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The following "ED recovery story" pages contain shorter accounts.

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I've known my situation for about 8 months now. I started nofap because of PIED and I'm trying to get rid of it. Funnily enough my twin brother had the PIED too we just never really talked about. We laughed about how if we just mentioned it to each other we could have started this a lot sooner. Well 8 months later he took a more proactive approach and is now cured, he now has sex like 4 times a week.

I myself endured multiple relapses and am still pushing through. I'm officially on 30 days even though my counter doesn't say that. The thirty days have been somewhat challenging as I haven't had any wet dreams or nothing like that. I will say my confidence has improved. Yesterday I DM'ed a girl on twitter just randomly held a convo and some light flirting later I got her number and will meet her up this weekend.

I'm gonna try for sex and see what happens. If I get dead dick I just know I have to go longer. Either way I have my brother as proof this shit works. I won't fail this time. LINK

I Finally Orgasmed During Sex

I finally did it.

For our whole relationship (5 years), I had never orgasmed inside my girlfriend. On my 7th day of NoFap, I was so sensitive and so horny that it happened.

If you want it and you stick to it. It will happen.

I cant wait to see what the rest of NoFap has in store for me :) Thank you everyone for supporting me and each other. We are doing this together.

60 days and i'm finally seeing morning wood

As someone with SEVERE PIED this is very encouraging. The only times I have seen any sort of penis activity in the morning is when I PMO'ed the night before or when I have been on long enough NoFap streaks. Maybe another 120 days for my PIED to be cured?

27-year old - 45 Days - Libido Through The Roof - Improvements and Regrets

Hello. Not sure if I am posting in the right section, since I consider the genuine success story is when you have sex with a female, which is something I have yet to pluck up the courage to try again. Anyway, I thought I should get my story out in the open and also talk about my 45 days of no PMO. Any comments, feedback, agreements and disagreements are truly welcome and appreciated.

Let me start by saying how thankful I am to this community and this website. I really thought I was lost and alone and that my problem would stay with me forever. However, the site has provided me with vital information and explanations, and reading the success stories has motivated me no end to get rid of this disease.

I am 27. PIED has cunningly sneaked into my life four years ago (after about two years of high-speed internet). I used to be a heavy drinker and also went through some tough times four years ago, so I prescribed my failure to perform three or four times to those things,as I never had any performance anxiety. I had a successful intercourse a few times (mostly with pills), but I felt deep inside there was an issue as my libido was rather low and it almost felt artificial as it would truly wake up only when watching new sick stuff on the internet. I thought the things were improving about a year ago when I was able to perform and felt really good about my erections for a few weeks. However, end of November last year, I ended up at some girl's place and again failed. Now, I did drink about 0.4 litres of vodka and smoked some weed and could blame it on them and it passed since the girl was with me all the time and saw my intakes for herself, but deep inside, I just knew the problem is there and it's real. So, as soon as I found this website, I knew instantly: That's it, this is the issue.

It has always been easy for me to get girls. This is not to boast, but to stress how FRUSTRATING it is to have them offering to give you a ride home, come and 'cook for you' or 'show you their new underwear' and you have to either deny them or make up some things because you know it's unlikely you'll be able to perform. I am telling you, it's an absolute nightmare. For all we achieve in life, if we suck in the game of love and sex, we are nothing as men (unless you are an Einstein, a Hawking or a Gandhi, etc). Anyway, I decided to embark on this road and hope for the best.

Here is how it went.

Days 1 to 7: I felt urges, but resisted easily. I knew I would feel like a loser if I gave up so early. Got a few morning erections. Nothing during the day.

Days 7-28: Flatline. The funny thing about this flatline is: I realised I had been in flatline for four years. It felt almost 100% same. It's just that in the past I would watch 10 porns at once and think: Wow, I am so horny! I rock! I had one wet dream (Day 25)

Days 28-45: Libido came back stronger than ever. The real healthy manly libido, an almost prehistoric innate urge to penetrate a female. The only natural libido directed solely to the human contact. I cannot begin to describe how good it feels to be back again. I am not going to elaborate too much on how relieved and powerful I feel, because I know this is a lifelong thing, I am only on day 45 and I have yet to put this into practise with a girl. Wet dream - Day 40.

Regrets: This kind of libido can be a struggle sometimes. After touching myself a bit (not edging or M, just literally touching myself for a few seconds at a time), I could no longer bear it and I MO on days 37 and 44. The first time I didn't use my right hand at all, because I think, while PMO is the real culprit for our problems, sensitizing yourself only to your hand is also an issue. The second time I did use my right hand and I feel guilty about it. But, the morning erections are there, I feel good, capable and in control and I think I will put myself to test in a couple of weeks with some girl.

Anyway, to sum it up:

The Good:

45 DAYS NO PMO (not a single motion picture crossed my eyes or even my mind)

Regular morning erections (sometimes lasting for up to 20 minutes in almost unchanged solidity)

An increasingly touch-sensitive manhood (I modified my post to include this since it happened moments ago while I urinated and I believe it is a strong indication of improvement)

Through-the-roof libido

Attraction to and imagination of regular girls

Libido-boosting diet: Each day: Olive oil. Fish oil. 10 pieces of nuts, peanuts and almonds. Natural nettle-based circulation-boosting drops. L-Arginine (some people say it does nothing, but even if there is a placebo effect, it is good enough for me at this stage). ZMA (some people say it does nothing, but even if there is a placebo effect, it is good enough for me at this stage). I cycle the last two, so as not to create a resistance to their possible effect. I would recommend including the libido-boosters in your diet. On a mental level, you will feel more in control and as if you are ticking off more useful things during the day. On a physical level...well, they are boosting your libido and work great with no PMO.

The Bad:

2 MOs
Read escort reviews for a few days (this is now ironed out thanks to K9 blocker)

There you have it, that was my story in short (as short as I could tell it, really, there are so many other details regarding my struggles but maybe some other time, when this is all over for sure). As I said, I would appreciate comments, feedback and ADVICE and also if someone could tell me if two MOs and a couple of hours in total that I spent reading the escort reviews could put a significant dampener on my road to complete recovery.

All the best. Stay strong, this thing works!

I am cured of PIED but I still have DE. Been a year of no porn and starting nofap last week. No porn definitly works and I hope nofap will do the last little bit for me and allow me to have orgasms from sex. Either way sex is pleasurable again and I'm very happy with what I have achieved. And I'm in my early 20's too btw.  LINK

I'm on Day 141 of no PM.

I had successful sex last weekend and it was a positive experience. I never really had ED problems, but I did have delayed ejaculation problems, weaker erections, and all of the low confidence/lack of focus stuff. I feel like I still need to rewire (I'm thinking I'm probably going to need a consistent partner) but I feel mostly healed. Sex came very late at night and after a long day of drinking and I noticed that my erection wasn't as hard as I would like it to be. That was understandable, I was still extremely sensitive, my recovery time was good and it was a good experience for both parties. Right now, I feel 85-90% even after close to 5 months.

I went from being unable to achieve an erection whatsoever even with porn, to orgasming in 30 seconds in real sex. LInk

Trust me man. Listen to what I have to say and you need to seriously control the urge to watch porn.

I've watched porn for over a decade. I started having trouble keeping it up, lost my morning erections, my dick felt softer and "dead". During sex I could only keep it up for a little bit of time, and then it would go soft. Even masturbating, I couldn't be fully hard anymore.

I gave up porn and it got a little worse due to my brain rewiring, i felt like shit, and I thought giving up porn did nothing but make it worse (Flatline).

Now, finally, about 3 weeks later, erections are coming back. More and more, and I'm feeling like I did when I was 18. You have to be active during this time of being pornfree. Your mind will be on it, but you have to get off facebook, get off instagram, and do productive things.

I GUARANTEE your erections will come back in full effect after 30 days of not watching porn. Well, maybe 60 days if its really bad. But my PIED lasted for about a year and was only getting worse until I finally said no to porn.

Im sitting at about 5 weeks now, and I achieved all of this while still having sex with my girlfriend. I would advise to not fap either, but if you must make sure it's without porn, and its NOT more than once or twice a week.

EDIT: Sex was hard to manage the first couple weeks, I had loss of libido, and trouble with erections still. The first two weeks I went completely no PMO and sex maybe once during those 2 weeks. LINK

It works

Hey guys. Had ed from porn for about one year before I figured out what was going on with porn. I could literally have a woman in a bed, ready to go, and I could not get it up. Viagra worked perfectly but I hated using it. Found ybop, and stopped porn. One month ago. Between weeks 3 and 4, my libido started returning, along with the hard ons in the morning, and with real women. They're not 100% yet but well on their way.

So glad I found this site


I will be frank with you; a couple of years ago, after I've been rebooting for a while, I bought a sex toy exactly because of such an rationalization. It soon became obvious that I'm becoming addicted to it and that I'm using it as much as I used porn before. That's why when I met a girl I liked I destroyed it and threw it away.

