1 year – I finally feel like a MAN


I was fapping at least two times per since I was 12 and as the years went by regular porn was not enough anymore (I don’t want to put triggers, all of us know how it is). Deep down I knew that I have a problem but it seemed impossible to stop. In past three years I tried to stop but best I managed was 20 days. I should also mention that my experience with women and social skills in general are nothing special. I had a girlfriend 2 years and some occasional sex if I get “lucky,” but never truly made emotional connection with any of them.

It was back in September last year I had exams to pass and it was a very stressful time for me so as usual I fapped a lot . Fapping took to much of my time to study so I failed those exams. I felt like my whole life is falling apart and decided to change myself, I needed a fresh start and the first thing to go was porn and masturbation.

First month of my reboot was tough, I even edged few times urges were very strong but my desire for change was stronger. I started to feel better my confidence was boosted, social skills were better than ever.

In the next two months I felt that my old habits are fading away and urges were much weaker. It was on christmas day that I have completed my reboot and I remember asking myself do I really need this shit (PMO) anymore , and next 9 months flew by.

My tips

1. Take each day separately

2. Get a hobby or something to keep you busy

3. Start reading books it will keep your mind of porn (too me it was best to read before sleep because I used too think about porn in bed in first month of reboot)

4. Stay of the social media like facebook, instagram, twitter or YouTube they can be very triggering

5. Go to the gym to boost your testosterone and confidence even more

6. If you want a girlfriend get her the “old school” way by talking to her face to face

7. Don’t visit NoFap too much your brain will rewire quicker if dont think about on which day you are or the word PORN OR PMO

I the and I don’t know how to describe how proud I am with myself those exams I failed changed my life. I finally feel like a MAN

LINK – One year clean (hard mode)

by Zerstörer031