Emotional Freedom Technique

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People often recommend simple forms of acupressure tapping: EFT and TAT.

Here's what two people said about EFT:

  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a great tool in helping with self esteem/relationship issues. It's a form of acupressure and has amazing results. I highly recommend doing a few rounds on an issue that is bothering you.

    www.emofree.com is the main site. You'll find a lot of testimonials but I don't think they tell you exactly how to do it without buying the videos. There's also http://eft.mercola.com/ which has a youtube video on how to do it. It's very simple and effective, and if you don't see results right away that means either keep doing the rounds or be a little bit more detailed in your affirmation.

    Also I would like to recommend a positive affirmation that you write in a notebook. I found this out from my therapist and it seems to be working well. You need 15 lines to write down a positive affirmation like "I love and accept myself fully and completely". Each time you write it down, pay attention to your thoughts and write down the first thing that comes to mind. It's probably something negative like "I think I'm worthless" so you would write that down on the next page. You go back and forth and you'll usually notice a change in thought pattern near the end. Do this every day so you can hammer the affirmation into you subconscious.

  • There are so many great tips online for free. Here is a YouTube video I like:


    As goofy as this may seem to newbies, it is really amazing. I have never used this video in the morning, and not had a great day following. It's really incredible.

TAT has also been recommended on the forum:

  • TAT is an easy to use psychological acupressure technique
    www.tatlife.com. It is a very good self-healing technique which can help with anxiety. You can use it on "This fear," "I'm scared to become insane" and whatever old topic pops up in your brooding mind.

    AT the site, there's a section where you can download the instructions. Get them, print it out and try it. You will see there will be a difference and it will help you.