ED. I though it was just performance anxiety from worrying about it, but I am so comfortable with her that it seemed weird that it was happening. But it persisted until about three weeks ago.

Anyways, about three weeks ago I learned about "your brain on porn." Watched the TED talk and it opened my eyes. I haven't fapped now in more than two weeks.

I went to see my girlfriend this weekend (she lives about 100 miles away) and we had AWESOME sex. I was super turned on by her naked body again. I was super hard the whole time we were doing it. AND, we had simultaneous orgasms. It used to be that she would come and then I would sit there humping her for another 15 minutes trying to get my tired penis to feel something. (Or we wouldn't have sex at all because I was limp).

Success Story on Day 32--These always helped motivate me and I'm elated to be able to share my own.

23 years old. PMO'd an average of 1.5 times a day since I was 13. Over the last two years, I've shared a bed with a girl on about 8 different occasions. Failed to perform (ED) every time. I'd take girls home knowing that I would not be able to get up, but it was a better look than not trying at all. As for dating girls, it was a non-option. No way I'd be able to come up with an excuse for my failure to perform on consecutive occasions. I'd just have to pretend I wasn't into them and then avoid them. Among friends (female and male) and family, I know this was a huge elephant in the room. I'm a social and attractive guy, but I've been avoiding dating because of this. Not a day went by for the last two years that this didn't loom heavily over me. My quality of life was being affected dramatically.

I finally decided to start NoFap 35 days ago, after I met a girl I really liked and immediately started to panic that, like the others, I'd have to stop pursuing after the first time we got into a situation and I failed to perform. On about Day 12, it happened..and as usual, I failed and I stopped talking to her. Two weeks later, we began to talk again. Last Friday, I brought her home and prepared myself for what would be the last straw in any potential relationship. I knew I'd fail again and that would be it. Even after drinking plenty and self-inducing performance anxiety, I was inexplicably rock hard. I had sex for the first time in over two years without a hitch. I know I still have a long way to go, and this cannot prompt me to relapse...but I just have to say that this is the most excited about life I've been in a while. It's like now that I can get my dick hard, a whole new beautiful aspect of this world has opened up for me. The feeling of relief, excitement, and confidence is indescribable. Like many before me have said, and I didn't always believe, NoFap fucking WORKS. It is frightening what the PMO cycle does to our brains, and it's amazing how simply breaking it makes us "normal" again. Thanks to everyone on this subreddit. For those tempted to relapse, I know you hear it all the time, but TRUST ME, stick with it (look at me, only day 32) and your life will change. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us.


138 days, rock-solid evidence of progress

Last night I had my first real sexual encounter, 138 days since I started my last and final reboot. Leading up to the moment I was a little anxious, because I have had the sense recently that I might still be flatlining somewhat. But my concerns were unwarranted. The evening offered ROCK-SOLID evidence that my rebalancing has come a long way.  No ED drugs needed. As the situation unfolded I got aroused, my body responded, I performed like a champ.  8)

For those who will be curious about these details, my entire reboot has not been without MO, but I had not MO'd for at least 3 weeks. Partly thanks to that, and partly thanks to simply being tuned in to the actual situation rather than some porn track running in my head, the sexual sensations of this encounter were phenomenal. Ripped up the charts. In fact I hadn't even seen my own boner for >3 weeks, and frankly I haven't had a really raging boner since I last looked at porn  :oso that made its appearance exciting in itself. All around: awesome. I'm ridig a real high today fellas.   I was already certain that quitting PMO is an intrinsically good thing for me. But now I have a stronger sense (which I did not have before) that I have some really great sex ahead of me, that I have not ruined myself forever or squandered the best years. And that .... rebalancing works.

First PROPER sex tonight in more than a year after only 16 days no PMO
I am delighted tonight. I've had PIED for years now and haven't had sex with my wife for more than a year without Viagra.I am 16 days into no PMO. Tonight we had unplanned sex where I got 100% hard very easily!! This is after only 16 days!!!!!!!! Not only that, I stayed hard and was able to cum without using fantasies in my head. This is unheard of for me.                         

I can't believe I have made such good progress after only 16 days, a huge piece of encouragement for me to continue my journey!

It actually worked!

It = my penis. I went out partying and drinking the other night and successfully wooed a member of the female species. We get back to my room to rip our clothes off each other. Normally, from the get-go I'd be super scared of the ED ruining the night ESPECIALLY with alcohol in the mix it always made me over think everything. But this time was so different. This time I knew it would work and it did! I was all like "YEAH!" and she was all like "YEAH!".

I know my counter is at 12 days but that's because of a relapse I had after 28 days so I attribute this success to residual effects from my previous streak.

Just had sex with my girl after 2 months of hard mode. I love what Nofap has done for me.

