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NLP can help ease porn addictionA site member posted:

If you've been reading my blogs you will know that in recent months I have become increasingly interested in psychology. I have read books that look into the work of Bandler and Grinder, the fathers of NLP. At the moment I am reading some books by Paul McKenna. One of them is called Change Your Life in Seven Days, and although such a title may put some cynical people off I have been very impressed by the techniques that Paul uses. I am very much into the power of neurolinguistic programming and hypnotism. I believe one of the greatest problems I have faced in the past is deciding and then convincing myself of what it is that I want to do. The techniques I have read about recently would help many people to overcome addictions and to focus their minds better on their own potential. I would recommend this author to anybody because of the clear way in which he describes techniques which can be used to dig oneself out of any mental rut.

An interesting point is that we all put ourselves into what is known as a "trance" state periodically throughout every day of our lives. I think that one of the "trance states" common to people on this site who are fighting their porn addictions is the trance state of mind one has when viewing pornography. If people stop a moment to think about this (not during a porn session but beforehand LOL), learn a little more about how this state can be used positively, and then use the time for meditation, positive visualisation and relaxation stress can be reduced harmlessly and a positive frame of mind will ensue. Mix this with a little light exercise also.

The thing about the addiction I had to pornography was that it took so much of my time away that I had very little time to think about things. I felt as if I was in slavery to my addiction. Now I no longer have this problem it's amazing how different my life has become on a day-to-day basis. Really, although I still have my problems, I now have much more time, a clearer mind and thus more ability to be able to solve them. Also, my relationship with my wife has improved and we share more joy together, greatly improving my outlook on life.

Self hypnosis involving visualisation is a very powerful tool that will unable you to tune into and become the person that you always want to become. Basically the process involves meditating upon what truly makes you happy, constructing a mental vision of yourself as that happy incarnation, visualising what it would be like for you to experience that happiness and using the power of the senses in the imagination to fix that image (the improved self-image) in your mind subconsciously while daydreaming. The whole process is a type of guided daydreaming or meditation. It works for me and is making me feel more positive, less stressed and more able to cope with my daily life.

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