For the first time ever at age 34, I hit 120 days

For everyone out there that thinks this isn’t possible to quit the older you get…well now at the age of 34 I’ve had my longest streak and feel better than I have in a very long time.

Back in February I had some health problems develop that took me by surprise (developed shingles on my face) and I knew if I didn’t change anything that it will only get worse…I was lucky that the first time it was not that painful but I’ve heard horror stories that the pain can be so bad that people commit suicide. Now I don’t think my addiction had a direct correlation to shingles, but my overall lifestyle where i developed really bad habits, ate like shit, always stressed and looking for ways to cope and numb the pain has played a part of it. So on February 5th I decided to make a change….and I did.

I’ve attempted to quit a thousand times before….what made this time different? I honestly can’t give you the exact reason but I think it’s along the lines of all the past failures and the urgency of fixing my health that made me want to really change and….eating less. I feel like eating one meal a day not just fixed my porn addiction but all other addictions like my sugar/phone addiction. One meal a day a few hours before bed really saved my life. It creates self discipline. Once you can control your food urges… its incredible what else you can control.

Since then:

-I went from 177 lbs to 150 lbs at 15% body fat (almost have 6 pack)

-Exercise everyday with minimum 10,000 steps per day

-Eat way more healthier

-Have a job while currently taking a course to improve in my field

-MUCH more energy….off the charts

-MUCH more social

-Way more focus and attention to detail

-Also I developed a strong faith in God during this time

This is all within 120 days…now I’m not saying this will solve all your problems. Imagine this:

You want to build this car that’s in your garage, you have all the parts there and the instruction manual, but the problem is your hands and feet are tied up. All the tools, everything you need is in front of you but you can’t fucking move. Now imagine the knots get cut off and now you’re free to move around. That doesn’t mean the vehicle is complete and finished, you still have a lot of work to do…BUT not being tied up gives you the opportunity to now build this vehicle, its still hard, it still will take a lot of work, but having that opportunity is so valuable…

So for the ones that say “Man I’m on Nofap for 30 or 100 days and don’t see any results”…. it doesn’t work like that. You have to put the work in. Nofap gives you the opportunity to work on achieving results, it doesn’t give you results.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Good luck everyone on your journey!

By: TwistedLife

Source: For the first time ever at age 34, I hit 120 days.