We have been waiting a while for this. I was going to wait a full 90 days before having sex with her, to make sure my brain was fully healed, but shit man, I'm a 20 year old college student and I made it two months without ejaculating. Ever since I hit puberty some ten years ago I could never go more than 24 hours without getting my nut. I am so fucking proud of myself. I still feel a little nervous about sex being a normal part of my life again, I think I want to take it really slow. The sex last night was fucking amazing, and I don't think I want to do it again for a while. I want my energy levels to stay up and I want to still have motivation to do what I need to do.

I am a little wary of the chaser effect coming up, but these past two months of no PMO have given me the momentum I need to keep pushing ahead. I still get stuck in negative thought patterns sometimes, I am by no means done in my journey, it's going to be a long time, but I'm starting to rediscover my sexuality and it makes me so proud of myself. I have a long way to go but I have already come so far.

Thank you to you all for being there for me, if you are in a bad place right now, I TELL YOU SIRS, THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH THE TUNNEL YOU START TO SEE LIGHT. :)

i am now 95% sure this works

I dont want to sound too excited but I'm pretty fking excited about this. I first started this journey back in June, or rather I first started reading about nofap in June. Back then I was quite depressed, I never, no matter how hard I tried, got horny about real life girls, I never had morning wood or anything like that but I could always masturbate multiple times a day to porn. I started to wonder if this was due to testosterone deficiency. Basically I felt like less of a man which kicked off quite a depression.

Back in June, when I first read about no fap, I tried it out but it would only last for max 10 days which was my record back then, usually 3-4 days then I would start getting depressed again and relapse hard. I actually gave up nofap again in July and went back to my old theory about testosterone deficiency, this is even tho I already back then felt the benefits, such as actually being able to get a hard on when having sex, which for some reason happened quite a few times that month.

It wasn't until around end of august start September when my friend, from out of nowhere, started to write to me about nofap and how we should give it a try, that I finally decided giving it a real and honest attemp. The first 7 days went as usual, where I crave porn just for the sake of the addiction then after that I started getting low days, no libido, poor sleep and feeling like absolute shit. Now instead of giving in and start fapping to get my dopamine rush, I decided to stick through this time.

I am now on day 18 and the last couple of days, around 3 days, this shit is finaly starting to turn. I'm starting to get erections throughout the day, the last 3 days I've had raging morning erections. I'm 23 years old and I feels like I just hit puberty again. Basically I'm starting to feel like a man.

Flatlining absolutely suck but u gotta stick through it and keep your head up. I'm certain this won't be my last flatline period to fight this addiction but I now feel equipped to actually stick through it.

What I found out works for me, is first of all having a friend who is on nofap as well, otherwise I've been visiting nofap reddit since day 1, which has helped a tremendous amount as well. it was actually my friend who showed me this place! Other than this, taking cold showers and working out helps alot on keeping u motivated. I am far from done with no fap and will hopefully continue for the rest of my life. gl hf on ur journey.

35 y/o Gay Man -- Success after 52 Days!

This is a repost from my journal.  It comes two days after having successful penetrative sex with a condom but suffering from premature ejaculation.  This round, no PE and hard throughout!

Success!! -- 52 PMO, 17 MO:

Well, it's official.  I've had successful penetrative sex with a condom and did not suffer from PE (or DE).  Lasted bout 15 minutes in all with several position changes.  I was maybe 70% hard, but it's a start.  I hadn't planned on O'ing, but I did in the end, and it was an amazing sense of accomplishment.

After about 20 minutes of fooling around and oral, my partner said he wanted to move further, but we didn't have condoms or lube.  So we stopped, put our clothes on, walked to the store, bought supplies, and returned to begin again.  I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to get it up on demand because of all the pressure to perform.  While my erectile strength was definitely less than before going to the store, I did get sufficiently hard, and the whole thing ended up working fine, much to my own surprise.

I'm still planning on doing gentle rewiring, as I don't want to fall into a flatline or exhaust myself prematurely with too much O.  However, this success is happening way earlier than I ever expected, and I couldn't be any happier.  I am curious to see how my erectile strength changes in the weeks ahead.  My guess is that it will improve, but I'll just have to wait and see.

One final word.  This was not a hook up, and I don't think I would have fared nearly as well in that type of high pressure situation with an unfamiliar person.  I've been seeing this guy for 2 months now, and I'm super comfortable with him.  We've begun sharing very intimate details of our lives.  I'm not ready to date him exclusively, but we do care for one another and have an emotional connection.

So much of my success may actually be specific to this one guy given the circumstance.  I'm not necessarily looking for easy hook ups, but I would like to eventually be able to get to the point where I could have one occasionally if I desired it and be able to function at 100%.  

