Francesca Palazzolo: Addiction Counsellor & Author of Pornography Research (podcast)

questioning pornography podcast


Francesca Palazzolo is the author of a study I highlighted in a previous research episode, which explores the various negative effects that problematic users of internet pornography can experience. She is also an addiction counsellor and psychotherapist who has front-lines experience working with clients who struggle with porn addiction. In our conversation, we discuss such questions as: the controversy over the word “addiction”, the popular trend of citing a single study to “debunk porn addiction” and the flaws in that study, taking a holistic approach in addiction counselling, and more.

Further resources/links of interest:

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The Questioning Pornography Podcast seeks to promote thoughtful and critical conversation on porn’s effects on individuals and society, relying upon scientific research, empirical data, and anecdotal evidence.