1 Year – Cutting out PMO doesn’t just affect your routine, it really does seep into every area of your life.

I just thought I’d pop back in a year after I completed my original NoFap challenge (you can read the account here) and to encourage anyone on the journey that it is possible and it is worth it for the long haul!

If you read my journal, you’ll see some of the ups and downs that I was dealing with at the same time as shaking a PMO addiction. Everything from the struggles of working abroad, to the huge grief of my sister passing away, to starting a relationship and the pressures and temptations that brought.

I can happily report that after completing that 40 day challenge and leaving this community, I was able to keep that momentum up, and have well and truly broken the stronghold PMO had over my life.

It was this community that I attribute my success to – the support and encouragement – the motivational posts and links to wider reading. Simply being part of a group of like minded people and surrounding yourself with positive influences really helps.

Of course it wasn’t easy, and hasn’t always been since. There are temptations, stresses and struggles, but overall the progress kept coming, and I emerged a whole new man, in control of himself and prepared to tackle life head on.

So on to why it’s worth it:

Cutting out PMO doesn’t just effect your routine, it really does seep into every area of your life. Controlling your core desires helps you control yourself as a whole. It makes you more confident, productive and useful. It gives you energy and drive beyond the basic. It really does reset your thinking on relationships and sex to be wholly more satisfying.

Without being a slave to temptations and sexual lust, I was able to really invest in my relationship with the lovely lady I met while writing my journal. I’m happy to say that we got engaged last December, and are getting married in just over 6 weeks! I’m no longer interested in looking at other women and getting off to porn. Not bothered by having my ego stroked by as many woman as I can to help me feel good. I no longer struggle to see myself cherishing and loving one person forever. Sex is so much more to me now, and while we won’t be having sex until our wedding night, I know that it will be so different when we do. So special, and the way it was always meant to be.

So, fellow Fapstronaut, keep going. If you’re struggling, then don’t lose heart, it does get easier. It will never go away, but you’ll get to a point where the temptation will be a reminder as to why you gave it up, and you’ll conquer it and feel amazing. I promise you, the high you get from controlling yourself and living life to your fullest, will far outweigh the hit of watching images and touching yourself.

I’m involved with a few anti-porn movements now, and regularly speak at young adult ministries. It’s amazing to have that experience and encourage others – please do ask me any questions and/or advice. I’d love to help you conquer this. You’re definitely in the right place at NoFap.

Well done for going for it!

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by Hero One