Also, when I finally had the opportunity to have sex the real woman's vagina still felt pretty foreign, even though I used the toy for a while before I tried real sex. I can't say that it didn't help at all (maybe I would do even worse if I hadn't used it), but if it did help the results weren't very noticeable and moreover it's a very slippery slope - with this kind of mentality you might start rationalizing going to prostitutes because of a similar rewiring agenda.

You might sense that I'm kind of arguing against sex toys and prostitutes, but not for morale reasons, rather due to the fact that these things are a lot like porn in the sense that they are super-stimuli of the real thing (the sex toys usually provide a stronger sensation with much more control than in the case of real sex, and prostitutes offer an easily accessible high degrees of novelty) and that can get quite addictive in a very similar way as porn does.

I think that if you're going pornfree because you have PIED, then even Gary Wilson says it's probably best to severely limit (or abstain from) masturbation for a limited time. If you do this while staying away from porn for a few months an erection shouldn't really be a problem, but PE probably will be.

The good thing is that the PE goes away after the first couple of times you have sex, by which time your brain has a pretty good imprint of how a REAL woman's vagina is supposed to feel. At that point your golden, and sex feels great.

I'm shocked to say I have honestly made it this far. 40 days down I definitely feel like a new man and my life has adjusted significantly. I've been flatline for a while now I feel like I'm returning to the first time I touched my gf's boob and got a boner in class. After PIED I couldn't perform with a completely naked female. The discipline has been awful torture. If I can make it this far so can you. Road to a healthy and full life is almost at arms reach. May the force be with my fellow fapstronauts. Day 40! : ) LINK

ED cured?

I took a cold shower after my run and felt great. After I got out the shower I thought about a girl who I have a crush on and almost immediately got a erection. I think I might be cured. 78 days hard mode?

This works! And i can tell you, i relapsed so many times, i never managed to last a month of no pmo-ing. I still am not where i should be, but i definitely feel a great change. When i started, i coudn't even get hard on porn. That is how i was addicted to porn and how masturbation and watching porn had become a daily habit for me, not something i did because i was horny. I also feel generally more confident. I want to flirt with girls. I want to be more attractive. I want to be a better basketball player. I want to go out and have fun and party hard. It is really something that will change your life. Just be confident, patient, never forget the fact that you are an addict, that you will not have a normal sex life if you don't do this, but when you pull throw, you will be a better person.      

To experiment a little, i tried touching myself yesterday and i got an erection, no problems, it wasn't at 100% but it was at 90%. I decided to masturbate. No porn, no imagination, nothing. It was great. I can't remember when was the last times i enjoyed masturbation and the orgasm that much. I have no chaser effect today whatsoever and i am still getting spontaneous erections when i am flirting with the girl i am supposed to go out. I told her yesterday after masturbating that i was thinking of her, and she told me she blushed. I got hard immediately in that moment. Its something that hasn't happened to me in a long time. I feel happy, confident, and i think my no PMO journey is finally coming to an end. I have to admit, it is one of the hardest things i did in my life, especially since this forum was the only support i had throughout these 6 months of abstaining, relapsing, abstaining, relapsing and so forth. I think my story should be an example - it doesn't matter if you relapse, the only thing that matters is to keep going and be persistent.

This thing can be cured. I was hopeless when i started, heavily addicted and plagued by ED problems. Now everything is changed. I feel like a better person after this ordeal.  


Had successful sex for the first time today.  I have only been rebooting since May the 12th after trying to lose my virginity and failing. Well today I am no longer a virgin! Still had a little trouble not getting fully hard but with more time it should get better. You have no idea the weight that is lifted off my shoulders.

Erection during my physical exam...

I'm 33 years old with PIED thats been a member of nofap for almost 2 months. I was able to compete 25 days hardnode on my first attempt. Day 26 I recieved a blowjob and ended relapsing with a 24hr PMO binge. I am now on day 6 of second attempt. I had a doctors appointment this morning for my yearly physical. I was sitting in the room, instructed to strip down to my boxer briefs and wait for the doctor to arrive. Doctor enters, asks a few questions, then he proceeds to start the examination. Ears, throat, chest, then lastly, the dreaded balls check. I was told to drop the briefs and he went to work. Checking my balls and having me turn my head and cough. Then uncontrollably I started have an erection. As embarrassing this was, it also gave proof that Nofap is actually working for me! My penis is super sensitive now! (In a good way!)

No fapping/No Porn

I too discovered this site about a month ago. After no porn for a month, I found myself able to maintain much better erections in bed and i enjoyed sex so much more. I can't quite quit fapping but I tend to only do it once or twice a week now, after a 5 day build up or so I feel like a sexual predator. Unfortunately I've relapsed recently back into porn for the last week, so back to day 1 now.

I actually remember having this discussion in my college health class 10 yrs ago, and agreeing w the argument that pornography can desensitize you during actual intimacy. But I was 18 at the time and my dick would get hard if the wind blew the wrong way. So naturally I figured I had nothing to worry about. I started watching porn when I was 10 years old. My dad always had tapes around the house and my best friends dad practically had a library of porn. It was very accessible. Then the internet came along and amplified that accessibility.

Now I'm 28, and I watch it almost every morning. It's practically my morning ritual to wake up & jack off to porn. And just like 1 guy said in his comments, it's almost impossible for me to jack off w/o porn. When I was young I could just use my imagination, but that does nothing for me anymore. For about the past 2 years I have noticed that during intimacy I have a tendency to lose my hard-on if I'm not constantly changing positions, or engaging in something different than what we were just doing. At first I thought that it must be the condom that was desensitizing me, so I literally went on a quest to find the perfect condom.

Hey gang, names nick.

Just introducing myself as I'm new to this forum. I discovered ybop a month or so ago and was so relieved! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me and finding out that there are other guys like me out there makes me feel better. I'm 23 and had my first bout of erectile dysfunction a few years ago and have had shattered confidence since! I was going to make appointments with urologists, i was sooo scared i didn't even know what to do. Because without my dick, i don't wanna live!!! Lol i fell into a depression before my ed started from a long-term breakup. I started watching porn every night and jacking it alot. It got to the point where even when i was with a smokin hott chick, i couldn't stay hard. It got worse lately but have been pmo'ing for at least 8 years. Thank god i found ybop because i became INFORMED. I think there needs to be some serious awareness regarding this stuff among young men. I'm already feeling better down there and actually fucked like a champ the other day! Lol Thanks again guys and see you around.

(Age 50) I was mostly an erotic story porn user. I stopped three months ago, cold-turkey. My actual machinery works very well these days. Erections happen quickly and last a long time, compared to the old porn days. I'm pretty much always ready.

I'm on Day 141 of no PM. I had successful sex last weekend and it was a positive experience. I never really had ED problems, but I did have delayed ejaculation problems, weaker erections, and all of the low confidence/lack of focus stuff. I feel like I still need to rewire (I'm thinking I'm probably going to need a consistent partner) but I feel mostly healed. Sex came very late at night and after a long day of drinking and I noticed that my erection wasn't as hard as I would like it to be. That was understandable, I was still extremely sensitive, my recovery time was good and it was a good experience for both parties. Right now, I feel 85-90% even after close to 5 months.

The reboot process works like charm my progress has been improving rapidly.

Wish i can explain it better. Started January relapsed after 1 month (experimenting relapse with PMO) and the result was clear it set me back. Then after additional 1 month relapsed to just MO, and it didn't set me back like PMO did. Now 1 month and some days extra (3 months plus in total) I am getting erection spontaneously at least not 90% used to be 80% last week or so. And when i watch mild romance or kissing in a movie scene instantaneous erection (this was not possible b4 even with regular porn; it had to be hardcore for me to get excited then. Right now i believed i am cured but I doubt because i am improving every week. Anyway my goal is to hit 6 months. I plan to abstain 100%. I have built the tolerance to avoid relapse and it was by prevention. Only use my phone to check emails and use PC for strictly Home works and watching espn3 and so on.

I am on a great diet plan so i bet that helps too. I almost took supplements but i quit after a week or so in order to be sure that my progress is intact. Morning wood is occurring more frequent. This thing works as far as am concerned. For some people having anxiety u have to completely relax – do not put too much stress on urself b4 sex. Pretend that u are trying to please the chick or something and not urself this will help reduce the anxiety. I know it is tough but my earlier problem was semi erection during sex or even b4 because my condition now is 50% better then. So anxiety wasn't an issue and i will not let it get me bcos it can actually become a problem. Also some people are afraid of getting a chick pregnant and when they want to perform their fear will definitely catch up with them. U must think positively. I will update next week.

Nofap works!

Obvious throwaway, I felt the need to share my success with nofap. I am recovering from PIED, and until recently had not orgasmed with a woman for about 6 years. You sort of keep digging yourself into a hole with PMO. Well I moved to a new city and decided to turn this strikeout streak around. After some swiping on tinder I met some girls and started having sex, but had to fake it until about a month and a week into no PMO, I was able to orgasm (after having sex for maybe 30 minutes). My recovery is continuing and I'm seeing more improvement. I wanted to share my success to help motivate you all. If you're in my position stick with it!