Anyone who still frequently watches porn without masturbating after a brain rewire?

I did my 90 day rewire on Nofap in the beginnig of this year. During the course i had sex 2 or 3 times and i managed to rewire my brain completely, got rid of ED and everything was fine.

But my years long PMO abuse still haunts me. Porn is not appealing to me as before, but i still watch it sometimes to raise my dopamine levels when bored and i can't stop it. The interesting thing is that i'm not ejaculating while watching, because i know it's meaningless. Most of the times i am just edging a little bit for 5-10 minutes and then i stop. Does anyone have the same problem?

I want this to stop, but somehow porn and edging really raise my dopamine levels and make me more happy and i just can't help it. I'll be grateful to find some help.

EDIT: after the brain rewire i started masturbating again , but i do it without porn. I think that i need to say that for you to know the exact condition that i am in right now

18 with Porn Induced E.D.

Im 18 and im a natural bodybuilder. Im bigger than the average 18 year old in terms of lean muscle and I have a very healthy lifestyle and a good clean diet. Ive been free of any porn now for about 4-5 months, and the last time I did watch porn was with no masturbation. Ive been suffering with porn induced ED for about 2 and a half years now - it started when I left school and went to a college with not much women. it was an engineering college so mostly guys.

I didn't even realise how addicted I was to porn and masturbation until I had my 1st terrible experience at breaking my virginity with a hot chick who I really liked. from there it just went down hill and I failed at every other chance I had with hot women. I soon became depressed. the funny part is that before porn I was EXTREMELY horny and would chase anything on 2 legs. i made out with chicks and got insane boners .. after porn ruined me i was completely dis interested in girls and could never maintain an erection. at my young age i knew there was something definitely wrong with me because im supposed to be women crazy like the way i used to be before porn.

so i started giving up porn and masturbation which was so difficult but im proud to say i eventually did give it up. ive only recently started reading up about brain rewiring when i had another failed experience with a hot chick. ive given up porn and masturbation yet i still have E.D. with girls. im now in a relationship with a gorgeous girl who i really do like and ive been having sex with her but with the aid of Vigora ( a pill for E.D). the 1st time i tried with her i failed and that's when i decided to try vigora. i think my brain is slowly goin back to normal with the sex ive been having but i plan on cutting out the vigora soon , im a young guy i don't need that shit. its just my brain that's fucked up. the last thing i want is to ruin things with this girl and slip back into depression. please help guys i could use anything right now just to get back to normal. .

i am much better than i was im more sensitive to her touch and kisses but i need to over come this 100%.Just being a part of this forum where i know im not alone and can get help makes me feel so much better as ive never spoken about this to anyone ever before. please help people i just want to know what more i should do to overcome this completely and any other tips and advice would be appreciated.

A Brief Valentine's Day NoFap Success Story

I'm a long time listener, first time caller. I'm currently 14 days into my first NoFap challenge. I write today to share my experience in the hopes of empowering others like NoFap has empowered me.

BEFORE considering NoFap I PMO'ed 5-6 times per week consistently for the last six years. In fact, I don't remember the last time I've gone 14 days without it. I never even suspected this habit was negatively impacting my brain until I found NoFap. Several years ago I had my first incident of ED and have since struggled with performance anxiety. The first incident and subsequent mishaps have probably come from a combination of anxiety and frequent PMO. I have NEVER been able to use a condom, even before the first ED (my turtle would shell on the mention of a condom). I've also always been a one hit wonder. Morning sex was never an option because I wasn't turned on.

DAYS AGO I planned Valentine's Day for me and this great girl I'm seeing. Right away the performance anxiety started. I worried myself into thinking I wouldn't be able to get an erection even if I wanted to. As many of you know, this becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. I spent many hours over three days worrying about it. It dominated my thoughts and forced this tight knot into my chest.

SUCCESS came yesterday. My special woman had a wonderful romantic evening and we did have sex. Twice. With condoms. And again this morning. I relaxed and stayed in the moment rather than in my own head. I finally found some relief from a problem I've struggled with for years. Excitedly I continue the journey. Thanks, NoFap.

Erectile success

Just was with SO this afternoon, erect the entire time, never touched myself, and I was wild and energetic, like a monkey. Really powerful O. Normally, I would have a lifeless penis, which would take furious stroking for arousal and make me anxious in bed. Now I prefer being like a monkey.

Was a bit skeptical when I started but the results are amazing

When I started nofap, I did it because my sex life was seriously hurting. I have had several girlfriends but sex was never that enjoyable for me. As time went on it continued to get worse and worse until recently where I could not have an orgasm at all without porn.

