Europeans Move for Resolution on ‘Adolescents And Online Pornography’

Potential changes to the law by Europeans. A committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is calling for a debate on adolescent Internet porn use in order to alert the public to the following: Wanker's cramp

  • An alarming increase in the number of adolescents entering the most explicit and violent pornographic websites.
  • Children as young as 14, before they have matured an affectivity [i.e., emotion] linked sexuality, are surfing websites showing very hardcore images.
  • The excessive use of online pornography from early adolescence interrupts the maturity of sexuality linked to emotions and creates a kind of addiction to even the most violent images, leading to a kind of “sexual anorexia”.
  • Pornography and, above all, ease of access and the resultant overexposure to it, can create the same kind of addiction and sickness as that caused by drugs, compulsive gambling and sadomasochism.

The motion is signed by 41 Council members from over twenty countries. The Council of Europe itself represents 47 European countries. It is responsible for the Court and Convention on Human Rights and has quite a lot of influence in the Economic Union. For instance it produced a paper on the thalidomide issue initially and a few years later the EC Commission developed the directive on Product Liability.

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