90-days update

Hi all, I want to give you an update about my journey so far. I'm 90 days into the rebooting process now with no porn, no masturbation and a few orgasms from sexual intercourse.

It's all getting better now. The first days I was extreme horny without the possibility to have an erection, but then this all faded away and I slipped into the flatline.

Then the nighttime erections gradually came back and I realized a single wet dream.

Two days ago I had wonderful sex with no pressure at all, I have to admit I used Levitra but I'm pretty sure I don't need it. But it gives me some confidence I would need at the moment.

I didn't had a full boner when having foreplay, but it was easy to get one with a little help and lube, and then it was very hard and long lasting, also I had very good feelings and absolutely no pressure. I didn't had sex for two weeks before this and I thought I would not be able to last long because of this, but I lasted really long and it was very satisfying for the both of us.

I think the true rebooting began later because I had thoughts about porn that were hard to fight, I don't have this thoughts or fantasies any more now.

The nighttime erections are a bit weaker now and don't appear every night, but I think this is because I smoke a lot of cigarettes again since three weeks - I will stop this weekend.

I write this go give those interested confidence for their rebooting travel. I believe this is possible and a lot of things are already better.

Reddit NoFap - A little over 5 months since I stopped watching porn

I came back to this subreddit to check in and see how things were going. Happy to see the large number of fapstronauts, and even more happy to see there is a TED talk that discusses the effects of heavy PMO abuse.

In the TED talk, they mention for younger guys that it can take up to 5 months to fully reboot, as opposed to the older generation who didn't start on internet porn in their brain's formative years.

I was disappointed, but then logged in and checked my counter. I'm over 5 months. This gave me a huge shot of confidence. I've been avoiding talking to the girls I like mainly because I feared I wouldn't be able to please them when the time came. After my 90 days, I did begin to M every now and then, but have not seen a single video of internet porn since Day 1.

I am no longer afraid to approach the women I am interested in out of fear of malperformance. This is a huge step for me, and it has taken me quite a while to get here.

I wish you beginners and mid-rebooters the best of luck. The grass truly is greener on this side of the addiction, and I feel better about myself now than I have in the past 5 years.

Reddit NoFap -Girlfriend Asked Me if I Took Viagra - Post Porn ED

by rebirth232

Just wanted to share since it made me feel pretty awesome and will give others some inspiration hopefully. After spending most of the attempts to have sex in the last 7+ years not being able to get it up because of porn induced ED I'm finally feeling normal.

I'm enjoying having good sex with my new (and first serious) girlfriend at the age of 21. Been having sex with her a few times now and recently I was having sex and was focusing on not cuming. Every time I was about to I would change positions or slow down, but kept focusing on not cuming. I feel like I went for 40+ minutes and probably even more, giving her multiple orgasms until she couldn't take it any longer (got to admit, it was hard to keep it in me).

After we finished she asked me if I had taken viagra or anything like that, which was a pretty awesome thing to hear after struggling with ED for my entire life. I told her that I'm trying not to cum because of the draining effect it causes and would rather try to not come when posible, which also keeps me extra horny and ready to go for her.

In the end, that didn't last too long as we had sex in the morning and I came, but nonetheless, I'm happy with where I am now and she is totally fine with me trying not to cum for my reasons.

In the end, I'd like to say that anyone who is struggling with porn induced ED to keep at it and don't give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, don't beat yourself up if you reset here or there, just accept it and get back on the path to being the person you want to be.


I had a similar experience. After beginning nofap, my girl commented how much harder my dick has become, and at this point I'm able to cum multiple times a night, which I never could before. Not to mention I came from a bj the first time ever, which was a huge positive and made her feel good.

I think it's great to nofap but I damn sure question not even wanting to cum during sex. Being able to have a healthy sex life is sort of the whole point to me. Regardless, good job.


Plus with real sex you cum and you might want to just relax and lay there with the girl as with porn you're back at it a few minutes later (which for me could lead to cumming many times a day, probably had days with more than 10 times, which definitely can't be good)


I agree. The thing is that orgasming during sex is normal and healthy, which is why you don't feel drained or depressed afterward. Fapping is solitary, not physically active, and usually makes you long for things that aren't real, leaving you feeling inadequate and unsatisfied.

I am in my 4th week of rebooting.  At age 60, I was long time porn user, as much as three times a day.  My wife was feeling insecure and I was feeling self loathing.  I has been a journey of hope to find that my wife helping with my addiction.  Last week I was spontaneously aroused with foreplay to a solid woody and me both enjoyed the powerful time it gave us, and the knowledge of future wonders. 

 First one night stand with no ED

First I should say that I've done 90 days already. I'm a 23-year-old male and in the past have had many opportunities to have sex with very attractive women and always failed to get an erection. It appears that things have changed. Not only did I have sex successfully with no problem, but I was also completely drunk. I've always had problems getting hard when drunk, even with SO's.


I had ED in my first 3/4 relationships which really lowered my confidence. I'd been fapping with and without porn since I was 12ish and during my first sexual encounter at 19 I just couldn't finish. Fast forward to 25 and I was still having the same problems but I didn't understand why. Anyway I did Nofap not Pornfree on and off for 2 years, my longest streak being 150ish days and during that streak got a girlfriend and well, it worked!

 Social anxiety and bs negative thinking ----> out with the trash. How do you learn to be more emotional, lol??

Sensitivity and motivation rises like the sun without falling like the moon. Erection with girls....-Massive- Can even self-induce while thinking about girls in winter clothing. Motivation for working out, going out, ability to take care of dorm cleaning, laughter, smiling, positivity a result of training other than abstinence, no. Ability to sleep like a baby and wake alert without caffeine stimulation (though I do indulge in coffee due to the beneficial acquired taste).

Its hard to ignore the correlation between all these harmonious benefits and the strict PMO abstinence.

36 year old male recently divorced. When my wife left me, I wasn't ready for it and I missed her terribly. I had urges that I wanted gone, like wanting to still have sex with her. So I turned to PMO. Well I jerked myself into oblivion. Suffered from all the symptoms. ED pills even stopped working. My life sucked. I was depressed but I could never put my finger on the problem. Visited psychiatrists and urologists. No one had the answer. So when I saw others in the same boat as me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew right away I was an addict. Fast forward to today. Today is day 38 of no PMO. My friends, this process is the truth. My life has changed in every way imaginable. The fog has lifted and I'm so focused its ridiculous. No more depression, no more anxiety, music sounds better, I'm even stronger in the gym. I feel inclined to tell you all this because it's not an easy road but the end result is amazing. It hasn't even been 60 days yet, which is my goal. Stay strong. The motivation to have a better life keeps me from relapsing. Nothing worth having is easy and this is no exception. Trust in the process and you will be so happy you did. I promise.

(Comments - Older guy with lots of sexual experience who recovered faster than normal)

LINK - Hard reboot, 3 weeks in success on most fronts

Hi everyone,

30 year old here, I am writing with a success story and hopefully can inspire others. I won't bore you with my history, because we all follow pretty much the same path. Daily M, and P watching, problems in bed, from staying hard, to even getting it up to delayed Os. I've had these problems for most of my life, except for the times where I've had a steady girlfriend and wasn't watching as much P.

Currently I am dating two girls, so this is re-booting with partners. Sex was once a week with each girl, so of course in the between time I'd PMO daily. 3 weeks ago I had such a tough time staying hard that I knew I was in trouble. It finally hit me. Scoured the YBOP website and decided to abstain immediately.

First week was fine, except for occasional fantasizing, which is as dangerous as actually watching P. After a week, I had sex with one of my partners and my intention was to no O at all. Well, I was so hard, and almost ejaculated vaginally, which hasn't happened to me in years, that I finally Oed. Only once.

A couple of days later I was with my other partner and the same problems came back. I knew I need to abstain for as long as I could. End of second week, relapsed with M, but no P or fantasy, which I think helped. Well after 3 weeks I feel great, morning wood is starting to come back, I am actually turned on by real sex and real women and can stay hard long enough to finish a woman several times (think 45-60 minute stretches). I feel great overall.

Some things that may or may not have helped. I started supplementing with ginseng, multi-vitamins, fish oil and protein shakes with amino acids. I read that they help regenerate important amino acids and such. I also would slap on moisturizer on the head and shaft to soften the skin and bring back sensitivity. I think all of this may have helped me recover faster. Especially the sensitivity that came back in my dick has been amazing. I can actually ejaculated when having vaginal sex, rather than have to masturbate after penetration.

If you have any questions, let me know, I will try and help as much as possible.

LINK - thomaslewis May 20, 2012

Hey it's easy. Stop beating off so much and your **** will be back to normal buddy.

