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  • No masturbation.
  • No watching porn. Use filters, particularly at the beginning of your journey.
  • No 'just one pic/vid', 'just a quick check'; I guarantee you, you'll end up relapsing. Adopt a zero tolerance behavior.
  • No edging.
  • No facebook bikini pics. Basically nothing that isn't real (read: only standard PIV, no fetishes).
  • No sex until you really feel like having sex, and that's when you get hornier at super-mild stuff that previously didn't even made you twitch. When you get there, sex is OK, but don't go overboard. This tip is mainly because of ED problems. Oh, and beware the 'chaser effect', you'll need plenty of experience for that one!
  • Delete all the porn in your drive. NOW. No questions.
  • Morning wood is a good sign of progress.
  • Wet dreams are a sign of progress. Don't reset your badge.
  • Flatlines will happen. They're universally hated by NoFappers. They occur because of leading a bad lifestyle (bad/few friends, bad/no girlfriend, stress, depression due to other factors, utter lack of chances of getting laid, etc.). Deal with that and they won't visit you again.
  • Dead-dick effect will happen. With time it'll go away.
  • Create the habit of going out running/cycling/hitting the gym/whatever. It is fucking imperative that you do some kind of physical activity.
  • Absolutely never say no to a hangout/date/party/any kind of social gathering. You'll be glad you didn't when you're there.
  • Avoid long periods of idleness at all costs. Particularly if there's a computer nearby.
  • Don't expect magical enhancements out of nowhere. Use your newfound energy to get yourself out there and stir shit up.
  • Blue balls will happen, just endure the ache for a day or two and they'll be gone.
  • Your semen may get a yellowish hue. It's perfectly OK.

And most important...

  • No quitting. Even if you relapse, keep going.


It is super helpful! Thanks for sharing

Work hard play hard