1 year – I felt better all around. My confidence in girls has changed

It’s been a year since I joined Nofap last June. At first, I was nervous of what this support group had to offer. But I got more than I expected. Nofap is absolutely amazing.

All of you fastronauts are great supporters and even though I have a long way to go, I know I’ll have your support as long as I’m member here. Some of you are caring as well as understanding, yet others are very critical. Sometimes I had to bite my tongue, but it was the honest truth so thank you guys. I can’t even imagine of what it would be like without Nofap.

I’ve accomplished a lot during the last 12 months. Abstaining from porn was extremely difficult, but with the accomplishments of everyone else, it gave me hope that I can go further. I’ve abstained from pmo for 30 days at least 3 times. I still have to beat my record of 39 days. In addition, I can really feel the difference after a certain amount of time.

My confidence in girls has changed. Because of the testosterone increase, it just changes you amazingly and you feel totally different. For me, I felt better all around. I could talk to girls more, especially at my college. I’ve taken group selfies with girls (one was a professional singer) I’ve even given my number to a girl I’ve liked for years. However, I’ve also had horrendous downfalls too.

Before Nofap and all of your support, I wouldn’t have thought of doing any of this. I’ve learned a lot about pmo plus some helpful tips, dating advice, and so on. I also look at women differently as time went by. And not to objectify them and so on. I also gained knowledge of how poisonous pmo can be on the mind and body.

I pray that more people will join Nofap so we can help everyone in this wonderful support group to achieve their goals. Nofap has changed my life!! I feel really good when I help others with my own advice and it feels just as good when others give their advice to me.

As long as Nofap exists along with other organizations like YBOP, there will be hope for others and together we’ll take down the sadistic Goliath known as the porn industry once and for all!! They are extremely evil and they will continue to take the lives of innocent men and women like processed meat. We in turn, would suffer as well. Nofap has given me tremendous hope, and I pray it will give you fapstronauts and countless newcomers hope as well.

Good luck to you all!! Long live Nofap!!!

LINK – My first year anniversary with Nofap 😀

by Namekian23