You're talking to the living breathing example of this. Used to be addicted to foot fetish porn and couldn't get it up for actual sex. You have no idea how embarrassing that is. Then I got into a situation where I couldn't look at porn for a month and a half, and couldn't beat off either. I took it as an opportunity and rarely bat off. I think I did it like 3 times in a month and a half period. HOLYYY SHOOTTT, was waking up rock solid erections. It was like the old days again!! I'd have to focus all my energy into making it go back down because it would HURT!! MAN!! I THOUGHT MY LIFE WAS OVERRRR!!! Then I stopped beating off and looking at internet porn :)

They say masturbation is okay, and doctors even encourage it. The truth is, masturbating is NOT okay. It should be considered a LAST RESORT option. When you beat off, you deplete your sexual energy, and this trickles down into many aspects of your life. Just like buddy's dad says in American pie: "it's not a game"

From a forum:

I'm 45 years old. I kicked PMO cold turkey around Dec last year.

You said, "The difference in my sex life has been dramatic and for the first time in 12 years or so I'm getting sustained erections without touching. I feel like 16 again!"

I feel pretty much the same way not 16 but maybe 21 or so lol. I have not relapsed but I will admit I've had some pretty intense tests of my will power. I still experience periods where I flatline I feel completely dead down there. Other times I feel like I felt in my 20's I try not to dwell on it as to not give my self a complex about it.

I promised myself that I will save it for the women. I do not have a steady GF at the time, so its really hit and miss. But when I do stumble upon some action I'm not consumed worrying about if I can raise the flag. The alone keeps me on the right track.

I have not masturbated or viewed porn since I started my reboot process. I'm very happy with the new me.

Its been 3 months

I thought all this nofap was bullshit, i started around 3 months ago because I use to have times where I wouldnt get hard easily. Now I get the hardest erections ive ever experienced. My dick feels huge and I feel good stopping my porn addiction. Still going strong , this is just the beginning!

Day 27 ED report

Well, this is the furthest I've ever made it.In the past month I've started seeing a smoking hot new girlfriend. I don't think that has anything to do with nofap, but I have seen improvements with my ED.

I'm not fully pleased with how it's going, but I have to be realistic here. I was dealing with barely being able to get hard at all for girls in the past. Now I'm able to get hard when I have sex and that is such a huge relief for me.

It isn't where I'm getting random hard-ons all the time, but all I care about is when it comes to having sex.

I'm dealing with PE a bit probably because I'm not fapping, but it isn't every time I have sex. This morning I had sex and the PE was pretty bad. I only lasted a few minutes. The sex feels incredible though. So many more sensations that I was used to when fapping all the time. I've also noticed that I'm having ridiculously huge loads!

I think the biggest thing for me is that I'm able to get hard for her. I was so worried about that. I was going to take that for granted and focus on the PE I sometimes experience, but I need to stop and remind myself that before I started nofap I would often not even be able to get hard for sex.

It's definitely all the encouragement I need to stick with this and see where it goes. Hopefully it continues to improve and I never again have to deal with ED ruining my sex life

No porn and an occasional fap

Hi guys, just wanted to pop in and share my experiences with something not many people are doing. First some background: I'm 27 and I've had only one gf, but plenty of casual sex partners, I'm not big on the commitment part. I had ED some years ago but managed to shake it off somehow. My problem in sex has always been not being able to orgasm with my partner.... came only a few times inside a girl (and never with a condom, which I considered impossible), the rest was "manual". Another problem I was not aware of at the time was that I didn't stay 100% hard throughout the sex, but at the time I thought it was normal.

I thought the solution lies within finding a regular sex partner (aka girlfriend) and then a good friend showed me /nofap about 2 months ago. I've never been a big porn guy, so giving it up has been easy for me, 2 months clean now :) However, I tried the NoFap road but couldn't handle it past 7-10 days. The brain fog I get at that point where I want to just stick in into any girl that walks was too much, to the point that it was affecting my ability to work. If I had regular sex I'm sure it would be easier, but since that is not the case I have been sticking to one, maximum two faps per week, and never to porn.

So I just finished off a 3 day fuck marathon with one of my girls (first sex since I started all this) and the results are in:

1) I get hard fast and stay fully hard until the deed is done. I had no idea what I was missing or how hard I could get!

2) I am now able to orgasm inside and together with my partner, in any position... and yes, even with a condom.

3) I recuperate much quicker after sex and I'm ready to go again both mentally and physically. Before it used to be that I had a brief period of literally hating the person I just had sex with until things went back to normal in my head. Very weird, but glad I don't have this anymore.

So there you go. I'm not here to make conclusions, but I thought it would be useful to share my experiences and hopefully help someone achieve the same goals as I have.

As for me, the next goal is finding a nice girl to enjoy regular sex with and keep cutting down on them faps.

Yay I think my ED is cured

NoFap is the way. I've been doing NoFap in hard-mode, and the main reason was ED-problems (though I see now how porn really fucked up my life). I've tried to have sex three times for the last one and a half year, with only one moderately successful hard-on.

Yesterday I had sex with a girl and I had no problem getting it up, I was a little worried that the condom would explode when I came, but that didnt happen either fortunately:) I had some DE problems on the second run, but I guess thats OK.

Just wanted to share my little success-story with you guys. Stay strong and horny

Well, it has happened a lot. It has been almost three month since my last blog entry. (LINK TO POST)

First I have to say to Marnia,and all other members: Thanx, your support means a lot to me, and second: REBOOT WORKS GUYS!

All you need is loving partner,trust and patience. My gf and I stopped PMO addiction together,quitted phone sex,and started having,good and passionate sex. The result? The baby is on it's way, and we 're getting married in two month.

Problems? Well, guys reboot is ongoing process and it takes time to gain confidence. A week ago I went on the porn site and I started thinking: "What is this crap, it is not a true sex, what do I needed this for anyway?"  And I went of the site, and installed porn blocker (MetaCert), because man is weak and needs help to avoid a "just one peek "situation, to win an addiction. I remember one day,a whole day of sex,I think I orgasmed 13 times. Sometimes, thoughts like: "Will it get up?" emerge the surface, but they vaporise in the passionate sex.

Few days ago, I had wonderful sex in the morning and in the night I couldnt get it up. Perhaps I was exhausted from multiple sex every day, perhaps my head is full of wedding preparations pressure, perhaps I felt that sex was something I have to do, a task that I have to perform, which I did not.

Sex is about relaxation and enjoyment,not a task and reboot is a process that takes time and it has it's ups and downs, but the main thing is: REBOOT WORKS.

NOFAP 27 Days In

Hey guys, I thought I'd contribute to the ever growing scientific research community of NOFAP, lol. I got into this because I was experiencing ED with girls while having sex, and also severe delayed ejaculation. I could pretty much only cum if I jacked off with a strong death grip; getting off inside a girl was almost impossible for me.

My tipping point for getting a handle on this was when I was with this really cute Japanese girl; I had never had one before, so I was excited to fuck her, but I just couldn't get hard. I had to think about porn, and even as she was riding me, I just felt soft at best. I was like screaming at my penis inside my mind -- wtf is going on??? But yah, needless to say -- she was very much disappointed and pretty much resisted any future advances for sex again (even though we still hung out once in a while).

After that, I began reading up to see if anyone else had the same problems as me, found YBOP and then this community. I decided to join the movement, and it's been 27 days so far. I deleted my porn collection, threw away all my toys and I keep myself busy with gym and work to take my mind off sex.

Here are some of the things I noticed during the last 4 weeks or so:

Week 1: - First few days, you don't really think much of it - 4-5th day - you crave porn - but it's kinda mild so you can fight it off

Week 2: - Depression starts to hit in - like you think about how you're alone and you're not where you want to be in life yet - You start really wanting to watch your porn -- like half my days were consumed with me wanting to PMO but really fighting myself to resist and read NOFAP for motivation. I read a lot of your guys' stories - which were kinda similar to mine, so I felt encouraged to stay away - I cemented everything by deleting my porn, by day 12 or so (that was a huge step - but once it's gone, it's gone - and you can't go back) - To circumvent my depression, I made goals for myself and reorganized my schedule so I could better achieve them

Week 3: - I continued to feel pretty depressed, but I kept myself busy with going to the gym and focusing on work (like actually learning stuff, doing my job instead of wasting time - trying to be a better achiever). - I also went out more, using Meetup.com and finding parties on Facebook to go to, to meet new people. - I also worked at Starbucks more (instead of home, I freelance) so I could be around people and not feel lonely/isolated - I started hitting up women online more seriously (before I'd just give up at the first few rejections) -- like my game was better, even though I was getting blown out a lot, I didn't let the rejections phase me, and eventually got 2-3 numbers from semi-cute girls.

Week 4: - I'm waking up daily with massive hard-ons. I feel tempted to MO, but I don't (it's super hard to resist just touching though -- but I keep myself from turning it into full on edging. If anything, I'm just more admiring how nice it looks, lol) - I have several dates lined up for the weekend -- but I'm needy as fuck, and I feel as though I might scare my girls away by being too needy for sex - I really, really want sex -- it's weird, because before with porn, I wouldn't really care if I got laid or not. Now it's like a serious DAMN BRO, when are you gonna get laid thing that bothers me whenever I'm alone or without some work to do. Talk about HARD MODE. - As a result though, I've been super persistent on the online dating sites, really pushing for more dates -- at least one a night. So far I've only had one date, but the girl wasn't that attractive in RL, plus the logistics sucked. Better luck next time? lol.. - I also am approaching girls more in the day -- I opened girls at Starbucks, then at a mall -- so far got one number with this HB German, but she flaked later so I'm still trying to work it…

Pros to doing this: - I'm becoming more persistent. I think that's a good thing, because I usually didn't care before or was pretty unmotivated in life. - Even though women give me a lot of bullshit, I feel like I can weed the ones who suck out faster and not waste my time -- that's actually a good thing, because I'm finding ones who are cool much faster.