I have "tried" nofap before but it was a failed attempt. I wasn't looking at porn but I was saving links to look at them later. Instead of looking at porn I would look at all of the pictures of girls on the chive. I got discouraged because I did not see much change in my life. I realise now I was only avoiding my problems and not facing them.

That's when I decided to change my life for the better, to face my problem head on and defeat it, no more porn, no more fapping, no more chiving... After 8 days of true nofap, sex has never been better and the rest of my life is changing too, the mental fog is starting to lift and I feel like taking care of myself and cleaning up my life.

The benefits are real and I'm excited to see what else I've been missing out on because of porn and fapping. Stay strong brothers

My ED has Vanished!!

I stumbled upon Nofap while lookin for info about my ED. Although im not a PMO addict i used to masturbate entirely too much. A couple of weeks ago i was having sex, few minutes in while in mid stroke i felt my self going limp, very embarrassing lol. so after i got home i started looking up info on why this could be. Turns out my penis was desensitized, so i decided to embark on this journey with all of the no fap family. I did a total of 7 days, no touching, and no porn. the only time i would touch myself was to apply lotion (I read somewhere that it would help with the sensitivity) so Saturday that just passed i visited a friend in college and we ended up having sex, im proud to say IM BACK and better than ever i might add! I was skeptical at first but it really works. i think i had forgotten what sex felt like, because i was masturbating so often. im gonna wrap this up and say i just wanna thank you guys, because although it was only 7 days i visited the site every day for encouragement, and got a lot education on the subject and just to pass time in general. keep on keeping on guys!! you're all so strong!!

Cured ED after a few months of Reboot but PE is still there.

After a few months of rebooting (around 7 to 8 months, during which I relapsed a few times) I noticed my erectile dysfunction caused due to excessive masturbation, was cured. I even started getting morning wood regularly. I have no urge to watch porn anymore. I was quite curious and horny to try it with a girl but unfortunately I didn't get any chance. Out of curiosity I tried masturbating without porn. I had a firm erection but I ejaculated within 5 t 6 strokes. This was quite a disappointment as I was expecting I'd last much longer after the long reboot.

Recently I've met someone who enjoys sex a lot and she loves trying all sorts of things in bed. Now that I've got someone to experience sex, I'm quite nervous if I can perform well.

Can anybody tell me how do I get rid of premature ejaculation? It happened while I masturbate, will it happen while having real sex?

NoFap helped me go beastmode and finally satisfy my gf

So I decided to say fuck porn. And I quit that shit for the last month. Prior to this I use to fiend out on some dank porno at least once a day for 2-3 hours per day, blasting my serotonin and fucking with my natural mechanisms.

Decided I’m tired of being an unconfident antisocial fuck tard and quit wasting time staring at pixel tits.

FLash forward to this week when my testo has been the highest it’s been in the last year. Holy shit. Watching my gf walk around the kitchen was getting my dick hard. I couldn't contain myself. I grabbed her and took her to our room. Proceed to 2 hours of me maintaining the hardest erection I've ever had (so fucking hard I thought my dick was going to fall off - was uncomfortable at some stages tbh). But nonetheless, I was like a levl 99 torpedo bomb. I proceeded to rail my gf harder than I've ever railed her before. She was screaming how big my dick is and that she can’t contain herself (obv cause I’m always wanking so I’m never 100% attention), but now I was full force destroyer mode, and she couldn’t handle herself. Made her cum 3 times in a row, and when I smashed nut she proceeded to be in ecstasy.

I now understand why wanking sucks.

If you want to actually be a man, and fuck like a king, then stop staring at pixels and go full jedi.

Excuse me while I go for round 2/


Bit of a small victory for me...

I know I've made great progress when I can have two wet dreams in a row (6 in previous month) and still get hard later that morning and evening JUST from talking to a girl via text message. Before nofap there's no way in hell I could get hard just from messaging a girl. And early into nofap I would go into a flatline for a week or two just from one wet dream.

Another bit of good news is that I really struggle/d with maintaining an erection whilst standing up and I barely get a semi chub if I'm already upright but now I can play with it and get an erection just with fantasy alone. No way this was possible even 1-2 months ago. I've made huge gains. I'm not quite there yet but I'm amazed at how much progress I've made despite my multiple relapses (no orgasm though). Cutting porn out has saved my life.

great perspectives!!!!

45 days rebooting and yesterday I was able to get a full erection in the shower without porn only softly touching my penis and after it was fully erect and I was able to keep it like that with only the thought and memories of my last sex encounter, something that only 45 days ago would have been impossible.

45 days ago the erection would come and go(ED) and it would take forever to ejaculate but now it seems that things are going great!! I want to thank everybody for giving me so many great advices!!!

I know it´s not over but the future looks bright!!! Good luck to all of us!!!