Physiological, Psychosocial and Substance Abuse Effects of Pornography Addiction: A Narrative Review



Mehmood Qadri H, Waheed A, Munawar A, et al. (January 12, 2023), Cureus 15(1): e33703. doi:10.7759/cureus.33703


A sharp increase in the prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) and low sexual desire was observed in men under 40. In a study conducted in 1999, ED and low sexual desire rate was 5%, respectively. By 2011, ED rates have increased to 14-28% in European men between 18-40 years [4]. …

More than half of the study participants who had noticed a substantial drop in libido over the previous six months of the evaluation had used pornographic materials at least once a week. [19] A study in 2015 on high school students discovered a correlation between frequent porn consumption and poor sexual desire [4].


Internet pornography provides explicit content in various forms and can progress from habit to addiction. The consumption of online porn has risen due to the general use of current technology. The main reasons people consume it are sexual arousal and sexual enhancement. We planned this review study to identify the reasons for online pornography utilization, the mechanisms involved in its addiction, and its physiological, emotional, behavioral, social, and substance abuse effects. After a detailed literature search using PubMed Central and Google Scholar, four case studies and nine original articles from 2000 to 2022 were included. The main findings of the literature demonstrated that watching porn was most frequently done out of boredom, for sexual gratification, and to pick up new fashion and behavior ideas from these movies. In all facets of the users’ lives, negative consequences were seen. Due to the explosion of new technologies, online pornography has risen to an alarming level, which has very injurious effects on societies and individuals. Therefore, it is high time to get rid of this addiction to protect our lives from its harmful effects.