- This keeps me from becoming one of those cynical misogynist types -- u know the ones who spend all day on the Internet hating on women and everything else?

- I feel like I'm actually setting goals for once and meeting them.

Cons to doing this: - You become needy as fuck -- which scares off women. However, you can overcome this and make your game even better than before. (I also think you become more honest too with your intentions -- like your intent is clear from the start so she feels it too) - You could literally spend a whole day in depression -- be prepared to 'throw away' a lot of days - I would NOT recommend NOFAP to anyone who is in the middle of a serious project at work or school; the stress will probably destroy your grades or career lol. You need a lot of time to dedicate to this and just to go through the whole emotion.

- I got through this because I'm able to clear out my whole schedule and just focus only on 3 things in my life: 1) Freelance Work 2) Gym & 3) Ladies. If you have more than that going on -- it may be difficult.

TL:DR - NOFAP is HARD. You will cry a lot and seriously question your life. But in the end, if you are someone who wants to succeed in life -- you'll find a way to survive and come out stronger.

Stats: 24 yo, Single, but have had sex 4 times since starting

Started 42 days ago w/ 1 restart

Started beating of at 10 yo, porn ~11, damn HBO

Coupling NoFap with /r/seduction/r/Keto/r/fitness/r/motivation/r/malefashionadvice/r/meditation and /r/yoga

Goal: Doing NoFap to re-stabilize my libido and cure the two biggest issues to my confidence with women, PE and ED

------ OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way-------

I have been revamping my life for the past couple of months and No Fap has become tied with Seduction for the most important piece of it. I have always struggled with ED and PE. I have never been able to use a condom due to the "suffocating" sensation of lack of horniness. Then my flaccid penis would dribble out and bing, bang, pop, the girl is so confused and I'm demoralized.

Well fapstronauts, I can say as of the past two weeks that has gone away! I have had sex with 4 different girls over the past 2.5 weeks, and have been at a full on raging boner every single time! I can't thank this community enough, it has honestly changed everything. Also, my turnaround time has significantly improved. Last night 2 hours and I was ready to go again. It was unbelievable as my libido would usually subside for a day or a day and a half previously.

Also, my self control (pe) has drastically improved. I can't explain the difference very well, but when I have sex I can really enjoy it and can withstand the temptation to cum/ calm myself down a little bit when it occurs to last longer.

As for "superpowers" I know that I'm more confident now, i carry a big stick at the bars and use PUA techniques relentlessly, but I am no where that I want to be. Not yet anyway.

Again thank you community, I'm planning on writing a list of all of the gains - pros/ cons for 60 days. keep on keepin on.

oh and for those interested, here I was after my first week. A fairly substantial change if you ask me!


porn is more harmful then anyone think

After no use of pmo or m I am starting to see positive effects little by little. A month ago my penis would be completely dead, even when I was touched by girls. After seeing this effect which my body had, I realized something was wrong with my ed. I went online and found this website as well as ybop. I finally foud my problem. Before heavy use of pmo for an entire year, I had a gf which I never pmo or m and everything was working perfectly with me. Now, after a month of no pmo or m I feel much better and my penis is actually reacting by me simply thinking about sexual encounters. It feels great. Last night while at the movies, by simply touching my friend, I got an erection but not 100%.

The case is, I recommend anyone suffering from ed to have a strong commitment to themselves and not pmo or m while in their reboot. It is 100% worth it in the long run. The feeling I now have is almost life changing knowing that my penis now works as it should.

Stay strong guys and don't give up. Think about other things during the process and keep busy and AWAY from a computer, only use it for important and necessary thing. Before rebooting I would find myself looking at porn while doing stuff online. So be very careful.

90 Days Completed.

I've finally done it! 90 days without fapping or porn, and on Hardcore Mode.

I first started for one main reason: ED. And I can now happily say this seems to have been cured finally. I haven't yet slept with a girl since starting but I am now getting erections a helluva lot easier and much stronger too! So hopefully this will remain the case once I do eventually get lucky.

I wish I could report about a magical self-transformation into a confident, easy-going, relaxed, positive, focused etc person like other reports I've read throughout my journey, but unfortunately I remain none of the above!

Other than the ED (or lack of it), I feel a lot more aroused from things I wouldn't have 90 days ago. I guess I desensitized my brain with the constant novelty and ever-increasing extreme pornography so I must say I do feel like 15 again, getting an erection from a bit of nipple!

I'm now going to aim for 100 days as my next target!

Good luck to everyone else. As Nike famously say; just do it.

90 days after...

Yes, I did it.

I'm 28. For about 3-4 years I had ED. I am taking ED meds (viagra-like) for about 1,5 year. Sometimes it was better, sometimes worse, but I felt that I need this drugs to get erection. My girlfriend was feeling bad too. She thought that it's her fault and she isn't hot enough for me.

90 days ago I watched "Your Brain On Porn" TEDx video and it changed my life. I knew that porn and fapping has bad influence on me but I just had no motivation to change it. The video did it. I just wanted to have sex with my gf without any problems.

First 2 weeks were really hard, but I managed to do it. Later I flatlined for a while (I don't rememeber how long). About 3 last weeks were the best. We have really great sex very often and I feel really comfortable every time (I don't think about my erection anymore while having sex).

Now I know, that I don't want porn and fapping anymore. I'm happy without it.

In this 3 months I started to run regularly. I stop procrastinating and started my own bussiness now. I don't think that noFap magicaly helped me do this things, but I'm sure that noFap was starting point to make my life better.

If you have any questions or want any advice - I'll try to answer :)

Today is somewhere around 2 months that I have not PMOd. I don't keep track of days anymore because somehow I relapse with my mind thinking that I "deserve" a little peek since Ive been doing so well. The brain is a tricky thing. Now I try to look at it as being a person that does not watch porn or masturbate. No ifs, ands, or buts. Anyway, so its around two months now and Im getting very good erections every morning. Its been a year

Let's call it a success story

Anyway, been posting around here for 6 months now. I got 10 pages of stuff in my journal to prove it. :)

Last week I fooled around with a chick and came from a BJ for the first time in years. Actually, came from being with a woman for the first time in years. The last few years I never could cum while having sex or getting a BJ. Hell, the last a couple of years I've had a severe ED, a pretty much dead dick. Shit worked last week though. Finally. I don't think I was as hard as I want to be but obviously hard enough. 

I think I am nowhere near where I want to be. I maybe expect too much, I am 36 after all. But this will only be a complete success story once I have sex with a chick. And not just once. But I like where this is headed. I can see the progress, I can see the changes. It is up and down (no pun intended), but things are improving.

It will probably take me 9-12 months to get there. Not exactly 3-5 months that you read about here. But I don't give a shit. I want to get there. And I will get there. Period

Anyone else suffer from porn induced ED?

I suffered from porn-induced ED and was in a similar situation a couple months ago. I could it get up enough to work about half the time at first. Then I discovered NoFap over winter break, and didn't see my girlfriend for about 2 weeks. When we came back to college, we had sex 9 out of the first 10 days without any serious ED (alcohol still posed a problem). I was blown away by the difference.

Obviously everyone and every situation is different. But I feel like you should be cautiously optimistic about it. IMO, mental attitude is another important component to this. I know that I had some performance anxiety from the ED. But every time, I tried to tell myself it was a fresh start and focus on the sensations and block out any thoughts of past ED. And relax. Not like a sleepy-relaxed, but a confident-I-know-things-are-gonna-work-relaxed.

Also, don't judge the whole night a failure if you can't get it up. Get her off with your fingers or mouth before you try PIV. Then whether you get it up or not, you know she's had some fun. And again, whether or not you get it up, afterwards, cuddle and talk to her about NoFap. She probably won't want all the details, but at least explain that you're in a proven recovery process. Even if you don't see the results in a week, you are healing.

ED Gone but Premature Ejaculation an issue now. Help?

Been doing nofap for quite a while now and I feel that my issues with ED are 99% gone, the problem is when I try to masturbate (without porn of course) I can feel orgasm coming on within a minute and im using the lightest grip possible. Has anyone found a solution to this? OTHER THAN KEGELS. I almost wish I had DE at this point, its far less embarrassing. Thanks

I'm going to try to make this short and to the point. (link)

Rebooting Experience: It was one of the most difficult things I have done in my life.  I used my disgust in my poor sexual performance as my fuel for motivation.  I wasted so many years of my life struggling with erection problems.
Like yourself, hot stripper lap dance my mind was excited but there would be NO action in my pants.  Sex was a gamble without some type of ED pill to sustain and maintain an erection.  

