Move your furniture around

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moving eyesAddiction researchers speak of a phenomenon called "conditioned place preference" as being a big factor in relapse. If researchers move rats from the cage in which they became hooked on a drug to another cage and offer them the drug, they often won't use it. But if they return them to the original cage, the rats almost always begin using again.

So make some changes. Consider putting your computer in a more public location. Transform your "porn space" environment. Get rid of your "masturbation chair," redecorate your space, or simply move your furniture around.

Here's one guy's report:

Spent a full day of moving stuff around my apartment. Was unable to switch around my entertainment center (my computer runs through my television), based on the set-up of the room, but changed the orientation of the room.

[2 days later] The reorientation of my apartment has been wonderful as I don't feel any of the same associations that I did in the past set-up. It's weird how moving everything a few feet and turning items a few degrees can change the energy surrounding your attachment.

Another guy:

I put my desktop computer away. It's the one I've masturbated on for years, and it's the one that's least reliable with the filtering. I don't use it for anything but porn and wasting time. I can finish all I need to get done on my laptop.

Or, move yourself:

What has helped me is that I had to move for work, so I was taken out of my place of former problematic ways into a fresh new place. I’ve been putting my spare time into more creative outlets. Also getting back into fitness, which gets me on a natural high with endorphins. It’s so satisfying when running around beautifully fit women, and I'm actually not undressing them in my mind, just appreciating them in a pure, natural, human sense I guess. This has been increasing the confidence in me.

Another great idea:

I converted my desk into a standing desk, which has worked miracles on my poor internet browsing habits. Since I'm not comfortable and sitting in a chair, my computer usage has been reduced to stuff I need to do instead of just whatever I want.