My Ten Reasons

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I read these every morning and every night, and I'll modify them often. Borrow as you like, or write your own. Some of these give me the chills, so I know they struck a chord. Find your own reasons, and remind yourself often why exactly you are going through this trouble!

  1. Porn is enslaving. When I use porn I feel a compulsion to look at more porn. I don’t want my time, my energy, and my life to be under the control of pixels on a fucking computer screen. I don’t want to be compelled to jerk off into my own fucking hand! This is my life, and I want it back.
  2. Porn is vile. This is basically the only reason I need. It is a vile creation, a heinous display of the objectification and degradation of human beings to sex objects. It is a vile destruction of what makes me a man, that is, the ability to share myself with real women that I’ve actually attracted. Whether watching girls get abused, jizzed on, hit, choked, etc., or porn in which the girls are pretending to enjoy themselves, I’d be jerking off to the suffering of other human beings. The capacity to enjoy objectifying one’s own body for the sexual pleasure of a complete stranger thousands of miles away behind a computer monitor is not something to pleasure myself to, it is something to feel compassion for.
  3. Porn makes me beholden to women that don’t give a shit about me. Although the women in porn make it look like they love me, like they are writhing with pleasure because of me, like I mean something to them, the reality is they don’t give two shits about me. They would probably hate me and all the other pigs that jerk off to them. Pigs that jerk off to their suffering probably disgust them. They don’t care about my goals, my visions, my passions, my life; they want me to be a slave and to give me nothing in return. I don’t want to jerk off into my OWN FUCKING HAND to images of women that don’t give a shit about me, and I want to be a man of value to myself and to women, not a vile, dick-jerking pig.
  4. Porn is something that creates a sense of physical euphoria, which is why I tend to turn to porn when feeling stressed, frustrated, annoyed, tired, etc. However, I don’t want to be self-medicating with vile porn. I want to learn to deal with my emotions in a compassionate, patient, productive way, like meditation, art, or exercise.
  5. Porn actually makes me less emotionally stable. It removes natural sex drive, making it easier to get attached to some particular girl or idealistic notion of a girl. It allows me to avoid dealing with frustration, impatience, etc., making me a person less capable of regulating myself emotionally. I want to learn how to handle emotions in healthy ways.
  6. Porn numbs me to the joys of life. In an effort to numb the “unwanted” emotions (like frustration, jealousy, sadness, loneliness, boredom), it numbs the ability to actually feel shit. To the point where I don’t even feel sad thinking about loved ones dying. That shit is fucked up and I don’t want it.
  7. Porn degrades my ability to relate to people, especially women. I lose the natural instincts to interact with people, to understand people, and to approach, meet, and attract women, when I’m watching porn. It makes me more socially timid, more of a bitch. Let’s say that again: porn makes me more of a bitch. Boldness, self-assuredness, confidence, carefreeness, unapologetic-ness, charm, and balls all get wasted on tissues and pictures of girls that don’t care about me when I jerk off to porn. I want to be bold, charming, unrestricted, and socially free. I also want my sexual activity to be exclusively with real women, and I want to learn how to be a better sexual partner; porn teaches how to jerk off my own dick, but not how to love a woman. I want my sexual energy to be channeled into badassery, boldness, self-assuredness, and great sex with great, real women.
  8. My body is not an object. When I jerk off to porn, I treat my body as if it is some pleasure machine. My body is much more than that, and I do not live up to my potential as a man when I treat my body as nothing more than a means to pleasure. I want my sexuality is to be shared with a women who I like and who care about me, not wasted on tissues and pixels.
  9. Porn is a waste of time. It’s a disgrace to me as a man. It’s a disgrace to human sexuality. I don’t want that filth in my life.
  10. Porn makes me feel like I don’t care about any of these reasons. Nothing matters to a porn addict but porn. That’s fucked up. Something that could convince me to not care about all the harm it causes is vile, and I don’t want it in my life.

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