How I Feel Now: GREAT!!!!   I can get erection just talking to a woman on the phone or thinking about a woman.  I have no problems getting erections now even though in my mind I sometimes doubt myself.  But that is from my previous ED issues and that will pass over time.  Now 98% of the time I'm erect without any effort when it comes time for sex.  
I cut out masturbation totally so I'll have a wet dream once in a while.  So if I'm going to orgasm I better find a woman to be with.  I made the no masturbation choice because I don't want my body getting used to it or risk falling back into PMO.  I may look at some pics of women a buddy might send occasionally but I do not engage in viewing porn movies because that causes your brain to get off balance.

I'm not a young guy I'm 46 years old and I feel like I felt in my 20's.

90-something day report

Observations on 90-something days fap free:

  • Porn/Fap-induced partial ED is gone. Get very hard very easily. G/F has been brought to PIV orgasm much more frequently these days.
  • Constantly sexually frustrated, constantly horny, high standards (perhaps coming from benefits of working out), often frustrated with G/F for insufficient sexual frequency. Lots of time spend fantasizing/planning of sexual encounters with other women (though none have happened).


  • Work out (lift, run, bike) 5 of 7 days per week (this has been going on for years though).

Though it has introduced some frustrations and - to some extent - torment, I have no intention of going back to fapping/PMO. Above all else, the confidence that my pseudo-ED is no longer an issue whatsoever is the greatest of benefits. The inner turmoil about lack of frequency of sexual can be channeled to other pursuits. Additionally, once refraining from PMO/MO becomes a habit, it is not too hard to keep up. Same thing with going to the gym: if you make it a daily habit, it's no longer a big deal to keep it up.

Misc note: I am incredibly suspicious of people who write that NoFap has given them "superpowers" - I find them either unintelligent (unable to see a possible placebo effect) or living in a lala-land where their observations don't match reality. NoFap has helped solve a very specific problem, namely porn/fap-induced ED, as well as enhanced my experience, performance, and confidence "in the bedroom"

I am filled with healthy sexual energy, and I'm not going to waste it on some porn actress who will never know I exist.

I was just sitting in my bed watching a movie and texting my girlfriend, and all of a sudden I became rock hard. Not because I was horny for porn, but because of a real woman who feels the same way about me.

Brothers (and sisters), THIS is why we do it. We do it to live a life with normal emotions for real people, to take back control of ourselves. This is how normal sexuality feels, and I never could have gotten to this point alone. Thank you NoFap.

Kegel+Nofap= No ED?

I dont know much about kegals, but I have heard that they are a good thing to do to strengthen the area. As far as coupling with nofap to cure PIED...couldnt hurt. What I do know is that I had intermittent bouts with PIED for many years. Its the porn brotha...always has been and always will be. Want to cure your PIED? Its a simple as completely ridding yourself of pornography for good. If a limp Dick with real chicks is not enough motivation for you to quit porn I dont know what is. That is as powerful a motivator to a man with PIED that I can think of. I had it brotha. I no longer have it.

I looked at porn and fapped for 25+ years and the amount of consumption led to either success in the bedroom or complete failure. Think about the potential of having a limp noodle when your with the girl of your dreams and she is naked practically begging you to fuck her when you have the urgw to look at porn. Use that motivation/fear to conquer the hold porn has. You want to be a good lover whenever the time is right. You do not want to sexond guess your ability to perform each and every time. Good luck bro...if you want to cure your PIED...quit looking at porn for good or fail with real woman almost every single time. Sounds harsh, but its the truth.

Where to begin? Our family got dial up internet around 1998 or 1999. I had heard about masturbation from school mates and even my Dad told me about it (he never imagined a sinster porn element). Around 2000 I was the typical healthy teenage hornball with spontaneous erections every other minute. I remember finding the website for page 3 of "The Sun" tabloid newspaper (topless poses) and so began my mastubation journey having just turned 12. It was fairly easy to evade parental detection when I knew more about the net than them.

Fast foward to age 14-17 and my porn habit had escalated dramatically. I tried to surf porn nearly every day when coming home from school and my Dad wondered why our phone bill was so high (in days of dial up). In the summer holidays I had to be spending an average of 2-3 hours per day on porn. It had escalated in content too, into genres I am too ashamed to share. By age 16/17 I was not getting the same sexual response that any teenager would expect to receive; although somewhat in denial I did suspect it was the porn.

Fast foward to age 17/18; My mother was a committed Christian and thought it would be a good idea to attend confirmation classes at my local church. Through my teens, ironically/ hypocritically I had maintained an interest in Christianity and prayed occasionally to rid myself of my porn addiction. I hated who I had become; I was a walkover at school, did not stand up for myself and became a doormat. About 17 and a half, with the exception a few relapses onto milder "vanilla" porn, I gave up for good, pretty much cold turkey.(porn not masturbation). I was determined to live out my life in private as it should have been in public prior to making a public confirmation pledge.

I continued as a Christian through early part of uni until age of 21/22 with very few relapses. At one stage I even stopped masturbation for several months. However around age 22 I began to question my faith and basic tenants/ validity of scriptures. Slowly but surely, my faith began to unravel. I think the sex negative culture of Christianity helped and supported a fight against masturbation and porn. But I began to socialize more with non Christians and enjoyed going out to bars etc.

Fast foward to age 23 to present day. I graduated Uni age 23 and was extremely luck to find a good job in a great town almost straight way. However there was one major impediment to my self confidence; I was still a virgin. In private, my porn use had started to escalate again however it was nowhere near teenage levels; not ever trying to justify it but perhaps 2 or 3 hours or so per week with fapping. I made friends fairly quickly in my new town however something was still missing; my confidence with women. I had a couple of great opportunities with girls when I first moved but I did not seal the deal (I questioned their attractiveness in my head, almost certainly as a result of porn). They were both great girls who would have been cool with a virgin's deflowering. My porn habit continued at the same background rate of 1-2x per week, average 1-3 hrs weekly.

At 25 I moved to a town nearby; many of my existing social circle of friends moved away. I was desparate to meet ppl and began talking with a girl from my hometown at work. I worked in a different department to her but I asked if she knew any socials happening soon. She invited my out with a few friends that Friday; we got quite flirty, then when everyone else had gone. Before I knew it we were heading back to hers; Result!? However in the pants department, nothing was working. Dead. I attributed this to nerves and alcohol. The next morning we tried and I successfully lost my virginity however I was maybe only 70% hard and lost my erection 2 mins in. (I explained my virginity age 25 to her - quite a shock to her but she was really understanding). I was gutted that my first time I had equipment failure. I expected to be hard as a rock. Again I suspected porn and found this website. Instantly I resolved to quit porn and minimize fapping, at least to imagination only. I stayed porn free for a month; during this time I continued seeing my work colleague (now a friends with benefits) and sex became much more successful. 10 days after the intial failure we had sex successfully twice, each time around 90% hard. I felt like I was turning a corner. By the end of september sex was fantastic for both of us (despite not lasting as long as I would like). My confidence in other areas also improved and I felt like I had more of a presence at work and socially, and I was not afraid to argue my case.

Fast foward to the start of October; I have relapsed with porn 5 times in 5 days, albeit briefly. However no fapping. But it is the porn I hate more than anything, this is what has the corrosive effect on confidence, relationships and virility. I am resolved to make Oct 9th by last no porn reset day. I have started a journal to chronicle my feelings and my partner has been supportive throughout, which helps so much.

I'm still not completely convinced regarding the no fap concept; I think telling teenage boys its wrong this may lead to unnecessary amounts of guilt and self hatred etc. It is in many ways a natural thing to do; just not with porn EVER. You should only use your imagination, as in days gone by, if thinking about your partner even better. And fapping should not be a daily or go to activity when you're bored or sad; it should only be when you are incredibly horny.

(32M) 179 days free of porn destroy ED !!! and exitation come back a little for the real deal ; )

I make love with a girls today,the last time they are two day ; ) My exitation was very little but my dick worked and i cum.little sensation on the dick. I m 179 days free of porn and it s the sixt time i have good sex this month,the sixt time of my life i take pleasure at sex!!!! I think i m just in the midle of my reboot because my pleasure is so far the pleasure i had with porn,it s a very very different pleasure,i have to improve many sensation and feel with girls. Maybe i had too many orgasm with girls for the moment? My mind is more clear and very cool no anxiety with girls ; ) I confident for the future!

Rewireing is the most important thing !

I already wrote an article, in which I sad that I went 30 days without PMO. The sad truth is, that i relapsed after 33-34 days. (I can't remember) Right after that day I met my current girlfriend. We were both drunk and we had sex. I wasn't 100% hard but i still made her cum, so that was a success for me. I guess, because I was drunk I didn't think about what was going to happen if its not works and things like that so that is why its happened that way.

After that we tried to have sex a couple of times, but we couldn't because of me. It didn'work. I was really afraid that its not going to work, and whats going to happen. But something happened with me, what i can't explain. From that point the sex is going better and better every time. I'm still not 100% but I can easily have sex 2-3 times a night. This was impossible for me before and without rewireing it would still be impossible.

