OFFICIAL Trigger List

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Long time lurker-First time Poster! Purpose of this post is to compile common triggers (other than being horny) that I found in old posts and myself. I came to the realization that if I know my triggers, I can avoid situations that will make me relapse. I discovered that sometimes I would relapse so that I can "note" the triggers down to eliminate triggers in the future, basically a back-door. I hope the mods will clean this post at the end and post it on the side-bar. If am missing any common triggers or violating rules, please tell me, and I will post an edit.

Not all triggers are mentioned, some triggers you will have to discover on your own. Order does not matter. Remember to BE MINDFUL AND AWARE AT ALL TIMES-Of all sensations, all thoughts, all feelings and consciousness itself.

  1. Bored
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stress/Fear
  4. Depression
  5. Frustration/Anger/Failure/Disappointment/Rejection
  6. Loneliness
  7. Reward System/A New High-score("I did 13 days might as well reward myself")
  8. Over-Confidence-Icarus Deception
  9. Procrastination/Laziness/Idleness
  10. Negativity
  11. Self-Centeredness/Jealousy
  12. Tired/Lack of Sleep/Insomnia/Going to bed late/ Warm Blankets
  13. Low Self Esteem/Sadness
  14. Need to Relieve Yourself-after beating up yourself
  15. Smoking Narcotics and/or Weed
  16. Alcohol/Hungover
  17. Hot Showers
  18. Home alone after a night out/Club Disappointment
  19. Morning Wood (Unavoidable but controllable)
  20. Junk Food/ Beef/ Spicy Foods/Ginger/Garlic
  21. Insert Popular Site Random board site/Stumbleupon/Roulette Sites/Imgur/Torrent Sites/Twitter after dark/9gag/Reddit(depending on your subreddits)/ Facebook(that girl you stalk/have a crush on/missed out opportunity)/STUPID RUSSIAN BRIDE ADS
  22. Playing video games/Being on your computer for long periods of time without 15 minute breaks for each hour
  23. Allowing Fecal matter or Urine to press upon your prostrate-Don't wait until you have to go, just go!
  24. Clothing that allows friction/Felt pajamas/Snuggies/Pillows
  25. Simply Touching/Tease
  26. Insert Fetish Here
  27. Insert Sexual Fantasy Here
  28. Insert Celebrity Here
  29. Escort Pages/Looking up Craiglist and/or Kijiji whores
  30. Sadly (/r/nofap- it's a constant reminder of porn, masturbation and failure and the occasional post of "anon having sex/oral/bj and describing it vividly".)
  31. Wanting to unsubscribe to r/nofap
  32. Low Energy or High Energy Atmospheres(depends on who you are)
  33. Erotic Literature/Plays/Ecchi Animes/and certain TV Shows.
  34. "This show contains nudity or scenes of a sexual nature"
  35. Air conditioner being on when its a hot day.
  36. Old Memories/Porn Flashbacks
  37. After an argument
  38. While Code is compiling
  39. Trying to discover triggers
  40. Underestimating triggers
  41. Talking about triggers. (might apply to some)
  42. Supplements(Testosterone Boosters/Pre-Workouts)

The regular emotional triggers-HALT - Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

Note: We are all addicts to our dopamine system. The Snowball effect applies to most of these triggers. I understand some triggers contradict and coincide-we are all unique. There will be a day where everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING will be a trigger. Be mentally prepared for such a day. This day is normally the tipping point of your addiction. The day after (if you experienced hubris) will be when the battle will be lost.

TL;DR-It all boils down to lack of awareness of current surroundings( Location, Location, Location!). Ignorance breeds craving. You can't prevent all triggers. You need a system to negate them. Resetting is not a failure, it is debugging.

Good luck Comrades. Hold Fast and Free Yourself!