Rebooted guy answers common questions about PIED

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Your Questions AnsweredAs a 23 year old loser who played video games all day and fapped all night, I had full blown ED. I could not get an erection to ANYTHING other than hardcore porn compilations.

Even as a teenager I could only orgasm once and I needed HOURS to go again. I hadn't had morning wood in years. I dropped out of college. I lost several relationships. I couldn't focus on anything. I had social anxiety, no goals, no purpose.

My life after being porn and masturbation free for over 2 years.

No ED whatsoever, can have an orgasm and sometimes my erection doesn't even go down all the way, I wake up almost every morning with a boner that could be used as a jackhammer to break concrete. Started taking classes again, and working on my personal trainer certification. Gained 10 lbs of muscle and lost some fat. In a loving relationship with a beautiful girl. I can literally sit down and read or study when I need to and enjoy it. Confidence is sky high. No social anxiety, I love being around people and enjoying life and making memories with friends and family. I have reached some goals and made new ones, have dreams I am pursuing....

and my purpose, well, I now have a story to tell in hopes to break the cycle for future generations. The pleasure porn offers is cheap, temporary, and does not sustain you. It only hooks you, numbs you, and takes from you the one thing it promised, pleasure.

Life without porn is true pleasure, life without porn is way better!

Keep trucking guys.

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