So, I think you guys must find a girl, you you could rewire with, because thats the key part of your reboot. And since i have sex almost every day, I no longer think about porn or masturbation. Its not an option anymore.

38 days, ED improving, DE "cured", and... relapsed

Hi mates!

Just a little report for those who are struggling with ED and/or DE.

So I am with this girl, we attempted sex a couple of times, but I couldn't get it up. I told her it was the NoFap "flatline", I didn't tell her I have a strong ED (30% of successful intercourses) since the beginning of my sex life (8 years ago, I'm 28). I did tell her I have DE (I only came 3 times out of several hundreds while having sex or oral).

So last night was the night, I got a negative STD test result so I didn't have to use a condom (which drops the chances to get it up). I took 50mg of Viagra because I wanted to have more chances. Viagra helps, but doesn't do everything, I think it helps foranxiety, but not for the porn-induced aspect.

So it went fine on my side, but she was too nervous, and it was too tight to have sex. I was quite happy, since for once it's not "my fault" :)

Then she started a blowjob, and it lasted for a while... I really wanted to finish, so I started to think of porn scenes... BAD IDEA and after a couple of minutes I came!

So yeah, it's not good I thought of porn, but even when I used to do this before NoFap, it wouldn't work. So there's an improvement. The ED is also getting better, as it didn't work with Viagra before.

In the morning, I started to feel the "chaser effect", and... I relapsed. I think it's also because I thought of porn while getting the bj. I think it would have been better not to come and wait until I'm 100% cured for that, but I wanted it badly :) So yeah, it sucks, but I'm happy with the progress, and ready to go further.

I'm going to get back on track, I hope the streak won't be ruined, this was awesome!

It was my first star after months of struggling by the way, so don't loose hope. Believing that you can do it is the best advice I can give to you. This mindset really changed the way I did this streak.

Stay strong my friends, it may take time, but it really seems to work.

Good luck.

From this thread - Sex Anxiety or Porn Related Erectile Dysfunction?


I've suffered from this problem myself, and the only way to fix it is to totally cut out the porn and let your brain recover.

Sources online (I can't google them for you because I'm on my phone) explain that it's an addiction of sorts, relating to how the brain interprets sexual desire.

Give up the porn and re learn how to get off without it. Personally, I couldn't even get it up without visual stimulation, now I can give it a few tugs and be ready to go. YMMV but it sounds as though you're in a similar situation to the one I was in.



I bet that's the site you refered to. Helped me a lot, too. For me it didn't take nearly as long as what they decribed on that site to see positive effects. Just give it a try.

Before, I couldn't get off no matter what the other person did, or how attracted i was to them. Instead of enjoying what was happening I was in my own head, trying to think of some porn fantasy, trying harder and harder to imagine something to get me off until until I felt kinda dizzy.

Two weeks after I stopped watching porn and cut down masturbation i got my first orgasm from a handjob. Such an incredible feeling. Suddenly I could really let myself go. Not a thought in my mind.

I must confess I haven't successfully had penetrative sex yet. Tried it three times with different partners. Then I stopped watching porn and cut masturbation down to a minimum. Met someone I feel really safe with and when I think of having sex with him I am so much more confident. I am so looking forward to it. I think I really need intimacy and trust or it just won't work. Could be social anxiety playing into it.


That wasn't it, but thanks for the link, looks pretty interesting. I think the stuff I found was on Psychology Today, but I can't find the pages for the life of me.

I was in the exact same boat as you, not being able to get off at all with anybody else and really felt like crap over it. I think a lot of it was mental, I'd go into a sexual encounter thinking "what if my dick doesn't work" and what not, which makes it worse. But as you experienced, when things started to work again, confidence came back and it was easy to get lost in the moment.

As for penetrative sex, I would suggest giving up masturbating for a while. It helps to have someone you feel safe and confident with while you "get back on the horse", I've got a guy I'm seeing pretty regularly and experienced orgasm from fucking him for the first time since I was about 17 (I'm 24). It definitely works, whether or not it's psychosomatic is besides the point when the results speak for themselves.

PIED report and SEX success

(before nofap) I somehow got a much older/taller girl that ive had a crush on for almost a year. I thought she was out of my league I felt so lucky. But when it was time for my penis to function and show her how much I wanted to please her. It failed me.

I felt like damn shit. Thought it was over I ruined my chances. Was depressed. So I watched more porn and masturbated to feel better. which turned out to be just a temporary fix that left me more depressed.

I didn't want to give up and found out about nofap. Ive been going on here everyday for 7 days straight. Reading at least 3 hours of material everyday. During my 1 week streak I was finally able to get a rock hard erection and we had sex twice in the course of 2 hours. It felt amazing and I was happy because she seemed really happy. Superpowers? Fuck il believe it. Im definitely gonna quit porn for good and will not masturbate as long as I possibly can.

Erections not as powerful on Porn.

I notice that when I stop watching porn for awhile I get very strong erections. You know those ones where it just feels good to be that hard. When I get them I forget that that's what a REAL erection is like. But when I watch porn on a regular basis I never get THAT aroused. I obtain and erection but it is merely just hard. I'm still battling this addiction but that is going to motivate me even more now. Does anybody else experience this? Also When having sex with a woman, I notice that when I have those better erections they can't tell and love it. And they can also tell when you're not as hard as can be. I remember this girl told me to take the condom off But I didn't have one on. I'm pretty sure it's because she felt I wasn't hard enough.

One problem cured, another problem started

So I no longer have PIED but now I can't last worth a damn. I had about 50 days before I MO'd and then have a new streak going but I can barely last during sex. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any remedies?

I want to keep going with this nofap streak (better life quality)

First "semi" success 80 days

First of all let me tell you that I've got not worst case of pied. Next let me tell you that at I'm not recovered yet. But now I can see a successful future.

(English is not my natural language)

I'm 25 years old with little sexual exp (never cum during intercourse)

3 months ago i met a beautiful girl, and very quickly we've got in relationship.
When i went to her house guess what happened...(I'm lucky because we live in different cities)
I went to an urologist and he told me that I'm physically fine...

Now let me tell you about my pmo past.
I'm lucky cause i hooked into internet porn at not early age..its about 3-4 years ago. and only last 1.5-2 years I become addicted.
I never involved into extreme genres.
Only softcore porn and stuff with naked news.
I'm very lucky cause i found immediately YBOP (thanks god about this)
About a month ago i met her again and I told her everything about my problem and I asked her to stop our relationship if she couldn't afford that.
She refused (thanks thanks thanks)..
Now About a week ago she came in to my house.(after 80 days of no PMO)
I noticed semi erections by kissing her and erections about 80% hardness while she touching me and while she gives me oral sex.
First 3 days i failed to get inside her. But 4rth day (with a help of 2-3 glasses of vodka) i was able to!!!
We have sex for about 5-6 minutes until i lost my erection again.
I didn't disappointed cause i saw an improvement and now i can imagine how i will be on day 120 or day 200..
I've already started to educate my urologist about PIED and he's already started to give public information about this..
I'm not recovered but now I'm happy cause i know i will be..
Before I finish this topic i want to tell you that you have to stay strong.
Be patience and success will come..I promise you that.
Even the worst days which you're in danger of relapse you have to ask to yourself if you re happy when you are viewing porn. NO YOU ARE NOT.
Guys porn it's not an option for me anymore.
Be patience for as long as your brain needs. Its the best thing you can do..
One last i want to tell you. If you have ED and you have a gf give her all day oral sex.
Don't stop lick her clit. Girls love this very much. Mine gf told me that even I regain my erectile health to never stop doing this to her.
Good luck my friends.
I will update you my situation in day 120..

How long did it take to conquer PIED?

I've had porn induced erectile dysfunction well over a year. I can still get hard for a short time, but not the type of destructive erections as before. I'd like to hear from those who have had PIED, how long they had it, and what worked for you? Thanks....tired of failing!


Almost a month, my girlfriend was super patient and I learned about being mindful which helped out a ton, only time I go soft now is when we have too much sex. I had been an avid porn watching masturbating horn dog for over 10 years of my life too.


I had PIED for about six months. Took about 5-6 months to get completely over it, but I think at after about 2 month, it became more of an anxiety issue about not getting hard that took over because I'd have hard erections at other times. I'd have good days and not so good days. If anything happened during sex that distracted me or if I started to loose it, I'd start worrying. But now it's gone. It just takes time away from PMO and you'll get back to normal.

Hey man. Did you ever have PIED? I'm trying to get over ED at 20 years old. :/

Link - I had ED yes, I couldn't get it up my first time. On this streak I have had sex once and I had no problems getting it up. But I was also very close with the girl I had sex with.

PIED Bye Bye

I started NoFap because of my PIED and DE. 27 years old discovered Internet P and M in my pre teens. Was PMOing least once a day for over the past 15 years or so.

I don't know if I'm lucky or what but I haven't had many of the things described. Such as being introvert or depression etc. I've been with a lot of girls, always look people in the eyes, successful, able to talk to anyone etc. I've just always had a 50-50 chance probably more like 80-20 chance of getting an erection. I've had girls say "what are you gay?" Things like that.

