iRights for Young People Using the Internet

Internet and digital technologies are a fundamental part of children and young people’s lives, impacting on their behaviour and shaping the world in which they live. Almost every aspect of a young person’s life has an online dimension and yet digital technologies are rarely designed with their needs in mind.

We believe that internet and digital technologies must be designed and delivered with the needs of the young at the forefront. Children and young people must be empowered to access the digital world creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly.

Our young people are poorly served by a public debate which is falsely polarised. We are told there is a stark choice to be made between freedom and protection. In the analogue world we balance this choice by giving children clear rights so that they can flourish in a safe and supportive environment.

The 5 iRights

1.The right to remove.

Everyone under 18 has the right to easily edit or delete content they have created, and access to simple and effective ways to dispute online content about them.
2.The right to know.
Everyone under 18 has the right to know who holds and profits from their information, what their information is being used for, and whether it is being copied, sold, or traded.
3.The right to safety and support.
Everyone under 18 can be confident they will be protected from illegal practices, and supported if confronted by troubling and upsetting scenarios online.

4.The right to make informed and conscious choices.

Everyone under 18 is free to engage online but also to disengageat will and not have their attention held unknowingly.
5.The right to digital literacy.
Everyone under18 is taught the skills to use and critique digital technologies and to be confident in managing new social norms. You can read and download the full iRights copy at our website