So today is technically day 21 but I have news. On day 19 I ended up getting an HJ and was about to finish in like 5 mins. Sensitivity is way up. A few hours ago I had sex and was about to hold an erection the whole time. I didn't finish. Now it wasn't 100% but I would say it was a good 85%. On day 19 I would say it was around 70%.

Now I am still going to continue on at least a 90 day quest, but I haven't used P or M in these 21 days. I have no urge to do it either. I wake up with really strong urges not to use P and M but just to hook up.

Either way I am putting this down in my book as a major success. Being able to get an erection, hold it, even when I had to go get a condom, and the entire time is awesome.

I think it helps by explaining it to them what is going on so I don't put so much pressure on myself to perform and disappoint them if it doesn't happen.

Went 63 days with out masturbating

I managed to go 63 days without masturbating which is a personal record for me, previously the longest I had gone was about 14 days. I masturbated in the closing minutes of October 31 and managed go all of November and December 2016 with out masturbating before finding myself lying in bed, grinding the mattress after watching two videos. My streak started on November 1, 2016 and ended on January 3, 2017.

I've been a bit stressed lately and honestly this felt good and it took the edge off but as I'm sitting here coming down off the orgasm, I'm having extreme amounts of clarity (as well as a pounding headache) .....First, the 63 days I went without masturbating was more about endurance instead of quitting porn, in those 63 days I still looked at pictures of naked women and still peeped videos daily, despite not masturbating, so I was bound to fail at some point....I guess showed a great deal of endurance but didn't make any real progress.

On the positive side, I did notice the effects of greatly reduced brain fog, stronger erections and being able to get hard from normal, realistic things and normal realistic looking women, instead of anything related to the fantasy of porn. Which I think is a good thing.

Still, I'm kind of proud of my 63 days, even if it was more endurance than progress away from porn but I do want to take the next step and I want to really cut the porn out because I fully believe that if there was no porn. I'd probably be pushing towards day 64 right now.

So I'm gonna start another streak and this time try to keep my hands in their place and my browser on something PG.

READ THIS!! My Journey (Super-Successful)

Greetings fapstronauts, I just recently joined this sub and I quit PMO cold turkey since March 14 so it's been a lil over a month number wise maybe 36 ish days and I am just going to give a brief recount of my story so far. You can actually go through my previous posts as well to actually follow my journey in more detail, all my worries and question since Day 1.

So in this span I recall suspecting that I had PIED and a slight addiction because porn was a routine thing to me and I would honestly just watch b/c I couldn't think of anything better to do. Big Mistake. I stopped watching on march 14 b/c I was watching porn and had a rock erection but did not ejaculate; minutes later I got a call from a former fwb and could not perform. I was disappointed and she made me feel horrible on top of that. So since that incident I swore off on PMO.

However in the beginning even though I stopped watching P I was still looking at arousing content on IG and websites like WSHH and such. And although I wasn't watching porn I still got a slight tingle the same sensation when I would watch P just not as strong and I realized that this was not helpful even though it wasn't xxx content it still was pretty damn close and mimicking.

Things that I noticed changed, my flatline occurred the very next day I decided to stop and I feel like it went on for 2.5 weeks. This period was frustrating because you have pretty much no sexual libido or desire to do anything. During this time I did my best to get out of my room and just interact outside and enjoy the sun since I am fortunate enough to have good weather. It really made a big difference. I was also doing kegel excercises and regular excercises not everyday but at least 3 times out the week. I also feel like my thought process and mind were clearer.

The first thing I realized that was different and was so amazing was that I began to have vivid dreams that were sometimes wet dreams best thing ever! I realized that I was depriving myself of sleep with my PMO habit and sleep is and essential process at least aim for 7 hours nightly. I know these are things that y'all probably here all the time but in my case I seen these benefits in a progression and I have not relapsed yet but there was one close call.

So yesterday was my 21st birthday, and I celebrated as you should on your 21st by drinking. But not only that the girl that I am talking to now came over and we had amazing sex even though recently we struggled on multiple occasions because I was either having PIED, Performance Anxiety, or Stressed as hell from college; It probably was a combination of the three. And after a few failed attempts at sex on my part I even told her that P could be a reason that I'm not getting erect and she was real upset but surprisingly understanding. So if you have a girl yeah it's embarrassing but it's so much better once you get it off your chest and now you're on the journey for you and her.

And I don't believe alcohol was completely the reason, I got a full erection while she was grinding on me and when I went to grab the condom and put it on it stayed firm it did not die away at all. We had sex and I came then we were just laying down when she started teasing me again in a sexy position, but she didn't have to touch me and she was clothed just from my pure imagination and excitement I was erect again and ready to go in 10 mins or less! And that was the whole goal for me to be able to get erect naturally with minimal physical stimulation how it should be.

I get more aroused just by thinking and it's the greatest feeling fuck porn! It is not as satusfying as you thinking wow she's cute and your dick responds to a female in reality not on a screen. But that's just my experience and I plan to only move forward from here and I was a regular PMO'er.

Sorry this post was so long but I just want to hopefully inspire someone b/c I keep seeing these stories about relapses and I understand it's hard but you guys have to make that step to ferociously avoid PMO. This is in my experience where you just feel like a whole new person and not a shadow or a shell of yourself. This was my first attempt so you can do it a relapse is not worth taking back control of your own mind, dick, and life. GOOD LUCK fellas!

Day 38 and my life is totally changed.

Hi, I am from muslim majority country where getting sex is something really really hard. Anyways coming back to the topic and making things short. I have been masterbating from past 10 years. I am 22 right now. I had been facing all the nightmares that porn could ever give to anyone. No wet dreams, no morning wood, no friends ( not even males), no girl to even talk to even on fb. I was in severe ED. Tried to have sex with two prostitutes in past yet had no erection in bed and it made me even more of a jerk believing the fact that I am no more a man in the world.

I started NoFap 38 days back with my full dedication and believe me what ever I am about to say is gonna be real.

I have got some wonderful friends, great ones who would die for me. I have got 3 official gfs. One I got from fb, one is a friend of my friend, and one is from a random meeting. I had my date in this period after a big time. Even I was havinf alot of anxiety still got my kisses and hugs. Another meeting with the same girl and I had solid erections and she masterbated me. The third time we met on bed was awesome; we kissed and hugged for more than an hour and she gave me blowjobs and masterbated me yet she couldn't give m a release, I was hard the whole time, and she said did you take any medicines? I said nah... I didn't fuck her because she was on periods.

Another benifit is that now I start to love my self, I have started gym and rmeating clean( mostly vegetables, no sugar and oil). I see myself beautiful now, and not the ugly useless freak. My life is like totally changed.

Perhaps I am still on flat line as my erections are not strong and urges are just bearable. But guess what today I had my first wet dream of my life. I am just so happy thinking about getting married in next 5 years.

I love you NoFap and everyone here who has supported me.

24M, severe PIED for 3+ years. Lost my virginity last night to the love of my life. Huge confidence boost. Just wanted to share, feel free to AMA.

I've been at this nofap thing for 3 years after many failed attempts at having sex. I may have never accumulated a huge streak, (I think 87 days was my max) and I still have a long way to go, but this disease can be cured. Don't forget why you started.

Day 32 Recap Recovering from PIED

I started NoFap because I was becoming dependent on porn to fill my sexual lustful needs. When having sex with my girlfriend I just was not turned on at all, I was not getting aroused like the way I got aroused with porn and could not figure out what was wrong with me.

Now that I look back, I was watching some extremely weird porn, to get the dopamine rush.

I saw this video and got inspired. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhqx7yctQVk

Days 1 -Day 10 I was in complete flatline, I did bot feel anything sexual at all; I felt my penis was completely dead. Felt the need to watch porn just so I knew that I was able to achieve an erection.

Day 6 Girlfriend tried having sex with me, I was at the very bottom of a flatline and depressed, I couldn’t feel anything sexual whatsoever.

Day 12 Experienced a wet dream. I can’t remember the dream exactly but it was me having sex with a girl and I ejaculated while having sex with her.

Day 16 I began having weak morning erections maybe 50 to 60%, still in and out of a flatline and feeling depressed, I was down on myself but began to feel that I was able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Day 19 Experienced a 60-70% erection in the morning, later that day kissed with girlfriend and felt my erection coming to life while kissing with her. Did not have sex.

Day 20 Started to get urges to PMO(porn masturbate orgasm), used that energy at the gym.

Day 21 Noticed that my erections where stronger in the mornings. Noticed significant progress from day 17 to day 21.

Day 23 Felt like I fell into a flatline and felt a bit depressed and down on myself again.

Day 24- Day 32 Feel my erections getting harder and harder without the need of watching porn. Staying busy socializing with friends and enjoying the small things in life, like a dragon fly flying by my window every morning. I have noticed significant progress in the last few days, feel good about myself and starting to regain confidence.

I will continue to post progress, NoFap has really helped me out and I don’t think I would have found a solution without NoFap.